How do teachers work

How do teachers work?

Work as a teacher in the middle orA specialized school can be a specialist with a secondary or higher education of the corresponding pedagogical direction. Most often students - future teachers are interested in how teachers work, what their duties are, what their work schedule is, etc.

Teacher's activity

The main task of the teacher is to coordinateactivities of students in the study and assimilation of educational material by them. All the actions of the teacher are regulated by various curricula - pourochnymi, thematic and calendar, which he develops either himself, or relies on those that the Ministry of Education offers.

Uniform summaries of lessons for all teachers are notexists, since each teacher must rely on his own pedagogical experience, the basic knowledge of his students, the specialization of the class or educational institution.

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How the teacher works: organization of the process

Preparing for each lesson, the teacher provides preparation of the following organizational points:

  • Prepares didactic materials, visual models, manuals and other technical training aids;
  • Provides preparation of demonstrative materials, filmstrips, presentations, experiments;
  • Provides for carrying out preliminary exercises, with which the training material will be fixed and understood;
  • Selects suitable methodological and educational literature.

The teacher should not only provide the presentation and presentation of educational material, but also must monitor the acquired knowledge. His duties also include:

  • Classroom management;
  • Educational work;
  • Formation of personal qualities of students;
  • Educational work;
  • Identifying the inclinations and characteristics of each student;
  • Registration of the documentation (time-table, class magazines);
  • Organization of extra-curricular activities - cultural campaigns, competitions, meetings, etc .;
  • Upbringing and development of the scientific and creative potential of student youth;
  • The development of students' desire for learning new material, learning;
  • Implementation of existing and development of new thematic plans.

Teacher's working time

According to the Labor Code, the number of hours inweek, during which the teacher must perform his or her immediate job duties, including at home preparation for lessons (checking exercise books, etc.), should not exceed 36. The Labor Code is the main normative document that regulates the work of teachers and other workers .

The number of working days a week is determined by the educational institution itself, the working week can be 5 or 6 days. Working hours, according to the curriculum, are distributed on work days.

A paid vacation for teachers is always granted during the summer holidays and is 56 working days. If the working year is not fully worked out, then leave is given in advance.

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