How to touch a friend

How to touch a friend?

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How to touch a friend?

Recently, the Internet is actively gainingpopularity is a phenomenon such as trolling. This statement in a virtual network of provocative messages designed to ridicule a certain person, bring him to negative emotions. Trolling can be just comic and innocuous. For example, you can invent a joke for a friend and "hard" play it. How to touch a friend and yet not humiliate or offend him? Let's consider several ways.

Basics of trolling

Write a few notes in passingrelative clothing, manner of communication or appearance of a person. It is possible to cling to any element of clothing. For example, if your friend dresses as a Goth - in all black, wears shoes or shoes on a huge platform, wears long hair, then you can hint that in this form it is easy to confuse with a girl.

Deciding to pin a friend, do not forget that the mostthe main goal is the manifestation of negative emotions in a person. What should you get in the end? Feeling of awkwardness and confusion in the opponent. All this should be caused not by insults, but by your logical and witty tricks. This is the art of "troll".

How to touch a friend in VC

The popular Russian social network has becomea real platform for the battles of professionals of oratory. They choose to themselves the victims of those who can not respond in the same spirit and actively train their eloquence on them.

  • "To punch" a person "Vkontakte" is not difficult. You can start with his avatar. Please note that it most of all causes surprise and act. In the same way you can catch on and nick.
  • It's easy to touch anyone in your personalcorrespondence. How to start a conversation? Ask the person with some not very decent request. When he refuses, write to him - "Well, okay, but it seemed to me that you would not refuse decent money." After that, the conversation will surely be tied up, and you can actively ask the interlocutor provocative questions and make fun of him. To the object of your trolling did not abandon the dialogue, you can tell him that you will post all the correspondence in some public place. After that, a new round for further trolling is provided to you!

Ways to touch a friend - looking for weaknesses

This method of trolling is more complicated than the previous one. He suggests that you will be able to find out from your interlocutor the real shortcomings that really concern him. Someone suffers from excessive use of obscene words, others can not write a single sentence without spelling mistakes, the third is distinguished by excessive greed, and so on. If a person lies in everything and even in small things, you can sarcastically start asking him how and to whom exactly he is lying. How many times a day he deceives people and what benefit he brings even the smallest lie. By engaging in a long dialogue, you can easily catch a liar for lies, because those who cheat regularly do not remember everything that was said before. Watch carefully for such a person, and then remind him of the original version, which he voiced earlier.

How to touch your friend with words?

With personal communication or communication in Skypeto affect a person is much easier. There are more reasons to quarrel with you - the tone of speech, the manner of communication, the word parasites. You can ask people ambiguous questions, the answers to which can put him in an awkward position. Another simple and proven way of trolling is to say some stupid phrases to the interlocutor, the meaning of which he does not know, and then laugh, while your friend will be completely bewildered.

In our article there are less than 10 waysAffect a friend, but other ideas on the same topic you can read in the article How to pin a friend. Also you can find on this page a video from which you can learn how to touch a friend.

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