Recipes cooking chicken liver

Recipes cooking chicken liver.

Preparation of dishes from chicken liver carriesmany culinary specialists. After all, this product has tremendous properties and is so useful for the body. Some people think that you can not eat it, because blood is filtered through it, but this is an erroneous opinion.

When choosing a good chicken liver, turnattention to its color - it should be brown, and also the surface - clean, smooth and shiny. Quality liver does not have blood clots or large vessels. If the chicken liver is loose in texture and has foreign inclusions, then it is bad. Frozen liver is always orange, and if it is often thawed, it will break up into pieces.

Recipes for cooking chicken liver are useful foryour health. After all, it contains folic acid, which is of great importance for the development of the hematopoietic and immune system. Chicken liver is recommended for pregnant women, children, as well as people with diabetes and atherosclerosis. Vitamin A, contained in it, has a beneficial effect on the eyesight and condition of the skin. In addition, taking the liver can treat anemia almost as successfully as with medicines.

Recipes for cooking chicken liver worthyhere is this: you need to prepare half a kilogram of chicken liver, 1 apple, 2 onions, a glass of water, 1 tablespoon of tomato paste and flour, salt, pepper and vegetable oil for frying. Now the liver needs to be thoroughly rinsed and remove all unnecessary parts. After that, cut it into pieces at your discretion. Now cut the onion rings and make a special sauce (grated apple mixed with tomato paste, water and flour). Heat the oil in a frying pan, fry the onion on it until it is transparent, then add the liver and fry it all for 5 minutes. When the liver is fried evenly and the raw patches disappear, you can add the sauce in which it needs to be extinguished for several minutes. Garnish for this dish will suit anyone: from pasta to mashed potatoes. In total, the cooking time of chicken liver will not take you more than half an hour.

Recipes for cooking chicken liver can be andwith the addition of creamy sauce. Take a kilogram of liver, 3 onions, 80 milliliters of cream 22 percent, 1 sweet pepper, 40 grams of sour cream, 20 milliliters of olive oil, black pepper and salt. Now clear the liver of the film, rinse it and cut into small pieces. Onion and sweet pepper wash and cut into small cubes. And then, go on the olive oil for a few minutes. You can add the liver to fry it a little. At this time, the sauce is prepared: mix cream, sour cream, garlic, pepper and salt. Pour the liver with vegetables sauce and simmer the contents of the frying pan until 7 minutes. On the table you can serve a liver with rice and decorate with greens.

Recipes of cooking chicken liver continuesAnother recipe that will amaze you and become one of your favorites. It will take half a kilogram of chicken liver, 1 glass of Thai rice, 1 can of green peas, 100 grams of tomato paste, 1 garlic head, 1 onion, 100 grams of vegetable oil and salt. Take a dry deep saucepan, pour the vegetable oil there and dip the chicken liver into it, fry it for 3 minutes, stirring. Onions and garlic must be cut into half rings and add to the liver, fry for 3 more minutes. After that, you can add tomato paste and again fry all the same 3 minutes. Now send rice and peas in a saucepan, season with salt and mix. Pour the entire contents of the pan with cold water (one and a half cups), bring to a boil and cover, let it cook for 10 minutes. Then you can turn off the gas and press under the lid for a couple of minutes. Such a simple recipe will help you to please your loved ones with a tasty, nutritious and healthy dish.

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