What is hemophilia

What is hemophilia?

Few people know what hemophilia is. Fortunately, this is a fairly rare disease, moreover, in the overwhelming majority of patients receive it by inheritance - cases of spontaneous formation in the body of antibodies to coagulation factors are single.

What is hemophilia: a description of the disease?

This disease is low or completeabsence of blood coagulability. Even with minor damage - for example, a scratch or abrasion - the bleeding does not stop very long, and in severe cases, it does not naturally stop at all.

Hemophilia manifests itself in an abundance of bruises: when the capillaries burst, the blood does not curl up, but flows out under the skin, which is why an extensive bruise is formed. Hemophilia and internal bleeding are dangerous. In a healthy person, they stop on their own, the sick person, in the absence of qualified medical intervention, can die in such a situation.

How is hemophilia transmitted?

It can be said, this is a male illness. Women can only be carriers. A girl receives hemophilia not in a latent state only if both parents have the disease. If the mother has a defective gene, the likelihood that her sons will be sick with hemophilia, and daughters become her carriers - exactly half. If a man is sick, his sons will be healthy, but daughters will necessarily become carriers. That is, the grandchildren of such a man again have a chance to be sick with hemophilia.

People, on themselves or on close ones who know what ishaemophilia, very closely relate to any violations of the skin, in time to take action. This disease is incurable; in severe cases, constant use of expensive drugs with artificial clotting factors is required. So in highly developed countries, patients with hemophilia enjoy state support.

About whether it is worth taking quitramone for this disease, read in the article From what "Citramon".

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