Stewed in a multivark

Stewed in a multivark - tasty and convenient!

Stew is a tasty, satisfying product, usuallyhidden just in case by the hostess in every house. It is very convenient to always keep the jar at hand, because if necessary, you can quickly and easily cook many delicious dishes for dinner, and just have a snack by making a sandwich. Unfortunately, everyone knows that it is not always possible to trust the quality, composition, and technology of preparing the purchased canned stew. Despite the inscriptions on the bank: "100% quality" or "100% meat," often opening it, we find it is not what we would like ...tinned meat in a multivariate

The way out of such situations will becooked homemade stew in the multivark. For this we need very little: meat, salt, spices (peppercorns and laurel leaves), a multivariate, banks for storing the finished product and time - about 6 hours. The weight of the necessary meat is equal to the volume of the container you want to fill with stew. The grade of meat required is for an amateur: pork, beef or even chicken. To prepare stew, you need fat, so if you chose meat that contains a small amount of fat or does not contain it at all, you will need fat, cut from another piece.

The process of cooking meat according to the recipe "Stew inmultivarka "is simple.To start the meat needs to be washed, cut into large pieces and lightly fried in the bowl of the multivarka.Choose the" Baking "mode for 10-20 minutes.Then, add salt, pepper (4-5 peas to 0.5 kg of meat) and bay leaves Close the multivark cover and turn on the "Quenching" mode for 5 hours After the specified time, when the end of the process signal sounds, the stew in the multivarquet will be ready. The meat is soft and it needs to be crushed. Now, by mixing the crushed stew in need once again boil it for 5-10 minutes ( "Baking" mode).potato with stewed meat in the multivark

Ready stew must be shifted in advanceprepared and pasteurized with hot water cans, tightly closed with lids, wait until it cools, and put away for storage in the refrigerator. Stored tinned meat in a frozen state - about 2 months, in the refrigerator - about 2 weeks.

As you can see, everything is simple and quite inexpensive, and you are now sure that you know everything about what is in the bank.

And you have a blank with which youyou can quickly cook delicious and beloved dishes. An example of this, which is suitable even for a festive table as a side dish, is a potato with stewed meat in a multivarquet. Its preparation due to the fact that you already have stew, does not require any effort. Brush and cut as you like, for example, large cubes or straws, potatoes. Put it in the bowl of the multivark. Then add there chopped onions and, if desired, chopped garlic. The next ingredient is stew. It should be carefully kneaded and mixed with potatoes. Add a little salt and a few pieces of bay leaf. Mix again. Cook in the "Quenching" mode for 1.5 hours.

Another of these and all favorite dishes -pasta with stew in the multivark. To prepare this dish, a small amount of fat from the stew must be melt in the bowl of the device and fry the onions in it, which will take about 15 minutes in the "Baking" mode. After this time, you need to add macaroni, spices, salt and water to the multivark, the level of which should be equal to the level of pasta. Preparing the dish in the "Buckwheat" or "Pilaf". After the sound signal, announcing the end of the cooking process, the dish must be mixed.

pasta with stewed meat in a multivarkAs you can see, homemade stew in the multivark is a delicious dish and an invaluable assistant to every mistress.

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