LCD Molodezhny, Podolsk: developer Stroyservis, address, reviews

LCD "Molodezhny", Podolsk: developer "Stroyservis", address, reviews

Acquisition of own housing is extremelyserious question. And to make the right choice is very difficult. It is important not only to consider the enormous number of factors (surrounding infrastructure, improvement of the complex's territory, quality of materials used, layout of the apartment and its cost), but also what reputation the developer selected for you deserved. Unfortunately, until now, many interest holders lose their money savings due to the fact that the company went bankrupt or simply turned out to be dishonest and implemented a fraudulent scheme. How to protect yourself from this kind of trouble? It is important to investigate as much information as possible about the developer and directly about the project. How to do it? It would be prudent to examine all the data about the company that are freely available on the Web, as well as the feedback of real buyers who already live in this housing complex or purchased housing there and have all the information about the construction process. It is this goal that is pursued by this article: to inform you about the developer himself and the project itself.

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About the developer

The housing complex in question was builtcompany "Stroyservis", founded twenty-six years ago. The main activities of the developer - capital construction, the implementation of facade works, the production of a variety of materials for construction works, as well as a complete reconstruction of the facilities. Now the company builds new buildings near Moscow. All this became possible due to the fact that the developer in question has a powerful production base, which allows him to carry out the entire cycle of any construction and installation work without the need to involve any third-party organizations. In addition, the company regularly invests its own funds (including those involved) in a variety of projects. In such cases, the developer acts as the general contractor or even the customer of the work.

about the project

LCD "Molodezhny" - a beautiful multi-storey residentiala building that is located in a city called Podolsk, Moscow Region, namely in its Novo-Syrovo district (northern part of the city). Why choose this housing complex? The city of Podolsk is an excellent choice. It is well developed as a transport connection with the city of Moscow, and intraurban public transport. If you prefer to travel by private car, you can get to the capital by using the Simferopol highway. By the nearest metro stations it is possible to travel by buses that go often enough. Getting to the Kursk railway station is convenient with the help of an electric train. In Podolsk itself there are three railway platforms. The nearest of them - the station "Silicate" - is located just ten minutes walk from the residential complex.

By itself Podolsk is a fairly large city. From it only fifteen kilometers to the ring road. The level of infrastructure in it is actively approaching the capital.

In general, in the housing estate under considerationprovides for the creation of three hundred and thirty-six apartments. They will increase Podolsk's housing stock by approximately sixteen and a half thousand square meters. The developer has studied all the marketing trends, the opinions of potential buyers in the forums, where they actively discuss the problems of buying real estate, and reviews on the Web and now reasonably offers its clients a choice of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments. The whole construction of the complex consists of five full sections.

Height of the housing complex under considerationis seventeen floors. The shape of the building is angle. This makes it possible to form a beautiful closed space of the adjacent territory. Pleases also the beautiful design of the facade of the building. In the color scheme, white, as well as soft yellow and brown colors predominate. Exterior finish is made using high quality materials: ceramic tiles (basement trim), hinged facade systems (partly finishing one of the ends) and ceramic bricks (the main part of the building).

The first floor of the complex under considerationIt is allocated for various administrative premises which are separated from the common residential part of the building. All apartments are put into operation without interior finishing. All engineering networks were conducted directly in the technical underground, as well as on the upper floor (it is also identified as technical). The roof is made according to a special technology - it is multilevel and flat.

Among other things, the company-builder wasa wonderful project of arranging a house territory has been developed. It provides for the laying of sidewalks, as well as access roads. Also, a number of ornamental trees will be planted, children's and sports grounds, recreational areas will be organized, lawns will be broken.

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Molodyozhny LCD: reviews

Most of the responses to the housing complexleave positive. Interest holders of the Molodezhny housing and communal complex appreciate the excellent characteristics of the city near Moscow, in which the building is located (for example, proximity to Moscow, sufficient level of necessary infrastructure, good ecological situation). Also well influenced the reputation of the builder is the fact that the company withstood the deadlines for the execution of construction works. Everything was done on time. As a result, the house was rented, and buyers received the keys to their homes.

What else is special about LCD Molodezhny (Podolsk)? Of course, we can not fail to mention materials that were used in the process of erecting buildings, as well as in finishing. Everything that was used in the process is distinguished by its quality and reliability. Moreover, the buildings look aesthetically both outside and inside. Reviews of this housing complex make it possible to form a positive impression of him.

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Variety of infrastructure in Podolsk is undeniable. There are many supermarkets, a stadium, sports centers, highly specialized shops of various industrial products, an ice palace, fourteen medical institutions, an equestrian sports complex, twenty-eight general schools, a vocational education institution, forty-four kindergartens, and higher education institutions. Moreover, the infrastructure of the city is actively expanding. There is no doubt that the areas where new buildings are located near Moscow will soon be unusually active. This should be taken into account when choosing a future residence.


The housing complex in question is located inthe northern part of Podolsk. Namely in the Novo-Syrovo district. Nearby (in ten minutes on foot) the railway station Silikatnaya is located. And just fifteen kilometers is the transport highway - Simferopol highway.

 youth comments


The residential complex "Molodezhny" is beautifullandscaped. On its territory, there are lawns, playgrounds and playgrounds for children, planting shrubs, beautiful ornamental trees, laying sidewalks and footpaths.


What else do you need to know about LCD Molodezhny (Podolsk)? The total area of ​​the built-up area is one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight square meters, and the designed area is twenty-four thousand five hundred and eighty-five and a half square meters (among them the area of ​​apartments is sixteen thousand five hundred five square meters).

The residential complex "Molodezhny" contains three hundred and thirty-six apartments, of which one hundred and sixty-one-room, one-sixty-two-room apartments, and sixteen-three-room apartments.

In total, five seventeen-storey semi-detached sections were built. The house is erected in a "G" -shaped form.

There is a block of administrative premises, a block of living quarters, a technical floor, and a technical underground directly under the building.

The roof of the building is made of high quality, from reliable materials. It is flat, and also multilevel. It has an internal organized drainage system.

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Apartments in LCD Molodezhny are offered different(the area and the number of rooms vary, and, accordingly, the cost). So, the meter of a one-room apartment can be from thirty-four to forty square meters. The cost of each meter in this case will begin eighty-two thousand rubles. In general, the price of the whole apartment can range from two million eight hundred thousand rubles to three and a half million rubles.

The area of ​​a two-room apartment can be fromfifty-eight to fifty-nine square meters (the cost of sixty-seven thousand rubles per 1 sq. m.). The total cost of such an apartment can range from three million nine hundred thousand rubles to four million one hundred thousand rubles.

The area of ​​three-room apartments is defineduniquely - eighty three square meters. The cost of each meter starts from sixty-five thousand rubles. So, for the whole apartment will have to pay from five million four hundred thousand rubles to five million eight hundred thousand rubles.

Such real estate options are offered by LCD Molodezhny. Prices can change over time. Therefore, it is important not to miss your opportunity to get quality housing.

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On the web you can find all the permissive documentsfor the construction of LCD Molodezhny (Podolsk). Among them - a building permit and a project declaration. All work was done on time, so there was no need to adjust the content of the original documents.

Course of construction

LCD "Youth" (Podolsk) - one of thenumerous projects that have been completed successfully. Interest holders did not have to worry too much. All work was completed, the house was put into operation, and the tenants received the keys to their apartments.

 interest holders


LCD "Youth" is an excellenta sample of suburban architecture. The residential complex is located in the city of Podolsk - a place with a good ecological situation, developed infrastructure, and excellent transport accessibility. The buildings are already completely ready and partly populated. However, there is still a possibility to buy housing. If you decided to pay attention to this residential complex, do not delay meeting with company representatives. They will help to choose an apartment from the available options, which would fit in the planned budget and meet your desires and needs.

Be vigilant and do not be lazy to checkinformation about the builder. This will help keep your nerves and cash, and also invest your savings in a worthy project. Take into account any nuances, find out details about everything that is in doubt.

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  • LCD Molodezhny, Podolsk: developer Stroyservis, address, reviews LCD Molodezhny, Podolsk: developer Stroyservis, address, reviews LCD Molodezhny, Podolsk: developer Stroyservis, address, reviews LCD Molodezhny, Podolsk: developer Stroyservis, address, reviews LCD Molodezhny, Podolsk: developer Stroyservis, address, reviews LCD Molodezhny, Podolsk: developer Stroyservis, address, reviews LCD Molodezhny, Podolsk: developer Stroyservis, address, reviews LCD Molodezhny, Podolsk: developer Stroyservis, address, reviews LCD Molodezhny, Podolsk: developer Stroyservis, address, reviews LCD Molodezhny, Podolsk: developer Stroyservis, address, reviews