Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region: Abzakovo, Bathhouse, Zavyalikha

Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region: "Abzakovo", "Bathhouse", "Zavyalikha"

Many people at least once in their lives have a desireto engage in this not very ordinary sport. Even though it is not accessible to everyone, but only to people who are brave, resolute, wealthy and know their own worth. Those who need a certain dose of adrenaline for the fullness of life.


What thoughts and images first arise inmind when skiing is mentioned? First of all, it's bright costumes, dazzling mountain peaks, steep turns, ski lifts, small fashionable hotels and guest houses in the valleys ... And, of course, a refined aristocratic audience, to whom all this splendor is available. And where is it usually taken to look for? In the Alps. In Switzerland, in Austria. And on the alpine slopes of Italy and France. Same everybody knows ... Have you heard anything about the ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region? Do you think that this is another joke from the series about "severe Chelyabinsk"? But in reality everything is a bit more resorts of Chelyabinsk region

Ski resorts of Chelyabinsk region

The recreational potential of this region is nowTime is just beginning to settle. And the Southern Urals is a place, without the slightest exaggeration, unique. There is a relatively mild climate and in many places the pristine nature has been preserved. Those who came to these lands for the first time in their lives always get a strong impression of mountain slopes covered with relict coniferous forests and picturesque Ural rocks of bizarre outlines. The Ural mountains are not at all high, but for the development of skiing it is absolutely not necessary. Suitable slopes for downhill and slalom are more than enough. Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region at present can not even closely compete with the Alpine in terms of their popularity and "promotion". But they also have their undeniable advantages, the main one of which, of course, is the level of prices for services provided to skiers that is not comparable with Switzerland.sunny Valley

In the Southern Urals

What does attract tourists to thesethe most trampled paths leading to far from the most popular places? What can the ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region offer its guests? On closer inspection, it turns out that not so little. Moreover, these places are unique and unique, and the recreational business of the Ural region is developing steadily. This is reflected in the fact that the Chelyabinsk region is improving the already existing tourist infrastructure from Soviet times and constructing new tourist complexes. One of the best ski resorts in the region is considered to be the "Sun Valley". This modern tourist complex is located 120 kilometers from the regional center and provides its visitor with a level of service corresponding to the world standards accepted in this area. There are twelve tracks with a total length of seven kilometers. They are carefully prepared before the start of the season, their condition is constantly monitored. At a very decent level, the whole system of service, safety and comfort is built here.bath-house skiing complex

"Bathhouse." Mountain-skiing complex on the lake shore

This ski center, located on the beachLake Bannoe, bears the official name of "Metallurg Magnitogorsk." But the inhabitants of the regional center are accustomed to calling it by the name of the geographical object near which it is located. This is one of the most promising ski resorts in the region. He has excellent prospects for further development, and much of what has been conceived has already been successfully realized. For example, recently upgraded and gondola lift systems have been purchased and successfully installed. These mechanisms came to the South Urals from Austria and Slovakia. The eastern slopes of the ski resort "Bannoy" allowed to equip the routes of varying degrees of complexity. Here, everyone can find the route of descent, corresponding to his level of skill and sports qualification - from beginners to steep professionals. ski resorts Chelyabinsk region prices

On the border with Bashkortostan

Many fans of downhill and slalomAbzakovo is remembered exclusively in a positive context. The ski resort, located in this village on the border of Bashkortostan and the Chelyabinsk region, is developing and rapidly gaining popularity among those who are not indifferent to winter sports. In the development of this sports complex are invested significant funds and they are used quite rationally. Three branches of the rope hoist are installed and function successfully. They successfully raise to the starting point of the track both skiers and snowboarders.cheremoshanka Chelyabinsk region ski resort

Development prospects

Recreational potential of the South Ural Regionis currently not used to the full extent. In the near and more distant future, much remains to be done here. After all, a large number of fans of skiing around the world are simply not sufficiently informed about the slopes of the Urals foothills. And many will come here in the near future. Accessibility is one of the main positive factors that characterize the ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region. The prices here are very affordable, especially against the background of such traditional countries of the alpine region as Austria and Switzerland. So, the cost of living as a single person in a hotel is on average from 600-700 rubles per day. The tourist business of the South Urals is currently waiting for its investors. The funds invested here can bring a good profit already in the very near future.abzakovo ski resort

Sport base "Metelitsa"

A few years ago, even the mostknowledgeable in the ski area, specialists could not say much such a name as the village of Cheremshanka (Chelyabinsk region). The ski resort "Metelitsa" appeared in this place relatively recently. But this sports complex in a short time has already managed to win a fairly decent reputation. Skiers willingly go there not only from the South Urals, but also from more remote regions. The skiing sports complex "Metelitsa" specializes in family and youth recreation. Two downhill skiing tracks are equipped here. There is a lift available. Get here best through the city of Upper Ufaley, which is located resort zavyalikha

Unique lift

Overview of tourist sites in Yuzhnouralskthe region will be incomplete if you overlook the ski resort of Zavyalikha. It is located twelve kilometers from the city of Trekhgorny. At present, this is one of the most modern and promising ski resorts in the Chelyabinsk region. At the disposal of skiers and tourists there are nine routes of varying degrees of complexity. They differ both in height differences and in the route of descent. But the unconditional pride of this sports complex is a unique high-speed lift. Engineering structures of this type no longer exist not only in the Urals, but also in the territory of Russia. Six-seat lift "Conrad" chair type is able to very quickly deliver their passengers to the starting point of the downhill skiing track. It is equipped with folding protective domes and a running track. It should also be noted the level of technical support at the ski resort of Zavyalikha. The complex has a system of artificial snow making, which is especially important at the beginning of the winter season, when natural snow is not always enough. Mountain slopes here are daily covered with special snow-sealing equipment.

Several reasons for traveling to the Urals

First of all, these reasons have an economiccharacter. Chelyabinsk is not very similar to Courchevel. The ski resorts of the South Urals actually brought this kind of sports rest from the elite level and is accessible only to the elite. Anyone with very moderate incomes can afford to come here. Stay here is unlimited. A positive factor is the fact that the tourist infrastructure of the region is steadily developing and improving. The funds are invested in it, and the level of comfort at existing ski resorts increases every year. New objects are being designed and the existing ones are being improved. The process is developing in the right direction. There are more and more reasons to stop looking at the horizon snow-covered alpine peaks and turn your gaze in the opposite direction.

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  • Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region: Abzakovo, Bathhouse, Zavyalikha Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region: Abzakovo, Bathhouse, Zavyalikha Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region: Abzakovo, Bathhouse, Zavyalikha Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region: Abzakovo, Bathhouse, Zavyalikha Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region: Abzakovo, Bathhouse, Zavyalikha Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region: Abzakovo, Bathhouse, Zavyalikha Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region: Abzakovo, Bathhouse, Zavyalikha Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region: Abzakovo, Bathhouse, Zavyalikha Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region: Abzakovo, Bathhouse, Zavyalikha Ski resorts of the Chelyabinsk region: Abzakovo, Bathhouse, Zavyalikha