The medicine Imunoriks

The medicine "Imunoriks". Reviews. Indications. Instructions

The medicine "Imunoriks" is included in the categoryimmunostimulating agents. The drug is released as a solution (transparent liquid of red-violet color) for oral administration. The active ingredient is pidotimod.

The preparation "Imunoriks" (reviews of specialistsconfirm the information) is able to stimulate and regulate the humoral and cellular immunity against the background of immunodeficiency state. The active substance of the drug activates phagocytosis and increases the activity of natural killer cells.

Means "Imunoriks" (reviews of doctors indicateit) should be used in combination with other drugs for immunocorrection of viral, fungal and bacterial infections of the urinary and respiratory system.

Medication is contraindicated for individual intolerance. Do not prescribe the drug "Imunoriks" to children under the age of three.

In the presence of hyperimmunoglobulinemia, E assignment should be carried out with extreme caution.

The preparation "Imunoriks" (reviews of experts are unified inadults) should take eight hundred milligrams (two bottles) per day. The use of a drug against eating does not depend. Duration of treatment - fifteen days.

For children from the age of three, the preparation "Imunoriks" is prescribed four hundred milligrams (one bottle) twice a day. Duration of application - fifteen days.

Dosage and duration of therapy can be adjusted by the doctor in accordance with the degree of severity and severity of the signs of pathology. The duration of the course should not be longer than three months.

In a day should not take more than eight hundred milligrams of children and 1600 milligrams of adults.

When using the drug "Imunoriks" (reviewsspecialists and patients confirm this), adverse reactions are rare. As a rule, they are associated with individual sensitivity to the components of the drug and manifest in the form of allergies.

Despite the fact that in the course of experiments onno teratogenic and embryotoxic effects were detected, the use of the "Imunoriks" medication (instruction, doctors' reviews indicate this) during lactation and gestation is not recommended.

The drug does not reduce the speed of psychomotorreactions and does not affect the ability to control mechanisms and transport. In this regard, there are no restrictions in the employment of potentially hazardous activities during the course of treatment.

It should be noted that the use of any drug, especially those possessing immunostimulating properties, should be agreed with the doctor.

Many experts recommend taking the remedy "Imunoriks" for a long time (more than two weeks). As a rule, such recommendations are given in case of emergency.

Along with this, there are enoughconflicting reviews of parents whose children were prescribed a drug. Some note the absence of any effect. Others, on the contrary, argue that the drug helps to cope with diseases. Of great importance are the individual characteristics of patients, as well as the nature of pathology.

Immunostimulating drugs, as a rule,appointed in conjunction with other medicines. Many experts say that achieving the expected effect is possible if the recommendations and prescriptions of the doctor are strictly observed. Uncontrolled reception of immunostimulants, including the "Imunoriks", can not only not bring a therapeutic result, but also provoke undesirable consequences.

The advantage of the drug is its pleasant taste. This allows you to give it to children without problems.

Before using Imunoriks, you should consult your doctor and carefully read the instructions.

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