Naruto: fillers as a detail of the world

Naruto: fillers as a detail of the world

The real scourge of every anime ongoings are becomingfillers - additional series, which are virtually unrelated to the main story of the canon. They can be quite interesting or, on the contrary, absolutely stupid and inappropriate, sometimes the tension of the plot is so obvious that even the most devoted admirers of anime begin to resent. However, in the anime "Naruto" fillers have created a pleasant addition to the description of the already loved world. Kishimoto Masashi, mangaka, who created a story about Naruto, has not the slightest relation to the filler series, but this does not stop the audience from loving them, especially now that the story has ended happily.

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Do you need to watch Naruto fillers?

The opinions of the offenders on the part of fillers are divided intotwo approximately equal parts. Fans of the canon were very negative about the desire of the animators to stamp the series, guided by some of their own fantasies. Criticism took a particularly harsh tone, if the next filler series differed deliberately careless drawing. An experienced glance will always be noticed by serious errors in the anatomy of the characters, and attempts by animators to save on backgrounds and dynamics. However, in the anime "Naruto", fillers did not always cause negative, there were good stories.

You can be a zealot of the canon and watch only thoseSeries, which correspond to some chapters of the manga. This will significantly reduce the anime, and almost twice. The peculiarity of "Naruto" is that the created world differs undoubted attraction even in isolation from the canonical plot of the manga. It's no wonder that the fans want more.

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Naruto: list of fillers

  • The first filler appears at the very end of the firstseason, this is the series number 26. According to the basic laws of the release of ongoings, the first seasons always go without fillers - they simply are not necessary, because there are still enough manga chapters ahead.
  • In the fourth season, only three fillers - Series No. 97, No. 99 and a humorous series-Omake No. 101.
  • The fifth season of "Naruto" fillers complement fully. This is a separate story about the adventures in the Land of Tea - 5 consecutive series.
  • The sixth season of the twenty-nine series almost entirely consists of fillers, only the first five series correspond to the canon, all the other stories from No. 136 to No. 156 are invented by writers.
  • Seventh, eighth and ninth seasons completelyconsist of fillers, and this has become a huge test for Naruto fans. The second part of the ongoer "Naruto, Hurricane Chronicles" is crowded with them, and, according to fans, they have become worse than in the first part.

Narrow Fillers

Fan-creativity or canon?

Is it possible to consider the filler series as part of the canon? In many respects it depends on what the viewer is oriented at in general. Many did not read the manga and do not burn with desire, because the static picture and the minimum of the text is a very specific method of conveying the story itself. For supporters of the Naruto anime, fillers can be considered a canon.

However, it is worth remembering that Kishimoto Masashithis did not write. If you rely on the author of the story, then the filler series can be considered a fan-creation of screenwriters, although in reality it is not. For ease of perception of fillers, it is worth remembering such a habitual phenomenon as "screening based on motives." Not only the Japanese know how to inflate an elephant from a fly, Western cinematographers and animators perfectly use this technique.

Additions to the world of "Naruto"

If the author is really good at peace, thenthe reader or the viewer will want to travel on it longer than the manga fantasy can offer. The same happened with the world of "Naruto". Hurricane fillers swept over the plot and created interesting additions, deviations and assumptions, their own theories. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to consider the writers as soulless dealers who seek to nashtampovat more series. This is not quite true. In the overwhelming majority of cases, when creating additional series or even seasons, the logic of the world created by Kishimoto was used.

Naruto Filler List

Why do we need fillers?

It was necessary to do without them! Approximately so thinks the keen fan of the manga "Naruto". The list of fillers simply suppresses its volume. But would the spectator survive if only the new chapters were filmed? The fact is that when shooting manga for one series, an average of two chapters. The series is released once a week, it is really a fast process, which is designed to capture and retain the attention of the audience, and for a long time. Captured variants of ongoing inevitably catch up with the mangaka, and soon the animators have a problem: there is nothing to remove, we need to take a break and wait until the mangaka will come up with and draw new chapters. But this is an unproductive approach.

As you know, demand creates supply, and inSuch cases are fillers. "Naruto" (season 2 and following it) almost did without these additions only because it was the very start of ongoing, but then it was necessary to act according to the standard scheme. It is worth noting that the creators of the anime gave their best. During the existence of ongoing a lot of successful filler series were created, full-length animated pictures were shot. "Naruto" did not share the fate of many ongoings - it successfully ended both as manga and as anime, confidently holding out in the ratings on the leading positions.

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