Trend - what is it

Trend - what is it?

In the world there is a huge number ofdifferent terms and concepts, the meaning of which is not always known to ordinary people. Now I want to talk about a term like this. What is it and how to correctly use the word.

trend is that this


To begin to understand it is necessary with definitionnecessary terms. So, the trend - what is it? If to speak briefly and simply, then this direction, a vector of thought or development. That is, the trend is said in the case when it comes to something that is confidently moving in one direction, without deviating from the given path.

Opinions of specialists of different directions

We further consider the term "trend". What does this mean in different fields of knowledge?

  • In literature - the relation of a certain author to a selected topic, plot, storyline.
  • If we are talking about art - a way of expressing thoughts, fantasies and desires in a certain way. This is some kind of emotional and ideological reflection by the author of reality.
  • The economic dictionary "says" that the trend is stable relationships, properties and attributes that are indicators and illustrate one economic system.
  • In psychology, there is the notion of a trend of self-actualization. In this case, it is about the development of the individual, its maturity, self-sufficiency, competence.
  • In sociology, when the results are counted, the trend indicates typical characteristics in the sample.
  • Information trend - increasing the density of various information, the process of informatization of society.

trend is what it means

The generalized concept

Having considered the term "trend", what is it -figured out, I want to sum up a little. So, from all the above, it follows that this is a certain pattern that is inherent in an object or subject throughout development. These are the properties that can be traced back to the beginning of the analysis and follow the path of its development or transformation.

Where is the term most commonly used?

Where is the term "trend" today? What is it - figured out: a certain path of development. So, this concept is actively used in the sphere of economy, if it is, for example, the issue of stock markets. It is also widely used in the case when it comes to choosing a profession. Every entrant must follow the trends of the labor market in order to choose the right profession. For example, current trends indicate that the specialty of a computer-based composer will not be demanded on the market soon, while in the programmers the society will need even more.

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