How to draw a dinosaur

How to draw a dinosaur?

In everyday life, many children are veryare interested in dinosaurs, despite the fact that these lizards have long been extinct. Toys, dinosaurs are loved by most kids, because with them opens a mysterious world of fascinating adventures into the past. In this lesson, let's look at how to draw a dinosaur pencil. The purpose of this article is to teach a child to draw a dinosaur using step-by-step instructions. Get a pretty realistic drawing is very difficult, so do not get frustrated if you do not get something right away. To figure out how to draw a dinosaur in stages we will be using the example of 11 steps, in which perhaps you will find something new and entertaining for yourself. So, let's begin!

Step-by-step instruction

  • The first step is drawing auxiliary lineshead and spine. Here we distinguish two segments between which the pelvic bone will be located. The tail should be drawn a little longer than the neck, which is represented in the shape of "S".
  • Now we draw an additional curve, in the shape of an ellipse, which will form the trunk of our dinosaur.
  • In this step, the legs are drawn using the lines andcircles. The line under the thigh is considered a femur, and below it - the circle is the knee joint. The next line is the shin, and the circle is the ankle joint. The bottom segment is the fingers of a dinosaur. Also do not forget to draw and front paws.
  • After we have painted parts of the legs, we need to add muscle to them. The lower leg is drawn larger than the lower leg. Outlining in general terms, remember the observance of proportions.
  • Now it is necessary to draw the main part of the body - this is the trunk. When drawing a skull, pay attention to the shape, which is triangular, with two crests, which will then be eyes.
  • Next, analyzing how to draw a dinosaur, we will draw the paws, following the shape of the muscles and soften the transitions in our figure.
  • At this stage, we add details to the main body, for example: the eyes.
  • Pay attention to your drawing, it must match it.
  • In this step, we add color to our drawing. I use a brown base, which completely paint the outline.
  • Now you need to add volume using the gameshadows. It can be done with a lighter color or with the erasure of the base, which we previously applied. If you use a darker paint, the highlighted surfaces will look like a shadow falling on a dinosaur.
  • And in the end, you can draw a background in the formgrass or mountains that will decorate your drawing. Against the background of the main character, he should be less bright and not so clear, so as not to draw attention to himself, but to serve as a simple decoration.

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