How to plunder in GTA

How to plunder in GTA?

Passing a mission to the GTA, you have to spend money,for this you need to constantly replenish the hero's account. The easiest way to do this is to commit a robbery, then sell the booty to dealers. This option allows you to enrich the fastest. Below is described what conditions are necessary for successful robberies and how they can be carried out.

What you need to rob

In order for a character to be able to rob several buildings in San Andreas, the following conditions must be met:

  • The mission of the thief is activated, by default it is included by the number 2;
  • in the city there should be night (from 20:00 to 06:00);
  • for the hero will need increased endurance or a Boxville car, they are usually a lot in the pier area;
  • On the map there are objects marked with a yellow arrow, they can be robbed.

How to steal houses in GTA

To make the night as profitable as possible,It is desirable to be in the chosen area of ​​a rich part of the city in advance, for example, at 18: 00-19: 00. Scroll around here until the clock shows 20:00 and activate the thief function. The robbery can be carried out in several ways.

Option 1

Carefully enter the house and steal (by defaultkey C) go to the object you like, take it and also silently try to get out. Usually in such houses on the floor are scattered things, dishes, so be careful. If the noise scale is filled, the owners will wake up and call the police. This is very unpleasant, since the search level will be 3 stars, and hardly a hero will reach the threshold of the house, a terrible shooting will begin.

Option 2

When using this method, it will be necessarykill the inhabitants of the house. From weapons it is better to choose Silenced 9 mm. Carefully make your way into the owners' room (do it so that the noise level does not go off scale), shoot straight at the head. If the victim stood up and raised her hands, do not remove the gun, otherwise it will immediately call a patrol.

After the shots, the sound level meter will disappear, you can take everything and take your legs off. One thing: the hero can be seen by passers-by and call the police, so put the car closer to the entrance.

Option 3

Here you need maximum endurance. Just fly into the house and grab what will fall. All manipulations will not take more than 10 seconds. If you get to the door later than the timer will show the number 2, the arrest is imminent.

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