Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

Julia Friday

Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

In the summer you don’t need to wear a hat, it rarely rains - it's time for beautiful styling! Summer hairstyles of 2016 are notable for their simplicity and simplicity, because this year natural beauty is especially appreciated.


Even smooth hair can be called an ideal option for office hairstyles for the summer - neat, but not too strict. With this arrangement, you can easily go after work for a walk or a date.

Straight hair

The details will help to diversify the style: sideways or zigzag parting.

Smooth hair

Hair can be free from any jewelry, but at will, front locks are tucked behind the ear, revealing the face, so you will show that you are ready to communicate with people, to have a fruitful dialogue.

Hair behind the ear

Perhaps, mirror-smooth strands conquer all other summer hairstyles of 2016 in terms of versatility - such styling is easy to perform, regardless of your hair length and haircut. For example, recently a long four of a kind is considered to be especially fashionable - the best solution is how to make styling without any tricks,in this case it cannot be!

Shoulder-length hair

Such haircuts are allowed even highlighting, but only in natural shades.

Sea wave

Wavy and curly fashionable styling not losing ground for several seasons! Here are just the summer hairstyles of 2016 dictate their own rules - the waves should be so light and careless that it would seem to others that you have recently woken up. You don’t even have to do anything - just blow-dry your hair with a diffuser nozzle after washing your hair.

Blonde with waves

For the recently popular short hairstyles, curls are also suitable - just twist the oblique bangs and lay it on one side.

Curly bangs

Another interesting option hairstyles for summer - curls from the middle of the length or at the tips. So you add to the image of sweet romanticism, not turning yourself into a curl Sue.

Multi-colored hair

Despite the love for everything natural, it is on the curls that the overflow of bright colors looks very beautiful. To achieve temporary staining of individual strands, use a special cosmetic - pastel chalks.

Modern tail

Despite the fact that the loose hair looks very beautiful, in the summer it is simply impossible to walk all the time because of the heat. It is good that designers in 2016 return to practical summer tails.

Low tail

You can smoothly comb the strands or carelessly collect them with your hand before tying, lift high, fasten at the back of the head - any option is considered acceptable!

Emma Stone

For those who have thin hair or a medium hairstyle, there is a little trick to create a double tail:

  • divide the whole mass of hair into 2 sections - upper and lower;

Hairstyle instructions

  • collect the bottom of the tail and comb it;
  • Buff up the upper section, tie a rubber band and gently distribute the tips of the upper tail so that the lower elastic bands are not visible.

Hairstyle workshop

The closer you make 2 tails to each other, the more consistent the hairstyle will look.

Malvinka with additions

Classic malvinka assumes front strands collected at the crown, while the remaining mass of hair remains free. Dilute this boring instruction with decorating elements that are not at all difficult to do. It can be curls, pigtails and plaits.

Long malvinka

For example, adding to the image of a bow, you can make it romantic and festive.

Bow hairdo

Such summer hairstyles of 2016 summer season look especially beautiful on long, lush, wavy hair.

Malvinka with a bow

Unfortunately, fashionable styling of this type is not suitable for short hair.

Bundles for all occasions

Voluminous buns have long been transformed from everyday five-minute hairstyles into fashionable summer styling. They are made before sports and access to the red carpet, to work and in the evening before a walk.

Bundle with strands

The classic version involves the following actions:

  • Tie your hair in the right place;
  • twist the tail into a bundle, gradually laying it around the base;
  • secure with studs.

Light bundle

This option will suit even the owners of fairly short hair, if you make styling as close as possible to the back of the head.

Another interesting option - a hairstyle in the Greek style - read the article:

Many designers of the season 2016 create summer hairstyles based on beams, tails and malvinkas, as in the following video:

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  • Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips

    Summer hairstyles 2016: TOP 5 fashion tips