What is a geener

What is a geener

When training to increase body weightvarious sports supplements are used, including a geyner. Originally it was made from cheap kinds of proteins, sugar and fats. Over time, more and more quality and balanced species with a large content of nutrients appeared.

What is a geener?

This term is derived from the wordgain, which in English meansramp up. In fact, this is one of the varietiessports nutrition, used to increase body weight. On the question of what a geyner is, you can answer that it is a carbohydrate-protein mixture. Depending on what effect you want to achieve, the percentage of the content of carbohydrates, proteins and fats can vary. So, those who want to gain weight, it is better to choose this supplement with a high content of carbohydrates, and those who want to reduce the mass - of proteins.

What is a geener and what is its content?

Most of the mixture consists of carbohydrates,the share of which falls from 50% to 75%. The remaining 20-30% are proteins and 5-20% fat. The composition of the geyner also includes various energy supplements and vitamin and mineral complexes. The carbohydrate component is a mixture of various components. It can be sugar, potato starch, ash, etc. Carbohydrates are necessary for better assimilation of proteins and supply of the body with calories. The protein part consists of a mixture of proteins: egg, soy, whey, milk, casein. Usually, 3 types of proteins are used that provide the body with proteins. Vegetable fats are used to make the geyner, and fish can sometimes be used.


The addition of the geyner is very useful, because thanks toa large number of carbohydrates contained in it, it will provide the body with the necessary amount of calories. The mixture is quickly absorbed and allows for a short time to fill the lack of energy. Proteins contribute to the addition of muscle mass, allow you to recover after heavy physical exertion. An additive is necessary for those who want to increase their weight.


It is necessary to approach the choice of additives correctly, sinceHeiner, which contains a large number of calories, with its active use can lead, in addition to muscle growth, to the appearance of fat. Therefore, it is undesirable to accept those who are inclined to completeness. It is also necessary to accurately calculate the required number of calories per day.

To answer the question whether this additive is harmful, you canalso figuring out what a geener is. This sports nutrition includes only natural food ingredients, so it can be used by both men and women. If improper storage is possible food poisoning due to the multiplication of bacteria.

How to Take a Gainer

Use it for a day from 1 to 3 times. In the morning - in order to become more energetic and get the necessary amount of calories; an hour before training - for endurance and increased efficiency of physical activity; after it - to make up for the lack of proteins and carbohydrates that arose as a result of muscle pumping. Depending on the content of these or other additional components, they will produce a different effect. So, in order to recover from heavy workouts, sports nutrition with a whey protein is best suited, and in order to maximize the muscle mass, additive with creatine monohydrate.

Who needs a geyner?

It will suit boxers, basketball players,football players, athletes and other athletes, exposed to long aerobic loads. It contributes to the influx of energy during the game and playing sports, as well as the restoration of forces after them. With proper diet and the rational use of supplements, you can maintain a constant weight at the required level.

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