What does man consist of

What does man consist of?

Man is a unique creation of nature. Our body can withstand daily stresses, stresses and resists viruses. And it happens all the time! Many people ask themselves: what does man consist of? And this interest is completely justified.

Man consists of water: how much?

A person has a unique means with the help ofwhich we not only read this text, but also listen to the noise from the window and smell the delicious food. This is our brain. Unlike representatives of animals, a person can reflect. This property has become the main thing in the evolution of man. But not many people know that the human brain is responsible not only for our thoughts and feelings, but for the entire activity of the body. It is the brain that decides when you need to sleep, how to restore the body after heavy loads and how to resist the viruses that want to infect our body.

A person consists of 80% of water. It sounds amazing, but it is. That's why doctors recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water every day every day. This recommendation is needed to ensure that we replenish our water supplies, which are consumed during the day, for example, with the allocation of sweat.

What does the human skeleton consist of?

The human skeleton consists of many bones,which connect with each other form a support for our body. That is, thanks to the skeleton, we can stand on our feet, lie down, dance and do any other actions. Naturally, and there is not so simple. In different parts of our body are different bones, which in each case are connected in such a way as to maximally preserve the organs and keep the person moving. What does the human body consist of?

The largest union of bones is the ribs. They are located just above the abdomen and reach the neck. The thorax is formed from 12 large ribs, which are a "wall" for protecting such important organs as the middle, lungs and major blood vessels.

Another important part of our skeleton is the skull. The cranium protects our brain. The skeleton of our head consists of eight bones:

  1. Parietal bone.
  2. Temporal bone.
  3. Occipital bone.
  4. A stiff bone.
  5. The frontal bone.
  6. The nasal bone.
  7. Upper person.
  8. Lower jaws.

How the human heart is arranged

The heart is the main "machine" of ourorganism. It serves to pump blood throughout the body. In a minute, when sitting down, it spreads to our body about 5-6 liters of blood. The heart muscle works constantly and changes its rhythm depending on the situation. At a dream, the frequency of beats per minute is reduced, and with active sports activity, it can go up to two hundred beats per minute or more (depending on the person's preparation). The more you move, the more your heart becomes, the more it pumps the blood in your body.

The heart consists of two auricles and twoventricles, which are separated by valves. Valves are very important, it is thanks to them that our heart is working correctly and "does not let the blood in the opposite direction." If one of the valves fails to work, the blood moves not as it should, which is the cause of heart disease.

What the human spine consists of

The human spine consists of thirty-fourvertebrae, which are interconnected. Many people mistakenly think that the spine of a person is straight, but it is not. Our vertebra is somewhat like the English letter S. In the cervical region, it slightly bends forward, and the chest part is slightly bent back.

In newborns, the spine is straight. Bends begin to appear along with the development of the child. For example, the cervical bend is cured within one to two months after the birth of the child, or rather when he learns to hold his head. When the baby is already quite grown up and knows how to sit, then it forms a bend in the thoracic area. Other bends appear after the child has already learned how to walk.

What the nervous system consists of

The human nervous system consists of a dorsal andbrain. Nerve endings are located throughout our body. For example, when you touch something, we feel this object. This is due to the fact that neurons passing through the nerve endings pass to our brain, and already the brain processing the signal gives us to know what we touched and what we felt.

Man is an amazing creature. Until now, scientists have not fully studied the functions of many of our bodies. For example, it is still not clear how our brain works, how it manages to keep so much information in it. In order to ensure that all your internal organs are always in order and without any violations - visit the doctors and go through annual surveys. This will help you to get out of many diseases or to cure something seriously at the earliest stage of development, avoiding negative consequences.

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