Payment system E-Money Co De: feedback on work

Payment system E-Money Co De: feedback on work

Earnings on the Internet are gaining more and moremore revolutions. There are improved income technologies, schemes for obtaining finance and profits. Someone is easier to develop information courses and then sell them, and someone is engaged in the release of a new product that is gaining popularity and promotion of it on the network. These are stable processes that can be found in all branches of virtual activity.

e money co de feedback on work

Profit on the payment system

Based on the opinion of the majorityInternet users, it can be stressed that payment systems are a popular topic. An example is the E-money site, but it is not the only one among such resources. Despite the fact that there are many such sites, they all have a common feature: the promise of income on exchange transactions in the field of online currency. In this article, it will be specifically about the project E-Money Co De (feedback on work and stuff).

What it is?

The site positions itself as a payment system. The draft on the main pages does not look very attractive: usual design (business theme), phrases about incomprehensible missions and large-scale tasks, about a team of qualified employees. However, this is not news for most such projects, and nothing new in itself. At the same time, there is information about the E-money project, which makes it clear that this is an extraordinary case, which is characterized by special tasks. What is the payment system E-Money Co De?

e money co de reviews

Profit from sending currencies

Recently, social networks were full of messages aboutthis kind of earnings. Messages were designed as a proposal to work on some great project, where an employee was needed for routine activities. It seemed that a large company (namely needed an employee with a free schedule. Its task is to accept foreign currency transfers to accounts, which then need to be sent to other accounts (approximately 500 pieces). The employee receives a percentage of the work. This led to the emergence of a great interest in the project E-Money Co De, reviews of which were not so rosy.

Work and outcomes

There were many interested people. According to calculations, the salary went out in 150-200 dollars a day, at the same time guaranteed work that does not require much effort. The man worked for several days, believing in the reality of financial income. However, this site - just a kind of fraud, in which a person operates only in numbers, not real currency. It creates the illusion of changing the balance, but in fact, no real funds are involved in the process.

payment system e money co de

As they say reviews about the E-Money Co De system, whenthe employee was getting the right level, he did it and applied for it. And then the fun began. You can send the message only to a special card of the system, it did not accept usual bank cards.

By comments about the experience with the site, you cannote the following. The administration of the system offered to make its own bank card. To do this, you need to pay a fee equal to $ 95, after which you had to activate it. The money entered was immediately displayed on the account and added to the money already earned. For example, if you earned $ 152, after entering the above amount your balance will be equal to: 152 + 95 = 247 $. At first glance, everything seemed honest and "transparent." However, as reported by E-Money Co De reviews, it's not so simple.

what for a site e money co de

Limits and restrictions

In addition, the user received a message,that different actions in the E-Money account can fall under financial limits due to security conditions, legal and regulatory documentation. The administration of the project reported that these restrictions are determined in a dynamic way, referring to your verification status and the chosen way of replenishing the account. The Cashcloud account allegedly identifies the communications you created and the service to use the wallet and the list of services that are given to you according to the actual conditions. What did this mean in practice?

There is a limit on the amount of money that canbe credited as earnings in E-Money Co De. Reviews of the work report that she rarely exceeded the value of $ 200. Thus, about 300 dollars are accumulated on the account - the earned means and the payment for the card registration.

system reviews e money co de

To withdraw the earnings, you need toclick the "Translations" tab (in the corresponding section of the "Personal account" you must first insert the personal account number). When you make an input operation, you will see the line "Activate account". In practice this means that you will be paid one more installment. So you claim that you are the full owner of the account.

It turned out that when a person didactivation-it was charged $ 200 more, and the $ 95 that were made earlier was not deducted. According to reviews on the E-money website, you can see that scammers managed to deceive many users by about $ 300 each. This is a large amount, given the number of cheated customers. And this service continues its work. Given the foregoing, one can say one hundred percent that E-Money Co De is a scam.

What else can be noted?

The E-Money system provides for limits on the amountpayments of intrasystem financial transfers. The site has a list of recipients of funds that can be used to pay for goods or services of the system. However, it has the function of blocking connection to the site by IP-address. This function prohibits access to an account from another computer, but, in fact, often simply prevents entry.

e money co de scam

E-Money Co De: feedback on work and scheme of fraud

As you already know, the plan, which workedscammers, simple - operations with currencies and sending them to the accounts. And for the deceived person an illusion was created that he really gets profit from it. Then, as the workers' comments on the website show, the deceived users were presented with claims for payments to open a bank card. Naturally, in the end, nothing was openly.

From this we can conclude that such work,as the distribution of currency, does not exist - and, unfortunately, deceived customers realized this very late. For most reviews, only one unit lost $ 95, ceasing to make further shipments. The greater part repeated the attempt to withdraw money, while increasing the amount.

This is a well-known psychological technique: take the victim on the hook. The bottom line is that no one wants to quit the job halfway and stay with nothing. For this purpose, a second payment is made to recover the losses. But who could have known then that this was a fraud? At the present time, most users know what the E-Money Co De site is and how it works.

How not to become a victim?

If you see a record where it is reported that the siteis aimed at long-term cooperation and interest in its work team - be careful. And if the resource promises a quick collection of money on simple operations - it's a hoax. Know about the abilities of the site. The name of the client under which you register, can include numbers, letters of the Latin alphabet and underscores.

If you are looking for a job, be vigilant. An example can be the experience highlighted above. Obviously, this is a fraud, since the real system could withdraw the amount from the card from the total payment. There is no such function - to transfer money there and back. Therefore, the project did not do this, as there was no money on it. Perhaps some of the users guessed this and immediately refused to pay.

Also, you will be able to recognize Internet fraud,if you critically evaluate the information. Think about it: is it worthwhile for a system that is looking for employees to work with a large salary to send hundreds of ads when it is possible to publish information on the exchange? By a number of criteria, you can identify deceivers and break off cooperation with them. First, weigh all the pros and cons, and then start working.

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