Why does a little child dream

Why does a little child dream? What to expect?

If your own child is dreaming, then it requires your attention. Most likely, you spend too much energy on solving pressing issues, forgetting to givewhat does a little child dream abouthowl love baby. And why does a little child dream in other cases?

The boy is dreaming

If you dreamed of a male baby, waita pleasant surprise. Sometimes a dream says that there is no need to worry about the results of responsible work that you have been doing lately. Dreams of a small child (boy) - get a well deserved reward. Play with the baby - all plans will be seamlessly implemented. But if the boy cries, it means that you have moved away from your relatives. They suffer from your inattention. Arrange a pleasant surprise for the family to smooth out the negative impression! If the grown-up son now dreams a little, advise him to take care of his health. He was too carried away by work (or bad habits), putting his well-being in jeopardy.

the adult son is dreaming smallIn a dream they saw a girl

Simply lovely babe means surprisein reality. Beautiful and cheerful - the wonder will be extremely pleasant. Dirty and all in tears - you will be unpleasantly amazed by the change of circumstances or the behavior of acquaintances. Play with a strange girl in a dream - to the hassle, but very enjoyable. Plysti her pigtails - to the gift. If you dreamed of a dark-haired girl - a pleasant surprise will be at work, blonde - at home. And what does her daughter dream about? A little girl, a member of your real family, appears in the night images as a harbinger of very pleasant experiences in the circle of relatives. Maybe you will find out that one of them plans to marry or expects to replenish the family.

Why does a little child dream of a pregnant woman?

If it's a boy, then the birth will be great. Both mother and baby will be healthy. In addition, it is possible that the sex of the child in a dream hints at who will be born: a son or a daughter. If you dreamed of a cute little girl, you will be pampered for the rest of your life.

what does the little daughter dream aboutNursing the child

If you are lulling the baby, it's not verygood sign. Dreamers say that after such a dream you can expect treason and trouble. It is especially bad if the child was sick or dirty, cried violently. The failure of a very important enterprise is the result of such a dream. All your goals will run away from you, leaving insurmountable obstacles behind you. Someone is shaking the baby, but are you just watching from the side? Troubles will affect your acquaintances (most likely, the person you dreamed of).

Dead baby

And if you saw that the baby does not breathe, this is what? A small child dreams of dying - to a strong experience (if the kid was a stranger). If this is your son or daughter, then you should forget about all experiences: health and well-being are waiting for your offspring, which will serve as the basis for your quiet life. To save a dying child, to give him a breath means that you will emerge victorious in the most terrible and confusing situation.

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