Irish coffee. Famous Cocktail

Irish coffee. Famous Cocktail

No, Irish coffee is not good olddrink, with a cup of which it would be so customary to sit by the fireplace in the cold evenings or in a circle of friends for pleasant conversations in a cozy pub. In fact, it is a cocktail, and it appeared during the Second World War at the dawn of transatlantic flights, when air passengers, flying for eighteen hours on a seaplane (called a "flying boat") from America to Europe and back, stayed at the port of Fynes (county) Limerick).

freshly roasted coffeeFrom the plane they were transplanted into the boat and already init reached the seaplane terminal, which was the predecessor of Shannon Airport. By 1942, when a restaurant for travelers who stayed in Ireland was founded there, many celebrities visited it, among them Humphrey Bogart, Douglas Fairbanks, Edward Goldenberg Robinson, Ernest Hemingway and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Coffee in Irish is the invention of JoeSheridan, who worked as a chef in a restaurant. This drink in the restaurant was welcomed by passengers, who in Ireland were most often met by cold, damp and windy weather. Indeed, a cup of hot coffee or tea was very appreciated by people on arrival.

In one story it is told that BrendanO "Regan, who was a food manager, asked Joseph Sheridan to come up with something stronger, according to another version, the idea was wholly owned by Joe Sheridan. Anyway, the result is what everyone knows today. flying from Botwood-on-Newfoundland to America with a stop in Foines, they drank a cold drink at the restaurant on a cold winter night, they asked if it was Brazilian coffee, Joe Sheridan, who added whiskey to him to help warm up the frozen people faster Teal: "No, that's Irish coffee."recipe for tasty coffee

I must say that today and the airport Shannon oftentries to present the rights to his invention, there is even a memorial plaque in honor of the cocktail. Joe Sheridan received recognition because he was named after an Irish coffee liqueur, which is traded in the duty-free shop of Shannon airport. The store, by the way, is also called "Sheridan".

Of course, for many years, differentvariants of the drink. Already by the time Shannon Airport was opened (in 1945), Sheridan perfected the cocktail recipe, which many and many travelers enjoyed with great pleasure in the airport restaurant. One of the visitors was Stanton Delaplane, a writer and traveler from San Francisco, who for a long time carefully studied the recipe for tasty coffee in Irish. In 1952, he was first tried in America, after a cocktail appeared in the cafe Buena Vista, where Stanton Delaplane was invited to work.

Tasty coffee recipeAccording to the original recipe, the cocktail is notadd whipped cream, but only those that stood for 48 hours. This is one of the main secrets - cream should float on top of coffee and it is the 48-hour-olds that will not sink. The second secret is that the cocktail is not shaken. Although today it is very often cooked with whipped cream, but this is not right.

In order to make real coffee in Irish, the following components will be required:

- one measure of Irish whiskey;

- one measure of strong black coffee;

- 2 teaspoons of sugar (or 3 slices of a refined sugar);

- 2 teaspoons of thick cream.


- Heat the glass for the whiskey.

- Pour Irish whiskey into it.

- Add sugar.

- Pour in the black coffee and stir the drink quietly.

- Add the cream, pouring them on the back of the spoon.

After the cream is added, the cocktail is no longer stirred. The true flavor of Irish coffee is manifested when you drink coffee and whiskey through cream.

When preparing his recipe, Joe Sheridan used freshly roasted coffee from Colombia.

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