How to choose a shelf for shoes

How to choose a shelf for shoes?

Main purpose

Two photos with wide and high curbstonesThe main function that the cabinet for shoes has is the storage of shoes and the extension of their life.

In addition, it perfectly hides not always a neat shoe from prying eyes.

But that's not all. If you wish, you can order a piece of furniture that will allow you to store other things.

For example, in the presence of small boxes, even a narrow pedestal will allow you to place scarves, shawls, gloves and other accessories.

And it is very convenient, especially for women of fashion who choose clothes right before going out. Also here you can put a variety of means for the care of shoes. With the benefit you can use the top surface of the bedside table.

You can put a lamp, telephone or other equipment on it, it is also used as a table if you need to quickly write something before going out or immediately after you entered the hallway.

Fans of aquariums can use the surface of the cabinet to put a container with beautiful fish on it.

The entrance hall is a great place for an aquarium, as the sun's rays do not penetrate here, causing flowering and turbidity of the water. But this does not exhaust the benefit of the shoe stand.

If you do not have enough space to place a sofa or couch in the hallway, then use special cabinets with a seat.

This design will allow you to get a small seat, which is enough for 1-2 people to be able to wear shoes comfortably. Of course, a cabinet with a seat will cost more, but much cheaper than a set of soft corner.

Shoe cabinet will complement the interior in the room and give it a finished look. However, it does not take up much space, although it will be quite roomy.

After all, even a narrow pedestal has several tiers that allow you to store a large amount of shoes.

So, you are convinced of the usefulness of thumbs for shoes. We now turn to the options that the market offers to the buyer today.

Material selection

Cabinet with internal compartments and shelfOn sale you can see the cabinets of various materials.

The most common among them are wood, MDF, chipboard, metal and plastic.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. But in any case, you should remember that shoe cabinets are most often exposed to dirt and moisture.

After all, not every time you clean the sole of the shoe from street pollution? And the moisture is always present: either you came after heavy rain, snow (and right there you put your shoes in the cabinet),or else you washed it and put it wet.

And although materials such as wood, are specially treated against delamination and deformation, over time in the domestic environment such furniture can lose its neat and attractive appearance.

In addition, wood is a very soft material that is not able to withstand scratches and bumps.

It is very easy to spoil such furniture, especially if there is often a pin with a metal seal among the shoes.

It is worth only one time to put it carelessly, and the scratch on the furniture will remain forever.

Solid wood furniture is more expensive, you need to take care of it more carefully.

White nightstand with lilac seat and pillowsTherefore, before buying such a cabinet, soberly assess your capabilities and the conditions in which it will be contained.

More practical and less demanding to care are pieces of furniture made of metal, plastic and MDF.

The strongest are the cabinets with a metal frame, the walls of which are made of MDF.

In addition, MDF furniture can be used in rooms with high humidity (up to 80%).

Another plus here is that this material is environmentally friendly and safe, in comparison, for example, with chipboard.

Glass, mirror, varnishing can be used for decoration. Such models look very impressive, but they require careful maintenance and careful handling.

Plastic furniture can look good, however, its resistance to various influences leaves much to be desired.

Severe changes in temperature and high humidity can lead to the deformation of such pedestals. Metal cabinets for shoes - this is a narrow furniture, created from stainless steel and covered with special paint.

The standard color is metallic gray, but there may be options. Special coating can protect the surface from moisture and damage.

At the same time, the material is ecological and does not emit harmful substances, as is the case with chipboard. Such furniture is high and has several sections for storing shoes.

Options designs and sizes

White nightstand with closed and open shelves and seatManufacturers offer customers a variety of models and designs of thumbs for shoes.

They should be chosen on the basis of how many shoes are used in the season, and how large the hallway space is.

A large-sized piece of furniture is hardly suitable for a small apartment.

A small stand for shoes in the hallway with a large and bright space will simply be lost.

Despite the variety of models, they are all based on the fact that the cabinet for shoes is a floor-standing small locker that holds seasonal shoes. Among the many options can be identified as follows:

  • narrow;
  • high;
  • with vertical shoes;
  • with horizontal shoes.

In addition, the cabinet can have lockable, reclining doors or be open (without doors).To maximize space savings, such furniture is divided into several sections: from two to four.

It does not take into account the number of boxes, where you can put different things or cosmetics for the care of shoes.

For greater convenience, the internal space of the cabinet is divided by partitions. They may be the same size or they may differ in height.

This is done in order to be able to store the boots without wringing their ankles. These cells allow you to fold apart from each other slippers, boots, shoes, shoes and sandals.

So the shoes will be less deformed and deteriorate. Open options provide normal air circulation, which protects the interior of the furniture from stagnation of unpleasant odors and moisture.

High cabinet for shoesBut she leaves her contents in plain sight.

Closed pedestals are able to protect shoes from prying eyes, but at the same time there is no air circulation in them, which means that moisture and unpleasant odors will accumulate.

To solve this problem will help the model, where there is a built-in UV lamp. It dries the air and shoes, while disinfecting them.

The sizes of curbstones for shoes can be various. Width most often is 60-80 cm, and height - from 50 cm and above.

Popular is the narrow model, in which the width does not exceed 20 cm, with the maximum height.

It is characterized by storing shoes at an angle of 45 °. The depth of cassette options is from 18 cm, and models with hinged doors - 35 cm. For shoes, the height of the shelves is 20 cm, and for boots - 40 cm.

If the dimensions of the hallway allow, then not a narrow model will suit you, but a cabinet of a standard design with horizontal shoes and the presence of both open and closed sections.

Comfortable pieces of furniture for small apartments are small cabinets with a seat. There is often space for small things under it.

A curbstone with a mirror will be an excellent replacement for a wardrobe with a mirror shutter.

Section extension mechanisms

White cabinet for shoesOptions for the promotion of sections are varied. In many ways, they depend on the design of the drawer.

The cassette mechanism implies the presence of one or two deep drawers.

They are called cassettes. During opening they are able to move out.

Such models can have a vertical or horizontal arrangement of shoes. This narrow cabinet has compact dimensions, thanks to which it can easily fit even in a very small hallway.

At the same time, the amount of shoes that are inside is significant. In a small room such furniture will be most welcome.

For a cassette stand to serve you for a long time, make sure to pay attention to the back wall when buying. It must be reliable and tough.

Ideally, it should be made from a single piece of material whose thickness is at least 5 mm. Pay attention to how tight the wall is.

It will depend on this if the dust settles on the shoes or not. Best of all, such a narrow cabinet will serve you if you purchase it in the folded state.

After all, it is quite difficult to set the cassettes correctly. Also check how tenacious the magnets are.

If there are any difficulties during operation, then later this may lead to the fact that the doors will recline independently and not close.

The next option is a hinged door, which operates with bar hinges. In appearance, such a cabinet very similar to an ordinary chest of drawers.

This option is considered the most capacious, but in this case it is better to store shoes in boxes.

And then your boots or shoes will not mix with shoes and sandals, each pair will be assigned a separate place.

In some designs there are drawers. They will be useful to you if the hall space does not allow the use of any other furniture.

Also in the design may be a small folding section. It can be under the seat or under the top surface.

Shoes, of course, it does not fit. But a variety of useful stuff is easy.This design is close to the European version and is a convenient storage option.

The doors of the cabinets are also hinged. If you have looked after such a model, then make sure that the loops are of excellent quality, and the mechanism works without problems.

Otherwise, request a replacement mechanism or thumbs.

Useful tips when choosing

High cabinet for shoesTo make the choice of a stand for shoes more clear and simple for you, consider the following tips:

  1. Before you choose a stand, measure the space where you are going to put it. This will allow you to determine whether a narrow or wide model fits here. Based on these figures, it will be easier for you to pick up the cabinet.
  2. If you care about the health and safety of your loved ones, purchase furniture from reputable companies. They will be able to confirm the quality of their products and provide you with the necessary certificates. Such savings can turn against you.
  3. Outdoor furniture must be sustainable. Check this parameter in the model you selected. The quality of the legs should be impeccable.
  4. When buying, pay attention to the fact that the goods were not damaged. The presence of a variety of scratches and chips should force you to abandon the acquisition.After all, such furniture will be much faster to deform, collapse, and it has already lost its attractive appearance.
  5. After assembly, be sure to check the reliability of fastening of all mechanisms and the quality of fittings. Doors should be opened and closed several times to ensure that there is no creaking sound.
  6. Furniture made of chipboard, usually necessarily veneered. This will protect it from damage, deformation, and will also prevent the release of harmful substances into the air. Even drilled holes, it is desirable to seal.
  7. The handles on the boxes should be chosen such that they are resistant to abrasion.
  8. Be sure to check the painted parts of the bollard to ensure that the paint does not remain on the fingers when touching. If this happens, then the purchase should be abandoned.
  9. In the case when you have chosen a model with a folding seat, make sure that the mechanism works without defects and that the seat has been finished with a high-quality finish.
  10. If you wish to fill the corner, choose the angular option thumbs. She will allow to use free space with advantage and will become capacious storage for footwear.
  11. It is not recommended to purchase furniture over 90 cm wide. Because then the load on the loops and cassettes increases, which will lead to the risk of breakage. If necessary, it is better to choose two cabinets with smaller dimensions.
  12. A narrow or wide cabinet for shoes can be a separate piece of furniture or be part of a modular kit. The interior, decorated in the same style, will look profitable and stylish.

Thumbnail use rules

To furniture served you for a long time, it should be properly exploited.

  1. Do not put wet and dirty shoes inside, especially if your narrow or wide stand is made of chipboard.
  2. Cold and extreme temperatures also have a detrimental effect on furniture. Do not put cold or hot shoes inside. Let it first be at room temperature.
  3. Do not put anything hot and wet on the surface of the furniture. The remaining marks can significantly spoil the look.
  4. Do not use chemical and aggressive substances in the care of such furniture.

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  • How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes

    How to choose a shelf for shoes