Putkivarsi Kuoma Shoes

Putkivarsi Kuoma Shoes

Every mom is worried about her baby. Moreover, now it's winter. The weather is very deceptive and presents surprises. Many are racking their brains about how to dress a baby in such a season. Problematic is the choice of the right wardrobe for the child, namely shoes. Although today there is a large selection and range, you need to pay attention to quality. It is necessary that the child is comfortable to move in the light of the fact that the children are drawn to adventure: then puddle through the puddles, then jump into a snowdrift. A good choice will be the shoes of Putkivarsi Kuoma. It is this brand that will be discussed in our article.putkivarsi kuoma

Finally, at us also

Finnish brand "Kuoma" is famous for its qualityand reliability. A lot of specialists work on the development of footwear models. It's not just about sewing. Every little detail in the creation of Putkivarsi Kuoma models has been thought out repeatedly. This season there are a lot of novelties. All of them are made of exceptional and unique material. There are special insoles that provide heat.

Benefits of shoes

Kuoma Putkivarsi boots for children havelight-reflecting strips, which will perfectly protect in the city. Material for shoes is water resistant. It prevents the penetration of water and dirt. The outer layer of the shoe is made of a material that dries very fast. Putting on any model, we immediately feel comfort. And all because the sole has the properties of depreciation. Another interesting feature is a special layer of plastic, which is made heat-insulating. Much attention was paid during the work of the structure of the legs. And not in vain! Shoes are created specifically for the anatomy of the child's foot.kuoma felt boots putkivarsi

For large frosts

Interesting offer from Kuoma - bootsPutkivarsi. The specimen in question has a non-slip sole. You can wear, even if on the street minus 20. These felt boots are excellent to warm. A big plus - the legs are not only in comfort, but also do not sweat. Excellent washable: both by hand and in washing machines. Now you do not need to worry about the fact that the baby's legs will freeze. In this case, the shoes look very neat and cute.

Adult lineup

Putkivarsi Kuoma offers not onlychildren's products, but also shoes that fit the whole family. All models give coziness, they are not rubbed or pressed anywhere on the foot. This information is confirmed by customer feedback. In each model of shoes, the highlight is attached to leather inserts. A person who leads an active lifestyle, certainly will appreciate such shoes. In the future, the purchase will not make you feel sorry for yourself.

It will also be important to choose the right sizesuch shoes, both for themselves and for the baby. How to do it? Choose a size with a margin of about one centimeter, but no more. Otherwise the leg will slide and freeze. When choosing, do not forget about the toe, which will be dressed. The features of the structure of all models facilitate their putting on the leg. For young children, this factor is very important.boots kuoma putkivarsi


Before buying any product is very importantread reviews of customers about it. The opinion of people about the footwear in question was divided. Some buyers in vain praise the products, they say that all the promises of the manufacturer of the model correspond. In general, people are very happy with the purchase and recommend this company to friends and relatives. But you can meet and negative feedback. Some buyers argue that shoes do not save in the event of great frost, as promised by the manufacturer. True, they note that the children they have quiet and do not like active games. According to this, it can be concluded that in severe frosts Putkivarsi Kuoma does not suit everyone. Those kids who love active games on the street, absolutely do not freeze in boots, or in felt boots of the brand in question.

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