Lack of appetite and how to fight it

Lack of appetite and how to fight it

You need to eat well. This is not only about the quality of food, but also about the amount that must be consumed daily so that there are no health problems. Of course, there are special diets, the observance of which can not be combined with abundant nutrition, but there are situations when I would like to eat, but I can not get myself to do it. The reason for this is a lack of appetite. Surely, each of us has experienced this in his life more than once.

What is the lack of appetite?

It is nothing but a loss of sensation thatis directly related to the need for food. That is, it is about the very feeling that makes us eat. With poor appetite, a person can feel a strong hunger, but still not have the desire to eat anything.

Appetite may disappear as a result of somedisease or on the nerves. It often happens that a person weakens so much that he is simply unable to take food that would help him to regain lost energy. Of course, food is a source of strength and health. That's why sick people are always forced to eat something, even if they refuse to do so.

Lack of appetite can act as a symptomasthenia, depressive syndrome, neurosis and other mental disorders. All these syndromes in one way or another are associated with a decline in mood and desire to do something. A person who is exposed to them, loses interest in what is happening, and almost does not react to food.

There are many people who are obsessed withlosing weight. First of all, we are talking about those who suffer from anorexia. Such people always consider themselves very fat (even if it is not so) and think that food even in small portions can affect their figure in a negative way. The fact is that initially in patients with anorexia, the appetite is normal, but eventually they make sure that it disappears completely.

Lack of appetite can arise due to stress, nervous shock, frustration. Excessive physical and intellectual loads can also be rightfully added to this list.

One should not turn a blind eye to a poor appetite, sinceeven if it is not a symptom of a disease, it can still lead to some kind of ailment. Such ailments can include diseases of the heart, stomach, other organs, and also he can become the cause of all sorts of mental disorders, which have already been mentioned above.

How to increase appetite

Undoubtedly, in the very beginning it is necessary to find the reasonhis absence. It is possible that you simply do not have enough fresh air, rest, movement. Understand that someone who sits on the spot all day will never have a good appetite. Walk around the city, take a walk in the park, go to the gym, make yourself run. It is possible that the result will be visible after a couple of hours. If nothing helps, then take a vacation and go somewhere far away.

To increase appetite, you can use the funds from the grandmother's first aid kit. You can recommend the following:

  • infusion prepared from sunflower petals;
  • infusion of oats ordinary;
  • infusion of cornflower blue;
  • infusion of wormwood;
  • infusion of dandelion roots.

Of course, this is not the entire list of folk remedies that can help with loss of appetite, but any of them will help when it really will be necessary.

Doctors recommend in such situationsvitamins and special medicines. Many psychologists say that the best way to get yourself to eat is self-confidence. Of course, you are not a child, but still try to convince yourself that you will not be large and strong without the necessary amount of food.

The lack of appetite for anorexia is very difficult to cure on its own, which means that one should not even try to do without the help of specialists.

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