How to wait for a loved one

How to wait for a loved one?

Waiting for a loved one from the army - how to endure?

The army is a test of masculinity not onlyfor young soldiers, but for their beloved. Rare encounters, huge distances, the feeling that he is in danger and letters, letters ... how can all this survive?

First, do not cheat yourself, inspirationallyimagining how exhausted he is, suppressed, and then your peace of mind protects you. Undoubtedly, the army is not a kindergarten and there it is necessary to work hard, sleep a little and limit oneself in communication with relatives. However, now the conditions of service in the army are not so bad: the service lasts only a year, in addition to tuning the letters to a romantic mood, there are also more prosaic phone calls, lack of hazing. If you think about it, our moms and, especially, grandmothers were much more difficult. Often they saw off their loved ones for real military actions, and not for a year. So, no matter how rude it sounds: get ready and stop all (and first of all myself) telling about how bad it is there.

Secondly, do not sacrifice yourself and becomehermit. Walking with friends, going to the movies, cafes, concerts, to deny yourself all the delights of the world is stupid. Someone will say that it does so that at least a little feel what the guy in the army feels. The case, of course, is yours, but I do not see any point in this. It's unlikely that a loving guy will want his girl to stay in a house and suffer from loneliness. And if he wants to, think about whether he really loves you so much. Of course, this does not mean that you have to go all the way and go for a walk with unfamiliar guys to the right and to the left. Just try not to change your usual way of life. So time will pass faster.

The main thing about which you should remember: you are a soldier's girl, and therefore should be proud of him and yourself.

Waiting for a loved one from prison - how to be?

Here everything is much more complicated than in anticipation ofarmy. Mainly because the girl is especially not to be proud of. Even on the contrary, "evil tongues" can not escape the opportunity to recall that the guy made a mistake, for which he now pays.

First, if you have decided not to break offrelationship with your beloved, and wait for it, then remember that this is only your decision, for which you can not blame him or someone else. It is possible, when the guy returns, you will notice that he has changed a lot. This is normal. Prison always adjusts people for themselves. Even the strongest and courageous guy will not escape the changes. It is even possible that the "new" one you like will not be liked and the relationship will not develop. Blame him for having spent the best years of his life stupid and useless. The decision to love, wait and believe you took on your own.

Secondly, listen to the gossip of strangers, and somore gossip of relatives who will not forget to remind you that your favorite is not a couple - it pains doubly. I'll have to learn to isolate myself from unnecessary information, not to take everything to heart. In the end, only you, and perhaps your mom's mom know what he really is. Only you see in it all the good, dear, that is in it. Do not try to inspire it all over the world. Just accept it as it is, but do not pay attention to "evil tongues".

As Irina Krug sings in her song "To love is not terrible, it's terrible to wait." Lovely girl, have strength, patience and wait for your beloved. After all, only if someone is waiting, they want to return.

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