When to plant cucumbers

When to plant cucumbers?

This culture is very sensitive to growing conditions: to moisture, to soil, to soil nutrition, to the temperature regime of air.

The optimum temperature for growing cucumbers is 25-30 ° C, the soil should be at a temperature of 20-25 ° C. If suddenly the air temperature drops to 10 ° C, the cucumbers stop their growth.

When to plant cucumbers: conditions of planting

The soil for cultivation of cucumbers should be fertile, rich in humus, well protected from winds. The plot must be well illuminated.

It is better to choose seeds three years ago. Of these, cucumbers develop more slowly, but give much more flowers. And they are more resistant to all sorts of viruses and diseases. If you still take the seeds of last year, then before sowing it must be warmed (put the seeds near the battery at a temperature of 35 ° C, for about two weeks).

If you plant cucumbers late, the seeds needuse sprouted or swollen, if planted early, then the seeds can be taken dry. The dried seed is best planted on the prepared bed from May 25 to June 1, if the seeds are swollen, then it can be planted on June 5 and without shelter.

When to plant cucumbers with seedlings?

If you grow cucumbers with seedlings, thenseeds must be sown on April 10-15 and planted in the soil from 10 to 15 May. Seedlings before planting in the ground under the film should last from 20 to 25 days. If you grow seedlings without shelter, the seeds need to be sown on May 1-5 and planted without shelter in the open ground from 5 to 10 June.

Seedlings are more convenient to grow in small pots. It is desirable that they are film pots, because the seeds grow better when there is insufficient air. Hence, after the seeds were sown and poured, the pots should be well covered with a plastic wrap. As soon as the shoots appear, they must be opened and placed on a bright spot. You can feed with various fertilizers or chicken litter.

After planting seedlings in the ground, you need toit should be watered regularly so that the soil and leaves do not dry out, especially in sunny weather. Due to the fact that plants develop a huge vegetative mass, and a lot of moisture uses leaves, and the roots are not very deep, from 20 to 25 cm, the cucumbers are good for watering. Watering is necessary from different conditions. If the drought, then watering strengthen, and during the humidity - stop.

If flowering has begun, it is desirable to suspend watering for a while. As soon as fruiting begins, then watering should be renewed and increased from 15 to 25 liters per 1 m².

At a time when cucumbers are weaving, their betterplace on the carcasses, as it is good for plants, the fruits are less polluted and are exposed to diseases, as is easier to collect them. Now you know when to plant cucumbers, then we will consider how to better feed them.

How and when to feed cucumbers?

It is necessary to feed properly, as the yield increases and early fruiting occurs. If the soil is highly fertile, the plants still need to be fed.

From fertilizers it is better to use manure, chickenlitter, etc. They should be applied after watering, under the root, and try not to pollute the leaves. The crust, which is formed after the fertilizers are introduced, loosen. To feed, best of all, once a week, not very large doses.

So that in cool weather the cucumbers do not wilt, theirmust be covered with a film. This will provide additional heat. If you want to get an earlier harvest, then you can grow cucumbers in greenhouses, glazed frames. In this case, observe the regime of growing the plant.

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