Top 20 prohibited foods


Top 20 prohibited foods

In the cuisines of many countries of the world one can meet national dishes, which are quite normal food for locals, while in other states they are banned due to the content of unhealthy substances or incompatibility with their traditions and religion. But it is often banned and quite familiar to us food.

Kinder Surprise

Kinder surprise, so beloved by all children in our country, you will not find in any of the US supermarkets.

Plastic toy

This is due to the law prohibiting the sale of children's candy, within which there are inedible elements.

Jelly candies

Such sweets are also included in prohibited foods.

Bear shaped sweets

It is not allowed to sell them in the UK and several other EU countries due to the fact that the content of fatty acids were found. According to scientists, these substances can cause suffocation.


The French decided that ketchup harms French cuisine.

Tomato juice

This sauce is not only not sold in stores, but is also a strictly forbidden product in schools.

Unpasteurized milk

It enjoys great success all over the world and is considered more tasty and nutritious than the last processing.

Jug of milk

And yet, milk is not allowed to be consumed in Canada and most of the states of America due to the likelihood of it containing E. coli and salmonella. Any food products containing such milk are also banned.

Artificial salmon

The farmed salmon meat gets a grayish tint due to the specific menu on which the fish are kept.

Fish fillet

To return to his pink color, astaxanthin, which is a hazardous substance, is added to the product. Because of this, salmon cannot be sold or consumed in New Zealand or Australia.


Due to the fact that this drink has a hallucinogenic effect and can cause aggression, it is banned in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Wormwood drink

The ban applies only to alcohol, exceeding the content of 55% alcohol.

Puffer fish

This fish, which is considered the most dangerous in the world, is a delicious dish in Korea and Japan.

Puffer fish

Incorrectly cooked, it leads to death, and there is no antidote to the toxin contained in it. Fugu is strictly prohibited in EU countries.


This meat delicacy is a completely banned product in England.

Meat with lemon and greens

In the US, food culture allows you to eat such meat, but only brought from other states.

Foie gras

Foie gras is banned in fourteen countries of the world due to the inhumane attitude to ducks.

Forbidden foie gras

In order to greatly increase the liver of birds, they are fed every day with a huge amount of food, while not allowing the birds to move.


This bird was also banned in France due to its inhuman attitude and constant extermination, as a result of which the species is now on the verge of extinction.

Fried bird

At the moment, a legislative act is being prepared, according to which this bird will be banned in all countries of the world.

Kasu Marzu

This cheese is made in Italy with the addition of fly larvae. Larvae are often not digested and can break the integrity of the stomach.

Italian cheese

For this reason, the cheese was recognized as a harmful product and is now banned in the European Union and the United States.

Brominated vegetable oil

Forbidden products include bromine containing oil on their list.

Manufacturing facility

It is added to many beverages to prevent separation of ingredients. Banned in Japan and Europe due to the risk of damage to the nervous system.

Shark Fin Soup

To cook it, sharks cut off the fins and throw away animals to die in the sea.

Seafood Soup

Soup is a forbidden dish in the United States, Taiwan, China and several other countries.


This is a traditional Scottish dish forbidden in the United States: it is made from sheep's lungs, which Americans consider unfit for human consumption.

Offal Dish

The dish has a not very pleasant appearance, so it is practically not used anywhere else except Scotland.

Ractopamine meat

Ractopamine is often used for cattle mass growth and contributes to the development of heart disease and obesity.

Piece of meat

Such meat is widespread in the USA, while it is banned in 160 countries of the world.


In Somalia, samsa is not allowed due to the fact that its form is reminiscent of the Christian Holy Trinity, while in this state most of the inhabitants are Muslims.

Fried delicacy

Nevertheless, the country has a dish similar in preparation and composition, which differs only in shape.


For a long time spices and oil were made from the leaves of this tree until it became clear that they could lead to liver cancer.

Sassafras leaves

Now the product is banned in the US and several other countries.

Pork blood cake

A traditional Chinese dish of rice and pork blood, served like ice lolly.

Pork blood dish

Banned in Europe and America.


Prohibited products also include starstru and any products with its content.

Olestra Chips

This fat substitute, used in chips, is banned in the UK and Canada due to the risk of heart disease.


Canned rotten fish produced in Sweden is banned in many countries around the world.


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It is even forbidden to transport it in airplanes due to the danger of explosion of cans due to the large amount of gases accumulated in them.
Now you know a little more about national dishes and products from other countries. We hope this knowledge will be useful to you and will help protect your health. Also, it will help you to avoid unnecessary problems at customs, in connection with which you can save some money.
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  • Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods

    Top 20 prohibited foods