World Presidents Rating

World Presidents Rating

The rating of presidents is, of course, verysubjective list, which is composed of sociologists and political scientists in almost every major country. But still it reflects the main trends in such a volatile world politics. There are often disputes on the basis of which to make such a rating. American presidents, for example, are always judged by the results of surveys. One of the objective criteria is the level of wages. In the list presented to you, the incomes of the heads of state are estimated in 2016.

Francois Hollande

rating of presidents

Now the ex-leader of France was in the ranking of the presidents in 8th place in the last year. He headed one of the largest European countries for 5 years, from 2012.

During his reign, he did a lot toremain in the memory of the people. For example, approved the bill on same-sex marriage. In addition, he took another step, demonstrating European tolerance: he allowed same-sex partners to adopt children. It is worth noting that the expansion of the rights of sexual minorities was one of the main points of the electoral program of Hollande and his supporters for the party. In this they kept their word.

True, not all the French agreed with thispolicy. Due to the legalization of same-sex marriages across the country, numerous protest rallies and demonstrations were held. This was especially disliked by the right-wing parties in the opposition and the Catholic Church.

In the rating of the presidents the position of the head of Franceusually significantly lower, but Hollande became extremely unpopular politician at home in the end of his term. The rating of trust to him fell to a record 12%, which made him one of the most unpopular French presidents in history. In addition, last year the parliament threatened him with impeachment, suspecting the disclosure of state secrets.

The salary of Hollande is $ 194,000.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The Turkish leader has been leading the country since 2014. The elections, on which he won, were the first direct democratic vote in this country. 2016 for Erdogan was not easy. In summer, a part of the military elite tried to commit a coup d'etat, which was suppressed. After that, Turkey began to tighten laws against the opposition and strengthen the presidential power, which was negatively assessed by many partner countries.

The coup attempt was verybloody. As a result of the mutiny, 238 people were killed. Erdogan himself barely escaped captivity. He left the hotel shortly before he was stormed.

Strengthen his power Erdogan seeks at allfronts. So, at the moment, 26,000 people are accused of involvement in the coup. Many of them are in prison, the rest have lost their jobs, as a rule, they are law enforcement officers.

At the moment, the country has launched a campaign to return to the penal code such punishment as the death penalty.

Earnings of the president is 197 000 dollars.

Shinzo Abe

rating of the presidents of the united states in the history

On the sixth line of the rating of presidents is the Japanese leader Shinzo Abe. Formally, he is a prime minister, but in terms of importance, the post is correlated with the presidential post.

His annual income is $ 203,000. He leads the country since 2006. In this post, Abe will be remembered as a politician who began to pursue a kind of economic policy. He managed to revive the economy, which over the past two decades has been struck by stagnation and deflation.

One of the methods was the artificial devaluationyen by means of a twofold increase in the money supply. This method is not new, the leaders of other countries have used it repeatedly. On the one hand, it can be very effective, on the other - it can provoke international currency wars, which is afraid of criticism of the Japanese prime minister.

Theresa May

rating of the presidents of the world

The five closes the British Prime Minister Teresa May. She gets 215 000 dollars.

For her, the year 2016 was also largely determinative. In the UK there was a nationwide referendum, in which most of the British voted for secession from the European Union. May supported the previous British Prime Minister David Cameron and was an opponent of secession from Europe.

However, the victory was wonEurosceptics. Cameron resigned, and Ma took his place. A lot is expected of her. First of all, the smooth exit of the country from the euro zone, which will not last for one year. It should also be noted that May became only the second woman in the history of Great Britain, after Margaret Thatcher, who managed to take up this post.

The Russian President

rating of American presidents

It is impossible not to mention in this list the domestic head of state. Although he was in 9th place, receiving 136 000 dollars a year.

But in the rating of the presidents of Russia VladimirPutin, of course, is in the lead. And according to surveys of authoritative publications, he has repeatedly been among the most authoritative people on the planet. For several years now.

At the moment, Putin is presidentalready for the third time. His last term at this time was marked by serious steps in foreign and domestic policy. In particular, the Crimea was included in the composition of the country, after which a number of foreign countries imposed strict economic sanctions against Russia. In response, Putin made a decision on reciprocal counter-sentences that banned the importation of food from states that wished to impose sanctions.

Jacob Zuma

If we return to our rating, then in the fourth place is a very unexpected politician. President of the Republic of South Africa Jacob Zuma, earning 223,000 dollars a year.

Such a high salary allowed him to takea very high place in this ranking of world presidents. In South Africa, the head of state is elected not by a popular vote, but by members of parliament. Zuma received the support of deputies in 2009. Since then, is in office for the second term. His government pays much attention to economic development and infrastructure construction.

Angela Merkel

The top three leaders in the rating of the world's presidents are the German leader Angela Merkel. Her income is 234,000 dollars.

As chancellor of Germany, she has been in office since 2005. During this time, she managed to become one of the most authoritative politicians in the European Union.

Justin Trudeau

rating of presidents of Russia

The second place in this rating is the young Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, earning 260,000 dollars.

He headed the state in 2015. He pays much attention to the equality of women. So, in his cabinet of men and women exactly 15. In addition, the most popular nationalities living in Canada are represented.

Leader of the rating

rating of presidents united states list

The first place in this list following the results of 2016 was taken by American President Barack Obama. He receives 400,000 dollars.

At the same time, in the rating of US presidents for theirhistory, he takes a very low position. Many of his decisions were repeatedly criticized and challenged. So, in the rating of US presidents in the history of Obama, only 12th. By the way, Abraham Likoln is in the lead. Obama, who started with the fact that at the very beginning of his term he received the Nobel Peace Prize, later disappointed many with his aggressive foreign policy.

Therefore, in the rating of American presidents, helocated so low. Americans value stability and self-confidence first of all. Obama failed to solve the main problem that faced him - to defeat Islamic terrorism.

At the same time, there was a lot and positive in his work. That is why in the rating of the US presidents, whose list is known to everyone in recent years, he has bypassed both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

It is worth noting that the current US president, billionaire Donald Trump can no longer stand at the head of this list. He said that he would work for a symbolic payment of 1 dollar.

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