Lawn mower Viking electric and petrol self-propelled: reviews

Lawn mower "Viking" electric and petrol self-propelled: reviews

Austrian company "Viking" for the first time about itselfdeclared in 1981. The founder of it is considered to be Heinrich Lechner. In the small town of Kufstein, he was engaged in the production of garden choppers. The first lawn mowers the Viking world saw in 1984. Since 1992, the above-mentioned company began to develop actively.

The reason for this is considered to be a compound"Viking" with the firm "Steel". They were engaged in the production of chainsaws. But since 2001 the company "Viking" boasts simply a huge range of lawn mowers, which are in great demand in the world. To date, this brand has become a leader in the production of garden tools.

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What is the difference between lawn mowers "Viking"?

First of all, it is important to note that the buyerThere is an opportunity to pick up a lawnmower, which works either on a gasoline engine or on an electric engine. Also there are battery models. Their power fluctuates on the average in the region of 4 kW. The width of the gripper can differ, as well as the cutting height. The cutting system, as a rule, is centralized. If we consider compact models, then they are equipped with an eight-step mechanism.

Travosborniki included in the set are prettyquality. Their volume depends mainly on the power of the lawnmower. Frames in all models are installed reinforced. In maintenance, lawn mowers are practically not needed. Clean the blade after the lawn can be quite simple. Wheels in the devices are available with double bearings. Due to this, their service life is significantly increased. Repair of lawn mower "Viking" can be carried out only in the service center.

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Reviews about the gasoline modification "Viking MV 248"

This lawnmower gasoline "Viking" reviewshas good. Many buyers of this model prefer because of low fuel consumption. At the same time, the performance of the device is within the normal range. The power of this lawnmower is 4 kW. The cutting width of the knives is 46 cm. The cutting height is 25 mm minimum.

Adjust it with a lever. The cutting system in this case is installed centrally. The power of the device can be changed stepwise. The knife for lawn mower "Viking MV 248" as standard is steel. In total, manufacturers have provided 8 different modes. To give this lawnmower is suitable, and on average it is capable of processing an area of ​​1200 square meters. m.

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What do they say about the electric model of ME 235?

These lawn mowers "Viking" reviews havemostly positive. This model is very simple to use. The pen is pretty high quality, and it's very accurate to control the device. In the maintenance this lawn mower practically does not need. The blades in the device are very sharp. With a shallow grass, the lawn mower cope successfully. Of the disadvantages, it should be noted the low power of the unit. Thus, it is better to use it on small lawns. This modification consumes electricity in the normal range. The engines in the ME 235 lawn mower break down quite infrequently.

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Overview of lawnmower CF 448

This self-propelled lawn mower "Viking" amongOther devices are notable for their compactness. The cutting system in this case is rotary. Due to this, the lawn mower is able to work for a long time without interruptions. The rated power of this unit is within 3 kW. The minimum cutting height is 20 mm. The width of capture, according to many, is optimal and is equal to 30 cm.

The maximum mowing height the user is capable ofto expose 60 mm. The engine in this case is installed by the manufacturer asynchronously. The wheel drive is available in the rear type. The deck of the lawnmower CF 448 is made entirely of plastic, but it is quite strong and can withstand large loads. On the noise level, this model does not differ from simple lawn mowers. At a distance of 5 meters device MV 448 gives 50 dB. The nozzle in the standard kit is only one. Knives by the manufacturer are installed in the paddle type.

Advantages of model МВ 2

This model is valued by consumers for their highperformance. It can work continuously for about three hours. Thus the engine practically does not overheat. This was achieved due to an excellent cooling system. However, this modification also has disadvantages. First of all, it should be noted quite thin knives in the kit. Adjust the height in this model is obtained with great difficulty. This is due to the fact that the lever is fixed quite firmly. It is also important to note the increased vibration. If you work on an uneven surface, then the shaking is quite large. As a result, the handle begins to vibrate strongly. It is difficult to control the MV 2 lawn mower in this situation.

Petrol mowers "Viking MA 339"

This model is able to boast simply excellentcharacteristics. The power of this unit is 4 kW. The grass collection bag is quite bulky. During operation, it disconnects very quickly for cleaning. Adjust the height of mowing in this case it is possible. The width of the knife grip is optimal. The cutting system in the lawn mower is provided with a rotary system. The nozzle in the standard kit is only one. There are five modes to choose from. Adjust the height of the handle in the model MA 339 is also possible.

Consumer Reviews of MB 3

This lawn mower "Viking" will not be suitable forall, but it still has certain advantages. First of all, consumers note convenient management. Adjust the speed of the knives can be done quite simply with a single switch. The shutdown button is in a convenient location and it's good. Among the shortcomings should be noted quite large dimensions of the device. The handle is not very comfortable in this kit. The user can not adjust the height of its installation.

It should also be taken into account that the fuel consumption ofThis unit is prohibitive. In this regard, the economical modification of MB 3 is difficult to name. Plus, the engine overheats after an hour of continuous operation. The cooling system is usual, it copes with its duties quite badly. Also to the consumer before purchase it is necessary to consider, that in a design the tank is provided rather compact. Taking this into account, it is very often necessary to refuel the specified unit during operation.

The owners' opinion about the "Viking ME 545"

This model consumers like theiruniversality. Work with her can be easy even on an uneven surface. Due to the small frame, it cuts the grass very qualitatively. The air intake grille is quite strong. The maximum power of the lawn mower "Viking ME 545" has a level of 4 kW. The consumption of gasoline in this model is acceptable. The handle in the standard set is turned on rubberized. The protective cover in the structure is installed. In general, the Me 545 lawn mower is ideal for giving and the owner will always help to cope with gas with an area of ​​up to 1000 square meters. m.

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Model MV 443: characteristics and reviews

The system in this design is rotary. Due to this, the blade rotation speed can be adjusted quite smoothly. Rama said lawn mower "Viking" (gasoline) is strong, and she is not afraid of blows. The engine in this modification by the manufacturer is installed in an asynchronous type with a reliable cooling system. The bag in the set is quite voluminous.

It should also be noted that it is soft,during work does not interfere with the person. The handle to the frame is secured securely, and the Viking lawn mower (petrol) is controlled during operation without unnecessary effort. Also, many people respond positively to the Deck. It is made by the manufacturer of steel. Weigh this modification in assembled form exactly 30 kg.

Differences of lawnmower CF 448

The width of this model is 35 cm. The minimum height of mowing is 200 mm. On an uneven surface, this lawnmower can work. There is a rear wheel drive in the device. The rated power of the unit is at 4 kW. A blade knife is used as a nozzle. In service this power tool is unpretentious. Deck in the design is made entirely of plastic. In turn, the frame is made of stainless steel. At a distance of five meters, the Viking MV 448 lawnmower produces 50 dB.

Customer feedback on the "Viking ME 443"

Many customers this lawnmower "Viking"gasoline self-propelled is valued for its compact size. The power for a large lawn in this case is not enough, what should be considered when buying. The width of the grip in the construction is 25 cm. The maximum cutting height is 70 mm. The engine in the Viking ME 443 lawnmower is installed asynchronously.

The bag in this case is attached to the rearframe. It is quite soft, and its volume equals 45 liters. Thus, it is not necessary to frequently interrupt work in order to get rid of accumulated grass. The fuel consumption of the device is acceptable. The nozzle in the standard kit is attached only one. The knives of the "Viking" lawn mower gasoline self-propelled have very sharp, and they cope with quality with any grass. The cutting system is classified as rotary.

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The new model in the market of MB 248

The cutting system in this model is availablecentralized type. The blades can be installed in a variety of ways. In the standard set they are paddle type. The power of this unit is at a level of 5 kW. The height of mowing can be adjusted quite simply. The minimum of the blade can be lowered to a distance of 20 mm from the ground. The control in the lawnmower MV 248 is set stepwise.

Travosbornik in the standard set is includedvolume of 50 liters. The engine is capable of boasting an asynchronous type. Adjust the height of the handle in this case it is possible. The Viking lawn mower does not need maintenance. And this is a clear advantage. Among the shortcomings, consumers note increased noise.

Should I buy the Viking ME 656?

This Viking lawn mower (electric)It boasts a new integrated protection system. Adjust the power of the model ME 656 can. This power tool can work on any surface. Adjust the height of the blades with a lever. The wheels of the Viking lawn mower (electric) have double bearings. Due to this power tool owner can serve many years.

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Given all of the above, it should be said thatlawnmowers company "Viking" unequivocally deserve attention. If we consider self-propelled systems, then they have no equal in the market. On the price policy, they will also suit many. A good gasoline lawnmower in a specialized store can buy a person for 9 thousand rubles. All models are easily disassembled, and in the assembled form they will not occupy much space.

Also compact dimensions allow comfortabletransport these power tools in the machine. As for electric lawnmowers, things are a little different here. First of all, it should be noted that they cost almost as much as gasoline analogues. At the same time, the characteristics of all models are significantly understated. The only advantage in this situation is the lower costs of maintaining electric lawnmowers.

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  • Lawn mower Viking electric and petrol self-propelled: reviews Lawn mower Viking electric and petrol self-propelled: reviews Lawn mower Viking electric and petrol self-propelled: reviews Lawn mower Viking electric and petrol self-propelled: reviews Lawn mower Viking electric and petrol self-propelled: reviews Lawn mower Viking electric and petrol self-propelled: reviews Lawn mower Viking electric and petrol self-propelled: reviews Lawn mower Viking electric and petrol self-propelled: reviews Lawn mower Viking electric and petrol self-propelled: reviews Lawn mower Viking electric and petrol self-propelled: reviews