Who is Che Guevara

Who is Che Guevara?

In our time, it is possible to meet young people inT-shirts with the image of Che Guevara, find backpacks with his portrait and other items with his photo. Why is it so popular? Who is Che Guevara? Answers to these questions will give his biography.

Full name is Ernesto Rafael Guevara Lynch de laChamois. This man became a famous revolutionary in Latin America and was awarded the title of Comandante at the Cuban Revolution in 1959. Che's nickname, according to some sources, he used to emphasize his Argentine origin; and on others - got it in Mexico. The word "che" was often used as an interjection-treatment in Argentina, which meant "friend"

Personality of Che Guevara

Who is Ernesto Che Guevara? Ernesto Guevara was born on June 14, 1928. Since childhood, grew up an enthusiastic, intelligent and inquisitive person. The joy of his life was overshadowed only by asthma, which later helped him to avoid military service. From the age of 4, the boy was addicted to reading books and politics. I read Marx, Lenin, Frans, Vern, Dumas, London, Hugo, Gorky, Dostoyevsky, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Freud. He was keenly interested in the events of World War II and social life in America. At the same time he loved painting and poetry. He graduated from the medical faculty.

The hobbies of childhood and adolescence have shaped the character of a future revolutionary. Ernesto was a sharp man, but courageous, caustic to taunt, but loyal and faithful comrade, romantic, but firm.

Crucial moment

Che Guevara's great passion was travel. He made an 8-month journey through Latin America, along with friend and friend Alberto Granado, a doctor of biochemistry. Together they visited Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. Seeing the suffering of the common people, they dreamed of dedicating their lives to the treatment of lepers.

Ernesto grieved over the cramped and need for simplepeople, corruption and cruelty of power, and he began to think about how you can help people. He thought about it a lot, began to conduct active political activity. Gradually, Guevara came to the conclusion that the only thing that can at least somehow change the situation is a social revolution. His active actions did not leave US power without attention: they began to support the rebels of Guatemala and accused the president of an attempt to create communism.

Guevara invited the government to arm people andto rebuff, but Arbens could not withstand the onslaught and in June 1954 resigned. Che Guevara had to move to Mexico - the then at the time a free country in Latin America. There was a fatal meeting with the Cuban revolutionaries. Guevara met Fidel Castro, and they found much in common in their views and opinions. Che Guevara was preparing to take part in the Cuban Revolution and was ready to risk everyone for her success.

Merits of Che Guevara

Who is Ernesto Che Guevara in the Cuban Revolution? He is her direct participant and figure. On December 2, 1956, he, together with a small group of Cuban revolutionaries, entered the battle with the troops of the dictator Batista, but was defeated. Only a few survived, among which was Guevara. They were able to hide in the Sierra Maestra mountains. Nevertheless, the battle did not stop, and in the summer of 1957 the partisans launched battles in the valleys. Fighters for justice earned the confidence of the common people, soon the military ranks were replenished with new insurgents ...

In March 1958, Castro and his army began to advance. In this battle, the 8th column under the command of Che Guevara repulsed the city of Santa Clara and destroyed the garrison of the government troops.

January 1, 1959 the insurgents managed to penetrate the capital of Cuba - Havana. Che Guevara received there citizenship, was proclaimed commandant and entered the ranks of the country's leadership. Despite all this, he continued a simple life without luxury.

Che Guevara sincerely believed that he could create an ideal communist society, but all his hopes were destroyed. The official machinery began to grow strongly, bribery appeared.

The commandant decides on the Latin Americanrevolution. For this he left friends, a state post, renounced military rank and citizenship in Cuba. Since November 7, 1966, Guevara begins to keep a diary, where for 11 months describes all the events and their thoughts about them.

The expedition to Bolivia was the last for Che Guevara. In 1967, he, along with his detachment, was taken prisoner. The next day after capturing, he was shot with two comrades.

This is how a great reformer, revolutionary andpolitical figure of Che Guevara. He became a truly legendary person, which people still remember about. We hope that now you know who Che Guevara is.

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