Gmail-mail: how to remove it permanently

Gmail-mail: how to remove it permanently

How do I clear the message base?

So, how to delete gmail If the deletion of the account seems too radical to you, you can permanently delete only sent and received messages. To do this, go to the mail control interface at Login to enter login and password. If this causes problems, please go through the procedure for returning access to the account, which implies changing the password. After entering the mail interface, select the "All Mail" label. Select all the messages with the button with the image of the square and the down arrow. Letters marked on the screen will be marked in the amount of 50 pieces.

how to delete gmail com mailIf all correspondence does not fit into onescreen system, you need to click on the inscription "Select all chains". Then click on the icon with the image of the urn. All emails will be moved to the trash. After that, the procedure should be repeated, already being in the directory for remote correspondence of the Gmail-mail service. How to delete messages from the folders "Sent", "Spam" and "Drafts" - the reader knows. To do this, repeat the above process exactly.

How to delete a Gmail mail account

how to delete gmail email

When starting this procedure, make sure thatat this e-mail address registration in a social network or some other service is not registered, access to which will be necessary in the future. Google allows you to opt out of Gmail, while maintaining your account for access to the social network Plus, video hosting Youtube and other products. However, please note that after the final removal of the mail account, you will not be able to re-register the same address.

Go to the Gmail-mail service. How to delete a mailbox, it becomes clear if you go to the appropriate menu and activate the item "Settings", then go to the page "Accounts and imports." Clicking on the line with the text "Change account settings", you will find a list of connected services. Click "Edit" in the header - and the delete options will be displayed. Here you can determine whether only access to the mail will be terminated, or the account will be completely eliminated.

how to delete a gmail mail account

Gmail and its alternatives

If only Gmail-mail is accepted in the calculation (asdelete it, it was described above), then it is easy enough to find a replacement - now domestic Internet services have quite capacious free boxes. However, not a single company from Russia or the CIS is fully capable of replacing all the diverse services of Google. We will have to collect products from different manufacturers. Many interesting opportunities today are provided by the portal The site also has a calendar, mobile applications and cloud storage with a volume significantly exceeding the resource of Google Drive.


If the reader had Gmail-mail, how to remove it,he now knows. In advance, you should take care to save all important letters that you later want to re-read. The removal of data from the servers takes place not in one minute, so in some cases, the account can be restored by contacting the administration in a timely manner. If there is reason to expect foreign special services to show increased interest in the content of correspondence, then deleting mail will be a waste of time - copies of all compromising materials have already been made. In order to securely protect information transmitted over open communication channels, you need to use encryption. In this case, even having access to the messages, the attacker can not decrypt them.

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  • Gmail-mail: how to remove it permanently Gmail-mail: how to remove it permanently Gmail-mail: how to remove it permanently Gmail-mail: how to remove it permanently Gmail-mail: how to remove it permanently