What is a basis

What is a basis?

Basis is one of the foreign words that has firmly entered the Russian language. What is the basis, what is its origin and in what cases is it used?

Basis is a word of Greek origin, intranslation, it means "foundation". The basis is the foundation, the foundation, the base of something. This word has various spheres of application in the language, being multivalued.

The meanings of the word "basis"

  • Basis is the basis of society, whichare productive forces and production relations. It is on the economy, as the fundamental, predominant sphere, that society is based, all its other spheres - political, social and spiritual. For example: "Basis is the basis of society, it is he who determines the level of development of the country." Even K. Marx in the 19th century in his famous work "Capital" noted that it is the basis that determines the course of development of society, and everything else - the superstructure - is determined by it.
  • In geodesy, the basis is precisely the measured line, which will become the basis for future surveying. For example: "The accuracy of the topography of a locality depends on the correctly planned basis."
  • This word is also used in colloquial speech to indicate the basis of something. For example: "It is necessary to prepare a basis for further fruitful work."
  • Basis - this is a kind of archive (database), a collection of some information and materials. For example: "In the base, investigators searched for information about people who lived in this house until today's master."

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