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Military departments. Military Department in universities. Institutes with a military department

Military departments ... Sometimes their presence or absencebecomes the top priority when choosing a higher education institution. Of course, this is primarily concerned with young people, and not among the fragile representatives of the weaker half of humanity, but nevertheless there is already a fairly firm conviction on this subject.

According to him, as a rule, there ismilitary department in universities with a more positive reputation. The level of education in such institutions or universities in most cases is much higher, and hence the competition for applicants is more serious.

This article will discuss not only thatrepresent the data of the formation, the reader learns about their influence on the entire education system as a whole, as well as about what institutions with the military department are in our capital.

Section 1. General definition of the concept

military departments

Today, you can get a military education not only in higher military schools.

At civilian educational institutions specifically for the purpose of training officers in large numbers and throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, military departments are created.

Achieving the goals that are facing thisthe formation is carried out in various ways, including within the framework of a military training room, a military department, the organization of a military training cycle, a military training department, a military training center, a military training department. The choice for students is actually given a huge one.

Section 2. How does the military department affect the education system?

military department in Moscow

Any citizen in Russia, except strictly certain categories, can be drafted into the army for active service.

As a rule, students trained onmilitary department, military service is no longer called upon. It is in connection with this that higher educational institutions in which military departments are organized enjoy priority among applicants from all over the country. Although, frankly, a possible motive for such behavior is precisely the desire to avoid being drafted into the army.

In modern Russia, such universities are especiallyare popular. A higher competition for admission leads to the fact that higher educational institutions in which a military department is established accept more prepared applicants.

According to experts, this situation has ledto create the conditions for unfair competition among Russian universities. As a result, the quality of the educational process, where there is no military department, suffers significantly, since relatively weak applicants are initially accepted there.

There is one more consequence of the special position.universities, where there are such departments. Due to their advantageous position, as recent practice shows, they are more relaxed about the need to constantly take care of their image and create conditions for improving the quality of the educational process.

Section 3. Military Department in Moscow

military department in universities

Currently, they are already functioning in 27 universities of Russia. And now the higher military education is quite possible to get in universities of the humanitarian profile.

A number of technical institutions lost such formations that were actively functioning during the Soviet era.

As a result, technical universities began to losecommunication with defense enterprises and the opportunity in practice to master new technology, which is produced by military factories. In addition, graduates of technical universities, where military departments were abolished, were to begin service in the army in the position of an ordinary private.

Accredited formations today operate in:

  • MATI - Russian State Technological University. K. E. Tsiolkovsky;
  • Interregional Institute of Economics and Law at EurAsEC (St. Petersburg);
  • Moscow Aviation Institute;
  • National Research Nuclear Institute MEPhI (Moscow)
  • 23 more Russian universities.

The Union of Rectors favors their creation in greaternumber of universities. To date, 62 more schools are ready to open it. However, the Ministry of Defense came up with another idea - to create scientific companies in universities. Service after the military department is also of great importance and is currently under development.

Section 4. MGIMO

institutes with a military department

One of the leading Russian universities with such a department is MGIMO, whose graduates study international relations.

The founder of MGIMO is the Ministryforeign affairs. This educational institution has a military department that produces military linguists - 53 foreign languages ​​are taught in this university. Thanks to this indicator, MGIMO was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

International specialists study at least 2 foreign languages. The rating class of this educational institution is very high, according to the Expert RA agency (2014).

Section 5. MEPI

service after military department

This university is the leading research university in Russia. A nuclear reactor is located on its territory.

MEPhI is the organizer of researchand holding various events in the scientific world. Laboratories headed by leading scientists actively work at MEPI. Within such laboratories, the problems of nano-bioengineering, electromagnetic methods of producing new materials are being studied.

In the MEPhI there is a military department, consisting ofFaculty of Cybernetics and Information Security. Training at this department is carried out in parallel with the course of basic training. In 2013, MEPhI began work on the organization of the formation of scientific companies from the composition of MEPhI graduates who had not been trained in the military department.

Section 6. Expected Changes

service after military department

In 2014, the preparation of a legal framework forreform in the field of military training in universities. The goal of the reform is to create conditions for students to master in parallel with the civilian and military specialties.

It should be noted that the ability to conduct military training without discontinuing the basic allows for more efficient use of time.

The combination of training and military training involves a stage of intensive work, since it requires the solving of many organizational, educational, methodical and financial issues.

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