Oil Elf 5W40: reviews. Motor oil Elf

Oil "Elf 5W40": reviews. Motor oil Elf

The car in our time is still not a luxury, butmeans to deliver its owner to the desired destination. The problem with the car is that its maintenance costs are sometimes expensive, and repair, especially of the engine, and at all can significantly shake the family budget. Accordingly, it is required to make every effort to ensure that he has worked as long as possible. One of the most important success factors is the use of high-quality motor oil.

One of the best is the oil "Elf 5W40", reviews about which, as well as its main characteristics, we will consider today in the pages of this article.oil elf 5w40 reviews

Basic information

For some reason it turned out that for all timethe presence of this brand in the domestic market, she always stayed on the sidelines, as there was almost no flattering advertising or frankly flattering reviews about him. But in recent years, ELF products have become more persistent to win the domestic consumer. Even such "veterans" as Mobil and Motul in some areas are beginning to give up their positions.

So, the oil "Elf 5W40". Reviews about it are quite versatile. To understand their truth, it does not hurt to find out how it is characterized by the direct producer. It is believed that this is "a high-quality lubricant, equally well suited for both diesel and gasoline engines." ELF company at the same time seems to guarantee that its products are perfectly adapted under rather severe conditions of the domestic climate.

By the way, what price characteristics canto please the potential buyer of the oil "Elf 5w40"? Its price is quite democratic to itself: from one and a half thousand for five liters. Compared with other foreign brands, whose products can sometimes be given more than five thousand rubles for the same volume, more than tolerable. In any case, on the condition of the family budget, such a price will certainly not be particularly affected.

Where should I use it?

First, the manufacturer insistently advisesApply it on all the latest models of cars with engines of complex design. Perfectly suited for multi-valve models and varieties with turbocharging, can be used in machines with and without a catalytic filter. It is allowed to use in all types of diesel engines, including those that are not equipped with a particulate filter.

oil elf 5w40The manufacturer also "presses" on the possibilityfill in the engines of cars that are operated in particularly difficult conditions. Suitable not only for a leisurely ride in a dense urban stream, but even for fans to storm the expanses of the country, where, as you know, roads as such and do not smell. Even if you like a desperate, sporty ride, an excellent choice for you will be the oil "Elf 5W40". Reviews indicate that even in this mode of operation your car is not in danger.

The interval between oil changes was also seriousincreased. Unlike other elusive producers, "Elf" really developed oil, in full accordance with the recommendations of the most eminent automotive concerns. Of course, in any case, we believe that before filling new oil in the car you need to visit the site of its manufacturer and clarify all the nuances of compatibility.

In general, the oil "Elf 5W40" (reviews thisconfirm) can be safely poured into the engines of any car. The proof of this is his class SL, which speaks of full compliance with all applicable standards in this area.

Main advantages of the oil according to the manufacturer

We sum up. According to the manufacturer, its products have the following advantages:

  • Excellent engine protection in all modes of operation. The guarantee of high purity of all its components due to a special package of additives, which always favorably distinguished engine oils Elf.

  • The components of the oil itself are completely resistant to oxidation, the product retains all its qualities even under very severe operating conditions.

  • Even cold winter start is considerably simplifiedat the maximum possible saving of the resource of the motor: this is achieved thanks to a special formula that allows the oil to warm up quickly and immediately start lubricating the engine components.

  • Even with increased replacement intervals, the lubricant does not turn into a jelly-like "something" and does not maim the motor.


engine oil elf 5w40 specificationsSo that you do not consider all of the above unfounded advertising, we give here purely technical nuances that distinguish engine oil "Elf 5W40". Its characteristics are as follows:

  • At 15 ° C it has a density of 1298 g / cm3 (0.8526).

  • The viscosity index at 40 ° C is 445 mm2 / s (85.11).

  • At 100 ° C this characteristic varies little: 445 mm2 / s (14.05).

  • Freezes at a temperature below -39 degrees Celsius.

  • Flash is 92 ° C.

  • The total alkaline value is 2896 mgKOH / g (10.1).

Important! Generally, experienced motorists say that only two indicators are important to us: the pour point and the alkali value. In the first case, it should be noted that the oil characteristics are quite sufficient if in your region the winter temperature of the ambient air seldom drops below -35 degrees Celsius. If you live in areas closer to the north, where this temperature is regular, it is better to choose another lubricant.

As for the alkaline number 10.1 - this value indirectly indicates that the oil and in fact it will be a good idea to clean the engine. Taking into account the fuel characteristics of most of our gas stations, this characteristic is extremely important. This is how the engine oil "Elf 5W40" differs. Characteristics, however, have little to say about if the most important indicators are not repetitive in plain language.

Decoding of important indicators

What is the pour point? Simply put, in this state, the oil losesIts fluidity, turning into a homogeneous, amorphous mass. This indicator is tested simply: the lubricant is poured into a test tube, which is installed in a thermostat with artificial ice. Temperature readings are read every few minutes.

oil motor elf 5w40 reviewsImportant! The pour point must necessarily be five to seven degrees below the threshold at which the oil is still capable of pumping. It is necessary to know that the hardening of most of the greases occurs for a rather banal reason: the precipitation of paraffin crystals.

This is especially true for oils obtained fromcheap grades of oil. Normal producers necessarily add to the composition of their products special additives that prevent this phenomenon. Actually, due to this oil "Elf 5W40" and shows excellent results up to a temperature of -35-36 degrees Celsius.

Alkaline number. This value indicates the totalresource. The fact is that in any oil that is operated for a long time, a significant amount of oxidation products is formed. To neutralize them, manufacturers use specific additives. The lower the alkalinity, the faster the lubricant will lose its characteristics. If you bought cheap oil, or you operate your car in a large city and forget to replace lubricant in time, then the car's engine can quickly fail.

To find out the very number, manufacturersPotentiometric titration is used. Simply put, the alkaline number in this case is the ability to neutralize a specific weight volume of the acid added to the oil.

Still need to say that the oil "Elf 5W40" isnot purebred "synthetics", but hydrocracked grease. Many car enthusiasts are also impressed by the fact that the manufacturer does not drop to "miraculous ceramic dust" or other "nanotechnological" additives, which indirectly indicates the seriousness of the company.

That is why in recent years, more and more often on the shelves of automobile stores there is oil motor "Elf 5W40". Reviews about it, we now disassemble in more detail.

So, what do users say?

In our shops you can find cans onone, four and five liters. Everything is done neatly, but sometimes motorists complain that it is impossible to disassemble the date of production of the oil. As a rule, we get the French version. Very often canisters are found, instructions for the use of lubricants are printed with rather coarse spelling errors. Apparently, the French save on translators.

elf oilOf course, frankly unreadable nonsense, no, sothat with the recommendations from the manufacturer, you probably will understand. We can say that Elf - oil is quite "serious", despite these minor flaws.

Experienced drivers also note that nothere is no card on the neck under the lid. But the latter sometimes causes a strong irritation, as the "gag" is sometimes glued so that after opening the canister you definitely will not be able to stay with clean hands. Extremely commendable is the self-priming neck, which characterizes almost all Elf motor oils. Unlike all foreign and imported analogues, there is a kind of telescopic "barbell", with which it is easy to fill the oil in any conditions.

Many note that due to this "pleasant trifle" when replacing the lubricant it is possible to remain practically clean, and for such occasional refilling of oil, such packaging is extremely convenient.

Important note

Motorists, however, strongly adviseit is mandatory to use the means for flushing the engine, in which there was oil Elf 5W40. The testimonies indicate that a large number of cleaned dirt additives in another way can simply not be removed from the motor.

Dual opinion

What else is characterized by engine oil "Elf5W40 "? Reviews about it are twofold: some users claim that the engine starts to work softer.On the contrary, other motorists with a heat prove that the engine produces much more sounds.

Let's figure it out: most often negative reviews come from motorists who live in the northern regions. Please note that the article repeatedly met recommendations not to use the "Elf" in those areas where in winter the ambient air temperature regularly drops to -35 degrees Celsius and even lower. Elf 5W40 oil is not suitable for such conditions, what can we do ... In general, in this case it is better to buy conventional synthetics.

motor oil elfAt such temperatures, Elf - oil is not toogood, because due to the considerable density of the process of lubricating the engine is greatly complicated. It is not surprising that after the launch, it starts to work "hard." In general, carefully read the manufacturer's recommendations!

Elf Evolution

Especially the engine oil Elf Evolution. How do avtolyubiteli respond about this variety? Here it should be noted that the company places special emphasis on the use of this lubricant in severe climatic conditions. Judging by the proclamation, it can be successfully poured into cars that are operated in the conditions of our North. Is it really?

Alas, but this time the French are a little sly. Indeed, more additives have been added to this brand, which in theory are not bad against the rapid thickening of the lubricant even at very low ambient temperatures. That's just in practice they cope with this not too well.

Drivers from the northern cities in one voiceargue that the oil "Elf Evolution 5w40" frankly behaves badly at temperatures from -25 degrees and below! That is, it manifests itself worse than its "colleague in the shop!" What is the reason for such a paradox is for certain unknown.

For the sake of justice, let's not forget aboutfakes. Only a completely naive buyer can think that faking a lubricant from a well-known foreign concern will not interest anyone. As the studies of many domestic experts show, at least 15-23% of engine oil fakes are on the market. Among the popular brands, which are especially often forged, is the "Elf". Of course, the use of such ersatz is extremely detrimental to the state of the engine of your car.

Thus, buy lubricants exclusively incertified large stores. Yes, this advice is very trivial, but he unfortunately did not lose relevance. Only in this case you will be able to maintain the high performance characteristics of the motor of your car.

But there is also a positive moment. He associated with the operation of the car in urban conditions: motorists believe that this motor oil 5w40 "Elf" actually allows you to save up to 7% of fuel. And this recognition from motorists, who are daily forced to spend several hours in traffic jams, is worth a lot!

A bit about the dreamers

In principle, far from all reviews should belisten. And this applies not only to negative, but also to some positive characteristics. So, some "experts" complain that after filling this lubricant ... does not increase the engine power! We think it's not worth repeating all the time that all the eloquent exhortations of some unscrupulous manufacturers about "restoring the engine" or "increasing engine power" are fairytales that you do not need to pay attention to.

We also said that the Elf producercauses respect as time by the fact that such ridiculous promises to buyers do not. And certificates from large automobile concerns also inspire considerable confidence and respect.

elf evolution engine oilSo, what can we say about oil at last?"Elf 5w40"? Its characteristics allow us to speak with a clear conscience of its high quality and suitability for use in many climatic and operational conditions. In any case, "Elf" is just as good as many of its counterparts from other manufacturers. Finally I would like to wish everyone a good road and quality oil!

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