How old is Bieber for now

How old is Bieber for now?

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous andpopular singers of our time, an idol of teenage girls all over the world, a young artist and an actor. Many are interested in questions about how much Bieber years, and when he managed to become so famous. In this article we will give you the answer.How old is Bieber age?

Age of Biber

Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 inOntario. His parents were never married, so the education of the boy was done by his mother. The grandmother of the boy and her husband (the stepfather of the mother) helped her in this. His mother became pregnant at the age of 18, but was against abortion. How old is Biber now? By simple mathematical calculations, you can find out. This year, Justin turned 20 years old.

Justin's father is married, he has two children, buthe keeps in touch with the singer and his mother. The musician himself claims that he began studying music at the age of three. He knows how to play percussion instruments, and at school he liked to play volleyball, football and hockey.

You probably wonder how old Bieber has beenwas, when it drew the attention of representatives of the world of show business? He was only 13, and his video in Youtube gained great popularity. Only one video collected about 10 million views.

Once, one of Bieber's videos was seen by singer Asher. He immediately realized that the boy would be able to become an idol of youth. After that, he asked his representative to find a family of young talents. Scooter Brown on behalf of Asher spoke with his mother, who allowed him to fly to a meeting with the famous singer.How old is Bieber now?

Other offers

At the same time, Justin received an offer fromanother famous musician - Justin Timberlake, who invited the young man to collaborate with the producer Timbaland. But Bieber chose Asher and not lost. Already in 2008 he signed a contract with the recording studio "Island Records". In 2009, the world gets acquainted with Justin's debut single "One Time", which immediately appealed to teenage girls. He is often invited to various events, and once he even managed to visit the White House and perform several songs for the president of America Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

How old is Justin Bieber's mother?

Justin Bieber's grandmother gave birth to his mother at the age of 16,and after 2 years her husband left her. Justin's mother considered herself even adopted. So she felt the gap between herself and her mother. As a child, she was subjected to corruption, in her youth smoked herbs and was addicted to LSD, then fell in love with Bieber's father, but he constantly cheated on her. She had an attempt at suicide, but then she began to adhere to religion. After the birth of Justin, she devoted herself completely to her son. At the moment, the singer's mother is 37 years old.

Justin's popularity

How old is Bieber, you already know. But when did it become popular all over the world? In 2010, released one of the most successful singles Justin called "Baby". At this time everyone started talking about him. Soon, Justin releases the second album. The ill-wishers believed that he was a one-day singer. But despite this, Bieber kept afloat. The album became the number one in many countries of the world, and the singer even received a Grammy statuette. In 2011 and 2012, Justin manages to record 2 more albums, and also releases a film in 3D called "Justin Bieber: never say never". He became very successful, judging by the box office of the picture.Age of Biber

the Internet

Justin Bieber is always a success inThe Internet. In 2010, he was in the TOP on search queries around the world. In 2011, his video scored as much as 2 billion views on Youtube. Also, every day he replenishes the list of subscribers on Twitter, in 2013 he was read by more than 35 million people.

As for income, then for his talent Justinreceives good fees. He managed to visit the list of "Forbes" in 2011 on the second place among the most highly paid famous people up to 30 years old. And in 2012 he was on the same list of the most popular people around the world.

Justin has more than 70 awards, including 7 prizes from AMA, 7 EMA awards, 2 VMA awards.

Personal life

How old was Bieber when he becameto meet girls? About 16. His girlfriend was no less popular singer Selena Gomez. They started dating in 2010. Many thought their novel was a planned PR action, but over time these two proved that they have feelings for each other. In 2012, the couple broke up, but many fans hope that they will soon reunite again.How old is Justin Bieber's mother?

The Growing of Bieber

How much Bieber had been, when he became famous,and what he has now is two different things. That's why Justin began to show how he grew up. He began to get involved in marijuana, he had problems with the law. The boy grew up. In February 2014, his personal aircraft was detained, as in his cabin was the smell of marijuana. Also, the singer was previously arrested for racing on a sports car in the city center. Before the trip, he took alcohol and smoked marijuana.

Now you know the main facts from the biographya famous singer and how much Bieber is about. Let's hope that he will continue to please his fans with new songs and clips. Talent and success are the constant companions of the famous singer and actor Justin Bieber.

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