How to install a deer: recommendations and tips

How to install a deer: recommendations and tips

World of Tanks has long been in the toppopular multiplayer games. Millions of players every day spend tens of thousands of fights, win and lose, achieve success and lose all the won, in general, the cycle of events does not stand still. And most interesting, a huge number of useful mods have been created that allow not only to receive additional information during the battle, but also help to achieve success through planning and tactical interaction during the clashes. One of these mods is the deer (or deeremeter). Thanks to this article you will be able to understand the meaning of its application and learn how to install a deer.

What it is?

Olenemer is a unique fashion that allowsget information about other players right during the battle. He gives information about the number of fights of the player, the percentage of victories and the level of its effectiveness. Information is displayed both about your allies and about your rivals. In general, it deals with the main indicators that are most highly valued and help to add to the idea of ​​a player who fights with you or against you.

Olenemer at the moment is the mostA popular mod that is used by almost all players of the World of Tanks. With it, a set of clans is conducted, each player is able to evaluate his usefulness and necessary actions to increase his own efficiency.

How to install a deer

Where to get a deer?

This mod is so common that it can beget on almost any resource that is associated with the game World of Tanks. For the World of Tanks fashion, the deer is at the core, but so far the developers have refused to enter the official version of this application, so we have to be content with a third-party option. The main source for obtaining such a useful additional application for the game - modpak from Jowa, which is by far the best collection and in the range of which the deer is included. It is better, of course, to use this pack, because it includes all the relevant and updated fashion.

How to install a deer from Jove

What is this mod for?

Before you find the answer, how to install a deer,it is necessary to understand: and for what this mod is necessary? As mentioned above, it allows you to assess the strength and potential of players in combat. But do not forget that this application allows you to assess your strengths and monitor whether your score is going up or not. Thanks to him you will be able to plan your actions and understand what exactly you need to increase utility. After all, it is on the basis of efficiency that they are met and evaluated by players in the clan, in battle and even in tournaments. It is worth remembering that mod pack with a reindeer allows (after installation) in the "Achievements" tab in the World of Tanks to see what indicators your Efficiency rating is composed from, so you can easily determine which side of the game is to be tightened and improved.

Mod pak with a reindeer

Installation process

And now you can disassemble with complete determinationthe question is how to install a deer from Jowa. But strange as it may seem, there is really nothing to discuss and advise here. The matter is that modpak from Djov is established by means of the automatic installer which is enough to start, specify, what fashion are necessary, and he will do everything without your participation.

And how to install the Olenemer, which is available ina separate file? If it is a renewed, modern version, then it is also provided with a separate installer. If the deer is provided in the format of unpacked files, then they should be moved to the root folder with the game World of Tanks, in a folder called res.

Here, in fact, and all the secrets of installing thisfashion. As you can see, everything is not so difficult, absolutely anyone can do this task, who knows the basics of working with a computer. In addition, the mod has its own instruction, which describes the entire installation process, the indicators used and other information.

world of tanks fashion deer

How to use it?

Having dealt with the question of how to installolenemer, it is necessary to understand and the basics of using this mod. Although it should immediately be noted that there is nothing complicated in this, even the user's participation is not necessary. Olenemer is the visual provision of information from a special server, where information is stored on the achievements of players. After installation, it synchronizes the data with the server and provides information to the user, the player's participation is not necessary. True, sometimes you need to restart the game, so that the deer has earned properly - this is the only requirement for the player.

activation of a deer

Need to update and activate

And finally it is worth mentioning the activation of fashion,which is necessary for its full functioning. Activating a reindeer is a small procedure that must be done every 13 days. Maud himself will be required to activate it in the World fo Tanks chat room. The procedure can be taken at the official website of the mod where you will have to activate your statistics and log in with the login and password to which your account is registered. After that, the mod will work stably, give out the necessary information, how the activation period will expire, it is enough to conduct a similar procedure. If the procedure is not performed, then the application simply will not work or will start to produce inaccurate information.

how to install a deer from Jove

So we figured out the main points andissues that relate to the popular fashion called the Olenemer. Thanks to this information, each user can easily install and use all available functions. Correctly use the information obtained with this mod, plan your actions and achieve success.

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  • How to install a deer: recommendations and tips How to install a deer: recommendations and tips How to install a deer: recommendations and tips How to install a deer: recommendations and tips How to install a deer: recommendations and tips How to install a deer: recommendations and tips How to install a deer: recommendations and tips How to install a deer: recommendations and tips How to install a deer: recommendations and tips How to install a deer: recommendations and tips