To help the student. Summary: Kuprins Emerald

To help the student. Summary: Kuprin's Emerald

a concise emerald of cuprinaThe story "Emerald" was written by A.I. Kuprin in 1907. The plot of the work was based on the real story of the splendid race of the Dawn, which was ruined because of self-serving calculations of people. The unusuality of the work consists in the author's choice of the main character: all events are seen by the eyes of the Emerald stallion. Before the reader opens a wonderful world, consisting of bright images, smells, secret thoughts. Here is only a brief summary. The "Emerald" of Kuprin is a fine fine dramatic story about the credulity and defenselessness of animals and the cruelty of the world of people.

Description of horses in the stables

Emerald is a four-year-old silver stallionsuit and American warehouse. Together with him in the stable in the separate stalls are the young mare Shchegohikha and the restive horse Onegin. Emerald is well built, has excellent health and endurance. He is often exhibited at the races at the racetrack. This occupation is a young and impatient stallion very fond of. In the hustle and bustle that prevail on the day of the races in the stable, he realizes that he will have to pass another test. A few grooms take care of the horses. They feed the animals, clean, prepare for the jumps. They are all different. The horses of each of them love their own way. But especially they like their English host. Our trotter seems to him as strong, wise and fearless as he is. About this and much more, we are told a brief summary. "Emerald" Kuprin evokes the reader's sympathy for intelligent and strong animals - horses.

Emerald is prepared for running

kuprin emerald

The day of the races came. Emerald immediately felt it in a special mood in the stable. His instinct did not disappoint him. Soon he was already standing in the street, and the groom Nazar poured water on him from the bucket, trying to squeeze her then with his calloused hand. When the horses were washed and dried, they were put on linen gray blankets with a red border on the sides. The Englishman strictly followed all preparations in the stable. Particularly meticulously, he watched as they were equipped for the Emerald races. It was clear that the owner is now betting on his beloved stallion. To convey the atmosphere of general excitement and bustle before the jumps can not be brief. "Kuprin," Emerald "is a request that you should make to a library worker to read the work in the original.

The beginning of the competition

The race began. There were many horses on the racetrack this day. They were taken in a circle, stretching before the competition. Suddenly the bell rang. It was a signal to the beginning of the match. Emerald, looking back, saw the Englishman behind him sit in a small American crew and pulled the reins. The young trotter learned all the movements of the master. He sensitively caught every gesture. The animal knew what the master wanted from him. He loosened the reins a little, which means that you can give a head start, and the next moment the reins crash into your mouth and twist your neck - apparently, it's time to slow down a little to save your strength to the finish.

Victory of the trotter

The story of Kuprin Emerald

Among the many horses at the racetrack, there was oneyoung black stallion. He was a favorite, people were betting on him. But the Emerald managed to easily bypass it, as well as all the other horses. Before the eyes of the trotter, the prize poles quickly fly, the wind whistles in the ears, the roar buzzes ... Another moment - and Izumrud first breaks the control tape at the finish. He won! People crowd around him, shouting, poking their fingers at the head, sides and legs. Heard replicas: "Fake horse!", "Fraud, deception!", "Money back!". At this moment the stallion first saw his master angry. After all, he was accused of forgery of a horse. In this article we give only a brief summary. "Emerald" Kuprin is worth reading in full, to feel all the turmoil and confusion of the horse from the people's discontent with his victory.

Death of a stallion

After these races, long boring days were drawn. Neither the promenades nor the races of the Emerald were taken anymore. One evening the horse was taken out of the stables, taken to the station and transported to another place in the car. He was placed in an unknown courtyard alone, away from other horses. On this episode, Kuprin's story "Emerald" does not end. The summary does not allow us to convey the fullness of the wild sense of loneliness of a young and frisky stallion. Further, his death is described. And it was so. The main thing in this stable for him was a sturdy man with small evil eyes and black mustaches. It seemed that the new owner was indifferent to the Emerald, but the trotter was constantly aware of an incomprehensible horror beside him. Feelings did not disappoint him. One morning in the morning the bighead came into his stall and poured oats into the feeder. The trotter obediently began to eat. Oats were an unusual bitter-sweet taste. A few minutes later he felt a strong pain and pain in his stomach. Emerald fell, his body cramped. The bright light of the approaching lantern cut his eyes for a moment. The next minute it was over. The animal no longer felt someone push it into the stomach with a heel.

Here is only a brief summary. I advise everyone to read Emerald Kuprin in full.

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