What is a shisha besh

What is a shisha besh?

What is a shisha besh?

  1. This is backgammon. Rather, one of the versions of the game of backgammon, along with long, short and rabid. Translated as six or five.
  2. five-six .... like a game of dice, if I'm not mistaken
  3. set kabachkov v Moskve. Eda tam gadost a vot vino i atmosfera - horoshaya.
    igra v kosti toze.
  4. SHESH-BESH "- this is the popular name for the game of backgammon, is translated" six-five "(this is a very successful alignment in the game).
  5. there is such a game of backgammon and when falling out on the cubes of the digital combination 6 and 5 there is the term shish-besh
  6. This name is not Armenian, but Azeri, and not the dish, but the restaurant. Literally translated "five-six." Such a game - throwing dice - if you drop 5-6, you won. In the restaurant network "Shesh-besh" for this free jug of wine give
  7. Shesh-besh (five to six) or nards. A game. Two are playing. They throw two dice and move the chips from the "house" and again return home. Whoever passed first, he won. There are two types of game: long and short shesh - besh.
  8. This is the popular name for the game of backgammon, it translates "six-five" (this is a very successful alignment in the game). Only not shish-besh, but shash-besh
  9. Eto nastolnaya igra! Sut u nee v tom 4tob zagnat vse svoi fi6ki v dom! Po ruski ona nazyvaetsya kto skorey?
  10. Shesh besh or long backgammon!

    Long Backgammon
    This is a very peculiar kind of game of backgammon. It requires both partners to have the skills of strategic thinking, as well as the ability to fight, using pre-calculated combinations.

    Basic rules of the game

    Each player places his 15 checkers on his piece of board along the left edge.

    Arranging checkers when playing long backgammon

    Checkers constructed in this way are referred to in the game jargon as a head. Accordingly, the move from the original position is called to take from the head. From the head it is permissible to take just one checker per turn. As in short backgammon, this game uses a pair of dice (zar).

    Additional information about long backgammon

    Making the first move, the participant of the game has the right to remove from the head immediately 2 checkers. This is done in the event that the opponent's pieces on the head interfere. For a partner who has the right of the first move, the need for a dual move occurs when the combinations of Du-Shosh (6: 6), Dur-char (4: 4), Du-se (3: 3) drop out.

    There are the following options for the first move when throwing a variety of duplicates on the bins (examples are given for black checkers).

    1. Do-Sheosh (6: 6). In this case, the player can move the 2 checkers from the 1 hole to 7. Further movement is not possible, since the hole at number 13 is occupied by red checkers.

    Do-besh (5: 5). With this combination of 1, the black checker is moved from the 1 hole to 6, then to 11, 12, and finally left in the hole number 21.

    Dur-char (4: 4). In this situation 2 black checkers are moved to the hole under the number 5, and then to 9.

    Du-se (3: 3). A participant in the game moves the 1 black checker to the holes under the numbers 4, 7 and 10, and places another checker in the 4 hole.

    When throwing other combinations on the head, you can remove only one piece from the head. For example, if Shesh-se (6: 3) 1 is lost, the checkerhead is moved to the hole under the number 10.

    In long backgammon, the movement of the checkers can only be done counter-clockwise. From the initial position, the black checkers move from the right upper quarter to the upper left, then to the lower left and finally to their house the lower right quarter.

    The red house is located in the upper left quarter. Checkers must move to it along a certain route: from the lower left quarter through the lower and upper right.

    Battered checkers in long backgammon are missing, since counter battles in this game are not held.

    To determine the right of the first move, the players throw one at a time. Accordingly, the first to go is the one who scored the most points. If the numbers on both dice are the same, the throw is done again.

    As in the previously described game, in long backgammon, the length of the turn is determined by throwing both burs at the same time. Rules for the movement of checkers in long backgammon do not differ from short ones. A peculiar feature is the following solution of the game situation: if 6 checkers are placed before the 1 partner's checker, the latter is considered to be locked. This arrangement of checkers on the game board is called sheshdar.

    The best way to create annoying hindrances for opponent's checkers is to build a solid series of 6 own checkers.

    In long backgammon it is forbidden to: move the checker to the hole in which the opponent's checker is already located;

    Sheshdar and long backgammon

    lock all the participating checkers in the game: one of them must be located ahead of the barrage; Put your checkers on the holes in which there are one or more of the opponent's checkers: this rule applies not only to the intermediate, but also to the final point. The game situation is shown, in which black when shedding the Shesh-Besh combinations (6: 5) on the backs can not move the checker from the initial row. In this case, you can make a move from the hole under the number 5 to 6 in the hole under the number 11, and from the 18-hole on the move 5 to 23-yu.

  11. This is the name of the game.

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  • What is a shisha besh What is a shisha besh What is a shisha besh What is a shisha besh What is a shisha besh What is a shisha besh What is a shisha besh What is a shisha besh What is a shisha besh What is a shisha besh