The design of nails is a sharp form

The design of nails is a sharp form. Manicure ideas

Design on sharp nails always providessufficient length. The proportions of the nails are also important: sharp nails are not an almond form, but much more elongated. Specialists call it a "stylet". This is the most exquisite form that can only be made. How to make stilettos correctly? It's all about proportions.

Contrary to the popular belief that this form is worn only by female vamp, there are cute delicate designs for brides. What design of sharp nails makes them look aggressive, and which softens them?

Stylet proportions

Narrow, sharp tip of the nail looks bad onwide flat short nails. It's vulgar. But on the narrow and long nails the same tip looks noble. Do not confuse the form of "almonds" with the form "stylet". Almond nut has rounded end on one side and sharp on the other. It was these nails that were in vogue in the twentieth century. Now this form has undergone changes, has become narrower and has a slightly rounded tip.

Stiletto - exquisite form of nails

The only form that ends with a sharptip, - stiletto. It has several varieties, but everything combines one thing: length and arch. If all other forms (and there are many of them) can be executed without forming an arch, then stilettos can not be. Therefore, often to perform this form, apply nail modeling.

The natural nail has a cross sectiona small arch. It can be observed by looking at the ends of the nails slightly below. To perform a stylet, it should be half a circle - a fairly steep bend. And for laying out the length of the free edge, the proportions will be 2-2.5 of the length of the nail bed. At this length, the design on sharp nails can be any. Drawings, stretched vertically, only look good on stilettos.

Design on sharp nails "Stones and castings"

Technology that allows you to simulate precious andornamental stones on nails, is called "liquid stones". This gel technology, which was first performed by Catherine Miroshnichenko, who has an art education. Like real jewels have a frame made of gold or silver, so the ornaments on the nails are framed. Special materials can even look like a noble patina.

Building from E. Miroshnichenko

Interesting option with turquoise, which is done, a littlemixing several colored gels. Carefully transferred to the nail, trying not to damage the resulting "streaks". This design manicure on sharp nails looks great, especially if it is encased in a gold rim. It is carried out with a thick black gel-paint, on the dispersion of which, after polymerization, a foil is imprinted. Fix the final gel.

Stylish mirror nails

While the fashion is hi-tech, mirror nails will beare relevant. The design of nails of an acute form can be extremely concise. Using a mirror powder for rubbing the nails into an ideal reflective surface. The main thing is to choose the right material.

Now many manufacturers began to produce socalled mirror wipes, which in actual fact turn out to be ordinary colored dust, which does not give a mirror effect. They can look nice, but it's still not that. In the present mirror you can see your reflection. This is the criterion for the selection of quality materials. The real mirror finish has a very fine grinding and should cost more than glitter dust. But the effect of it will surpass all expectations!

Mirror Styles

Have you seen real Spanish stilettos? This is a cold weapon for self-defense. Mirror nails also cause admiration, respect and are forced to stay away.

Author's competitive nails

For some cases you need a stylish authoringmanicure. For example, for an interview or for a presentation to a creative audience. Now the nails can say a lot about their owner. And stilettos are the most glamorous form.

For all occasions, Coco Chanel recommendslittle black dress. Which design on black sharp nails will not look grim? It's very simple: you need to beat the form. Arrowheads, a pen, cut lace along the free edge, just gold thimbles, put on stilettos - all this will add unusualness and artistry. A black color can be successfully replaced by a dark blue.

Contest stilettos

When you need an extreme length

In dances, especially Thai, every gesture, eachthe detail matters. Previously, long, sharp metal caps were worn on the nails for the "dance of claws." Some were of precious metals and lavishly decorated with carvings. Simpler modeling is now easier. The design for the sharpened nails must be combined with the dress for the performance. Popular turquoise colors, gold finish. In this outfit, the girls look like butterflies fluttering over the water.

Extremely long stilettos

For girls with a small nail plate, sometimesit is better to build up styles. Due to the length of the fingers will look longer and more elegant, and the arch, pinned by the master during polymerization, will make the marigolds narrow and beautiful. On tnih it is already possible to make a design that would be problematic for short variants.

Fingernails on holiday

When it's a holiday, I want to lookin a special way. The shape of sharp nails is not for daily wearing, but for a holiday it is what you need. Having decided on the shape and length, you need to think about the design of sharp nails. For the New Year it can be drawings of glasses with champagne, bubbles rising from the bottom. For summer vacation - pictures of ice cream, sprinkled with chocolate chips.

At such a long length, you can depict all thatplease. And since the stilettos are simulated nails, in the process of building a sculpture, you can lay a lot of interesting materials under a transparent top layer. Multicolored small natural feathers of birds, small multicolored shells, metal or plastic figures.

Color images with the help of special materials for nyl-design are very popular. They are carried out with gel-colors on previously glued foil and decorated with rhinestones.

Importance of preloading in modeling

White design of sharp nails is chosen by the bride. Nail-peaks allow you to place lace and liquid stones. Here is the case when nails become an ornament. Materials that are chosen for modeling - gel or acrylic, and sometimes on the gel substrate form the structure with acrylic. Why is acrylic more preferable? Because not all the gels allow you to do the arch pressing. The photo shows exactly this option, and the nails visually became even wider.

stylish design with rhinestones

It should be noted that natural nails withsufficient length and sufficient duration of its wearing themselves tend to form a bent plate in the cross section. These are normal natural nails. Unfortunately, now a few can boast of them. Even those girls who can grow a long length, nails in many cases are straight or have a very small arch.

This is due to the fact that the constantcontacting with detergent fluids flushes out lipids from the nails. If on the nails the decorative coating (gel-lacquer, gel, acrylic or usual varnish), the nails are protected and take in due course the right bend.

Step-by-step execution of the design "Butterfly's Wing"

Sometimes you need a multifunctional design. As they say, and in the feast, and in the world, and in good people. In this case, you can make a nail imitation part of the butterfly wing. Materials that are used in it, it is easy to choose any color. The basis is the foil. Its shine, muffled by the painting, will not be conspicuous. Although, if necessary, the master will leave significant sections of the foil open. It can come in handy in the New Year - there is so much tinsel around!

Design stages "Butterfly wing"

The order of performance of works:

  1. After the preparation of the nails, the form is put up for extension and the material is laid out in the form "stylet". It is better to do this with acrylic.
  2. The nail is drilled, an ideal shape is created.
  3. On the sawed plate, a tear-off foil is applied in the region of the free edge.
  4. The same operation, but on a gel nail.
  5. Acrylic paints draw thin lines, imitating the butterfly's wing.
  6. White dots dotted with dots are like laces. The design is necessarily covered with a top-gel with a dispersion layer.

As you can see, the design of the nails of the acute form can be different. But it will always remain spectacular.

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