Thermal springs Rezh - a new competitor of Tyumen

Thermal springs Rezh - a new competitor of Tyumen

Hot Springs Reja were discovered comparativelyrecently. The complex on the basis of the former Soviet sanatorium "Emerald Coast" began functioning in 2014. In the early years about him were not the best reviews. But recently he changed the owner, who started a large-scale reconstruction. As if by magic, the "murdered" sanatorium of Soviet times was transformed. There was a fairly decent hotel, SPA-services, a cafe, a developed infrastructure for recreation.

In this article we will talk about this complex,which is called "Baden-Baden". What distinguishes it from the original, located in Germany? The fact that he is in the Urals, in the Sverdlovsk region. Its exact address: the city of Rezh, Lenin Street, 118. It's not far from Ekaterinburg, only eighty kilometers. Therefore, the SPA-complex "Baden-Baden" enjoys great popularity among the inhabitants of this city, especially in winter. What do the reviews say about him?

Sources of dir

What are the sources of Rezh

The Sverdlovsk region is rich in mineral waters. It is enough to recall, for example, Lipovka. This balneary is famous for its radon baths. And "Lipovka" is located not so far from the city of Rezh. The sources of this town are not radon, but, nevertheless, they have considerable mineralization. The optimal bathing time in such water is 15-20 minutes. Wells drilled quite recently. Water comes from a depth of two hundred meters. And here it is necessary to give very disappointing, but truthful information. This water has a temperature of only 17 degrees. That is, to call the thermal spring "Baden-Baden" (Rezh) with all the desire is impossible. The water is heated at the outlet and allowed into the pools. In a covered tank, its temperature is maintained at around 33 degrees, and in the open air - 39aboutC. But the mineralization of this water can not be taken away, and this is a big plus.

Hot Springs Dir

The current "Cote d'Azur"

It has long been forgotten what ills were treated in thishealth resort Sverdlovsk region. For a long time the sanatorium stood in desolation, offering sparse holidaymakers unpretentious and very spartan conditions on the banks of the picturesque river reservoir. But the medical base in the sanatorium was not bad, so it was decided to leave it at the new SPA-complex "Baden-Baden" (Reja sources).

The buildings of the health resort were reconstructed. Today you can still see the peeling pioneers on the facade and other "greetings" from the Soviet past. But do not be horrified: inside has already been overhauled. In the windows are inserted europacks and, of course, purchased new furniture and plumbing. In the plans of the owner of "Baden-Baden" - to re-equip the dining sanatorium in a restaurant of the European type, where breakfasts will be served in the buffet. But even now you can have a good rest there. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of tourists.

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Swimming Pools

We have already mentioned that the tanks in the hotsources Two are cutting. One is in the room. Its length is ten meters, it is not too deep. Therefore, the pool is often called "children's". But the main thing in it is hydromassage. Of the six pipes of different configurations, water jets beat. With their help it is good to carry out massage of various sites of a back. But even under the water beat the jet, as in a jacuzzi bath. And in this pool there are two lounges on which the aeromassage is held. The water temperature in the tank is maintained at + 33aboutFROM. In the pool in the open air it is six degrees warmer. Reviews assure that bathing in the last tank is more comfortable - not so smells of chlorine and it is more spacious. Its length is 25 meters. In the outdoor pool there are also two waterfalls and a zone of hydro and aeromassages.

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Hot springs (Dir): price

Swimming pools can be visited for swimming, withoutaccommodation at the hotel. Prices depend on whether it's weekends or weekends. In the weekends, bathing will cost more. And the reviews say that it will be less comfortable - too much comes to the sources of Rezh to the people. In 2017, the tariffs are as follows: 1 hour - 250 and 450 rubles, 3 hours - 700 and 1000; 6 hours - 1100 and 1650 rubles. If an adult buys a ticket for three hours or more, a child under 14 can go with him for free. On Mondays and Tuesdays, there are discounts for retirees, on Wednesdays - for students. The reviews also mention a variety of services for which a separate fee is charged: a sauna complex, a parking lot, the use of a barbecue and the rent of gazebos.

What is included in the guests guest package

Two buildings of the former sanatorium "Emerald Coast"now filled with numbers of six categories - from economy class to VIP-level. The cost of living - from 3800 to 9100 rubles per day. But this price includes three meals a day and a no-limit visit to the sources of the Rezh. But that's not all.

If you stay at the hotel for more thanfive days, you are waiting for new bonuses. This is an oxygen cocktail or herbal tea and half an hour in a salt room a day. Another free service is a session on a massage bed. And an additional bonus: a procedure in the medical building of the sanatorium "Emerald Coast" by choice. The hotel offers free parking, Wi-Fi, use of table tennis and a games room. You can sit in the living room with a real fireplace, cook a shish kebab on the grill. Therefore, reviews recommend to come to the complex "Baden-Baden" with an overnight stay and not for one day.

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  • Thermal springs Rezh - a new competitor of Tyumen Thermal springs Rezh - a new competitor of Tyumen Thermal springs Rezh - a new competitor of Tyumen Thermal springs Rezh - a new competitor of Tyumen Thermal springs Rezh - a new competitor of Tyumen Thermal springs Rezh - a new competitor of Tyumen Thermal springs Rezh - a new competitor of Tyumen Thermal springs Rezh - a new competitor of Tyumen Thermal springs Rezh - a new competitor of Tyumen Thermal springs Rezh - a new competitor of Tyumen