How to use the epilator

How to use the epilator

Not everyone knows how to use the epilator. Hair removal by the depilator is carried out with the help of small tweezers, located on the rotational head. Hairs break out together with the bulb.

How to use the epilator with long hairs

Of great importance is the length of the hair. If they are too long, the procedure becomes painful. Too short hair the device is not able to capture. The optimal length of hair is about 5 mm.

How to use the depilator: possible problems

This method of hair removal gives good results.results for a long time. The first hairs can appear only after a few days. The procedure should be repeated after approximately seven days (depending on the person, sometimes up to twenty days the procedure is not needed). An obvious advantage is that the growing hairs are much weaker and they are much smaller. The disadvantage is that this procedure is rather painful. The thicker the hair and the more of them, the more painful the hair removal. It should be noted that each subsequent epilation is less sensitive. There were also home laser epilators, which make the procedure painless.

The skin after the procedure is very irritated, soas there is an interference in its deeper layers. After epilation, there is swelling, which disappears within 24 hours. In most people, after using the epilator, the hair tends to grow into the skin, causing inflammation of the hair follicle. This is noticeable by the red spots around the bag. Sometimes you can see that the hair is located across and do not have the opportunity to break out. It is best not to help the hair until the moment of cessation or alleviation of the inflammatory condition.

How to use the depilator: completion of the procedure

After the procedure, it is best to wash the skin warmwater. You can also use a mild soap or detergent that does not contain soap to wash away the microbes applied by the palms and dirt that contribute to the development of inflammation. To relieve the condition and reduce the swelling of the skin, you can additionally disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide, then apply a soft lotion or cream after epilation, which calms irritations.

On the skin after hair removal is not betteruse salicylic alcohol. It can dry it excessively and increase irritation. However, alcohol is recommended for skin disinfection after a few hours after depilation, when redness disappears and pimples are formed.

Disinfection using hydrogen peroxide andsalicylic alcohol can be repeated, but not too often. Maximum to 2-3 times a day and in small quantities. It should be remembered that when using alcohol in the summer, do not expose the skin to sunlight or use a solarium. Otherwise, spots may form.

How to use the epilator: preparation for the procedure

To reduce the risk of irritation andswelling after hair removal, should properly prepare the skin before the procedure. Immediately before epilation it is better not to do the peeling so as not to irritate the skin excessively. Bathing in warm water will allow the skin to relax, soften the hair and expand the pores. The skin before the procedure should be dry. Therefore, it should be carefully, but gently dried (do not rub) and allow moisture to evaporate.

An important factor of safe epilation isthe issue of keeping the device clean. The home epilator should be disinfected before, during and after the procedure with alcohol or other alcohol, but without the addition of flavors and dyes (eg, perfume or deodorants). It is enough to moisten the cotton swab in alcohol and wipe the rotating head. Alcohol evaporates quickly, therefore in a moment the tweezers will be clean and absolutely dry.

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