Shoot in a dream - what would it mean

Shoot in a dream - what would it mean?

Many people had to shoot in a dream. Not that someone forced, just such visions are not rare. Many, waking up, think: what's this for? Well, to get an answer to this question, you should look for the meaning in the dream book. He will definitely explain what it's like to shoot in a dream.

shoot in a dream

According to an old dream book

So, this book of interpretations can do muchto clarify. Shoot in a dream according to an ancient dream book - this is an interesting and polysemantic vision. If the dreamer aims at a particular enemy (and he knows this person in real life), then this is a sign sent from above. It's time for the sleeper to pull himself together and defeat his ill-wisher. This vision suggests that a real fight will begin soon, but in reality it will not be physical. It's just necessary to think everything over and start taking unexpected, competent steps that the enemy can not possibly expect. And it is advisable to do it as soon as possible.

If the dreamer is not just aiming, but alsoshot, this is to the fact that all of his actions taken to solve a case or issue, in fact, are correct. The person goes in the right direction, so it's not worth stopping. A dreamer definitely expects success.

shoot a man in a dream

Being a victim

If a person wakes up and can with confidenceto say that someone wanted to shoot him in a dream, then this is not a very good sign. Positively, such a vision treats only the "Book of Interpretations of Velesov", and then only if the person who wanted to shoot a dreamer misses. It's a dream for good news that will come from afar.

But the "Wanderer's Dream" states that ifa person saw how someone tried to shoot him in a dream, then you have to be more careful in real life. Most likely, someone very closely follows the dreamer. And this surveillance is not in the good sense of the word. He is followed by someone with bad intentions to learn something personal and to use it for their detrimental purposes. But this is only when the person who is aiming at the dreamer is caught. But if missed, then it's good. This also means shadowing, but only in this case the person is in the zone of attention of his second half. Or maybe some business partner has noticed a dreamer as a person with whom you can conclude a mutually beneficial deal.

to shoot a gun in a dream

Shots at the target

Shoot a gun in a dream at the target - this is an importantevent in life. It can be some serious event or a meeting. And how it ends will depend only on the actions of the person himself. But in a dream there can be a hint. If a person has successfully hit the target, knocked down all the bottles or what he shot, everything ended wonderfully and without his efforts. But if a dreamer often smeared by - will have to work hard.

A shot in the air means that in the near futuretime a person will go on some trip or travel. If a dreamer has long dreamed of visiting a country or an exotic place, then you can rejoice - soon his desire will come true.

And why dream of shooting in a dream in the dark? Astrologers say that this is also a sign from above. It means that it's time for a person to stop acting at random, without setting himself any specific goal. And he himself hardly realizes what he wants. And in order not to waste his time, he should have understood himself and began to act in a specific direction.

shoot in a dream what it means

Importance of weapons

When interpreting sleep, it is also important to take into account, fromwhich weapons were fired. The gun is a good sign. It promises an improvement in the financial situation (it is possible a bonus, an increase in work or an increase in the salary). Shoot from a bow - to the fact that soon a real friend will appear in the life of the dreamer. He can always support, listen, give useful advice. So it will be, with whom to share their experiences.

The machine foreshadows the benefits ofconceived business. But the rifle is a council sent down to a person. He certainly does not notice how he offends and offends someone who does not deserve it. It's time to become kinder, more merciful and more just, otherwise nothing good will end.

Shoot a person in a dream

This vision, which is very versatilevalue. It is worth talking about him in more detail. One of the most interesting is the case when the dreamer had to shoot another person in a dream. What does this vision mean? The fact that the dreamer is making meaningless attempts to influence the worldview and views of a loved one.

Palin from a gun and never miss - to the turnpleasant events and luck. But if the man shot in the person with whom he argued in his sleep and rapidly find out the relationship, it's the fact that he should remain calm and composure. And in general, in principle, astrologers advise to be more balanced to people who dream about it.

what does it dream to shoot in a dream

Strange circumstances

It happens that a person sees how he shoots not froma rifle, a rifle and a pistol, and from ... a crossbow. Unfortunately, such a vision does not foretell anything positive. Usually it's a dream to quarrel with loved ones and close people. And it is possible that the argument will end badly. If it happens between two beloved, then, most likely, everything will end in parting. But firing from a machine without stopping it is a conflict. But they can usually be resolved, the main thing is to be more careful in communication and not to show aggression with temper tantrums.

In general, the interpretation of mass. And if the vision that causes fear is dreamed, then it is best to listen to the advice of the dream books.

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  • Shoot in a dream - what would it mean Shoot in a dream - what would it mean Shoot in a dream - what would it mean Shoot in a dream - what would it mean Shoot in a dream - what would it mean Shoot in a dream - what would it mean Shoot in a dream - what would it mean Shoot in a dream - what would it mean Shoot in a dream - what would it mean Shoot in a dream - what would it mean