Lada Urban 4x4: technical characteristics, description, photo

"Lada Urban 4x4": technical characteristics, description, photo

The car "Lada Urban 4x4", technicalthe characteristics of which we will describe in detail in the article, was announced two years ago by AvtoVAZ, as a real new domestic SUV made on the basis of the well-known Niva, which is manufactured since the distant 1977. In October 2014, an updated crossover was launched at a subsidiary enterprise in Togliatti CJSC "PSA VIS-AUTO".

frets urban 4x4 technical specifications

A bit of history

When creating a new model, the main goal for yourselfengineers have set it difficult to thoroughly update the obsolete "Niva", but also to make the car more aggressive, modern and attractive for a simple urban dweller. Hence the name of the car, which corresponded to the European standards - "Lada Urban 4x4". What is the updated model from Niva? Let's take a closer look at all the changes.


Due to the fact that the new SUV is made on the basis of the "Niva", it retained its overall dimensions:

  • the length did not exceed the mark of 3740 mm;
  • width - 1680 mm;
  • height, also remained at the same level - 1640 mm;
  • the wheelbase is 2200 mm.

Changes did not undergo the volume of the trunk, equal to 585 liters. The carrying capacity of 400 kg, too, does not surprise anyone.

Studying the overall characteristics of the car "LadaUrban 4x4 ", the changes are noticeable in the size of the ground clearance. Now there is a lower ground clearance, which is reduced by about 20 mm. However, this innovation can be called an advantage, because thanks to him the machine has become more stable at speed. It is worth noting that even 200 mm SUV is enough for excellent off-road capability and regular off-road excursions.

frets urban 4x4 photo of the salon


What new designers have added to the designcar Lada Urban 4x4? Technical characteristics, this is not the only aspect that has undergone an update. In the exterior there were new elements. This is a bumper made of plastic, a modified grille, exterior mirrors. A definite contrast was made by the door handles made in black. In addition, the SUV from the factory is equipped with 16-inch cast wheels. In appearance, these are all changes - true, and they were enough to give the already classic and bored image of "Niva" fresh shades and some youth spark.

Interior of the car "Lada Urban 4x4"

Photo salon brightly demonstrates all the changes,which were held in the restyling version of the car. It is worth noting that this part of the car will be pleased with numerous novelties. Here motorists will find many interesting and useful functions.

On the ceiling installed a modern lighting unit,In the trunk and salon were added regular rubber carpets. Attractively look new seats from high-quality and easy to wash upholstery, along the perimeter of which a color stitch is used. In the car "Lada Urban 4x4" (photo of the cabin look below), unlike the ascetic "Niva", finally, there was an air conditioner, and the external mirrors received not only the possibility of electronic regulation, but also heating. To innovations also it is necessary to carry more modern wheel, electric window regulators, a nominal radio tape recorder and better noise isolation, than at the predecessor.

frets urban 4x4 interior

The front panel and the torpedo look old-fashioned, notsaves even borrowed from the VAZ-2115 "instrument panel". Ventilation and heating can be controlled using archaic sliders. The plastic is cheap and hard, there are a lot of squeaks and crickets, and the ignition switch is on the left, as in the post-war Moskvich.

Lada Urban 4x4: technical specifications

As for running qualities, then Lada 4х4 Urbanreceived the ABS and BAS systems, but the engine remained unchanged - the usual and outdated 1.7-liter 83-liter engine. from. and a torque of 129 Nm. Naturally, for the urban cycle and active driving such an aggregate is of little use. According to internal tests of Avtovaz, the Urban model was able to develop a maximum speed of 142 km / h. By the way, diesel versions of engines are not produced until today.

Has remained unchanged and the chassis, the caris still all-wheel drive. Curbs, pits and drifts in the courtyard of the driver are not terrible if he drives a car "Lada Urban 4x4". Specifications of the gearbox are standard (5 steps). It is borrowed from VAZ-2121. Such a four-wheel drive transmission with an interaxle differential distributes torque between bridges, improving patency. The dispenser box remained with the possibility of forced locking. The producer's plans were to deprive Urban of a lowered transmission, which was not popular with the owners of the usual Niva. But in fact, the restyling version remained with three levers (checkpoint, distribution and "ponyazhka").

frets urban 4x4 changes

Consumption of fuel

According to the manufacturer, fuel consumption ina mixed cycle for Lada Urban is almost 10 liters per hundred runs. True, according to the owners, the SUV has a much greater appetite: a weak engine, obsolete transmission in all respects and a decent car weight affect the consumption not in the smaller direction.

Sales 2016

The release of Lada Urban continues in 2016, andPrices range from 479 000 to 516 700 rubles, depending on the equipment and equipment. SUV buyers are offered a wide range of colors, in which the car can be presented: jasper, coriander, Odyssey, port, space, and standard white and black.

fret Urban 4x4 than differs from the field

Summing up

Considering the long history of the development of the modelLada 4х4, "Urban" in any case should not be considered a new generation. This is just a modification, a small update that affected "Niva" in terms of internal and external design design, and several useful functions were added. With the release of the Lada Urban 4x4 car, the interior has become a little more attractive, but to truly become a bestseller in the off-road vehicle market, AvtoVAZ will have to work hard.

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  • Lada Urban 4x4: technical characteristics, description, photo Lada Urban 4x4: technical characteristics, description, photo Lada Urban 4x4: technical characteristics, description, photo Lada Urban 4x4: technical characteristics, description, photo Lada Urban 4x4: technical characteristics, description, photo Lada Urban 4x4: technical characteristics, description, photo Lada Urban 4x4: technical characteristics, description, photo Lada Urban 4x4: technical characteristics, description, photo Lada Urban 4x4: technical characteristics, description, photo Lada Urban 4x4: technical characteristics, description, photo