Where is Moscow

Where is Moscow?

On the infrequent question, where is Moscow, you canTo answer simply: in Russia. But this answer will not give that idea of ​​the location of the city, which we need. Therefore, consider the place where the city of Moscow is from a geographical point of view.


On the territory of the East European Plain, in itscenter between the two rivers - Oka and Volga, is the capital of Russia - Moscow. The city is located on the Smolensk-Moscow Upland, namely at its junction with the Moskvoretsko-Oka plain and the Meshchera lowland. Several rivers flow through the city, but the main one is Moscow. 156 meters - such a height of the city of Moscow above sea level.

The time zone Moscow Time Zone, in which Moscow is located, is designated by the international standard. Plus four hours - this offset compared with the World Coordinated Time UTC.

Center of Moscow

If you ask yourself: and where the center of Moscow is, the answer will not be as simple as it seems. The bulk will respond that it will be Red Square. And from the point of view of history it will be right, because the Kremlin has long been considered the historical center of the capital of Russia.

And you can take a ruler, on the map, measuredistance and using simple mathematical calculations to calculate, where is the center of Moscow. Of course, this data will not be accurate. For accurate data it is necessary to carry out complex geodetic work. As a result of such works it became clear that from the geodetic point of view the center of the city was a building on Gorokhovsky lane, the University of Geodesy and Cartography is located in it.

The layout of buildings in Moscow is radial-beam. This means that in the city from the center there are several streets and rings. The same principle was also taken into account in the construction of the underground. The metro ring line has stations where you can change lines. The city of Moscow is divided into twelve districts, which in turn are divided into districts. There are 125 of them in Moscow.

What will the map tell us?

If you are interested in information, where on the mapis Moscow, it is best to take a map of the motorist. On it all the entrances to the city are available, small towns are indicated. The map shows that the city has a border with the Moscow region and Kaluga. On the map, you can easily determine the distance from Moscow to other cities. In the maps of motorists are given for this purpose special plates.

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