Visa to Malta: how to get it

Visa to Malta: how to get it

Malta is an island nation, the presentdecoration of the Mediterranean. As the legends say, these three tiny islands in the middle of the Mediterranean remained from the legendary Atlantis. Perhaps this is only a myth, but it is known that the history of Malta is more than 7000 years to Malta

According to scientists, the mysterious numerousThe religious buildings in the Maltese Islands are the world's oldest monuments of architecture. This mysterious country attracts archaeologists, historians and, of course, a large tribe of tourists. However, the last trip to Malta attracts also beautiful sandy beaches with the purest water, active nightlife, first-class service and rich cuisine.

However, before the trip, the question always arises as to whether a visa is required for Malta, and if necessary, which I need a visa to Malta

In 2007, this country became part of thecountries-participants of the Schengen agreement. With the accession of the state to the Schengen zone, new opportunities for Russian citizens to enter its territory have appeared. Therefore, the answer is unambiguous: a visa is required for Malta. All travelers who have a valid Schengen visa in their foreign passport can freely travel through Schengen countries, including Malta. This gives tourists great prospects, because now it is not necessary to make a separate Maltese visa.

A visa to Malta is compulsory for all visitors,regardless of the purpose of the trip - business or tourist. It can be obtained at the Consular Embassy of Malta in Moscow. Visa to Malta can also be obtained at visa centers in Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg.

There it is necessary to submit in advance allnecessary documents: passport, two photos, questionnaire, information and other. About a week or a little more time, the consular department will review your application and report its decision.

Visa to Malta is issued within the timeframe establishedrules, and usually it takes 4-5 working days. However, it is better to take care of the registration of this document in advance. The fact is that in some situations the issuance of visas is delayed. For example, in the process of reviewing your documents, the visa service may have some questions to the applicant. The entry permit is not issued until all the issues have been resolved.trip to Malta

The absence in the package of documents of any of theThe necessary papers can also delay the issuance of a visa. Therefore, before submitting documents to the consular department, it is necessary to carefully study the set of official papers that are required to be submitted for consideration. A detailed list of necessary documents is available on the website of the consulate. You can apply for advice to specialized companies that help in obtaining visas for a fee.

The reason for the delay may also be "high"seasons. So called periods of time, when there is a large influx of people wishing to obtain a visa, why specialized services, experiencing increased load, do not have time to process all documents on time.

Therefore, in order to be sure of obtaining a visa inthe deadlines and do not worry about its delay, you need to contact the consular department in advance and carefully check the completeness of the set of documents submitted.

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