Elder Paisiy Svyatrets. Deepest meaning of life

Elder Paisiy Svyatrets. Deepest meaning of life


We will prepare for the life of another
- Geronda, one young man disappeared, leaving a note to his parents that he wants to commit suicide because he is ugly and they are to blame for this ...
- People have not grasped even the deepest meaning of life. They do not believe in a different life. All their torment begins with this. “I am unjustly offended,” says the man, “others are happy, but I am not.” People are dissatisfied with what they have, selfishness is mixed in, and they are tormented. God loves all people. He gave each person what is useful to him: whether he grows, whether he is courageous, beauty, or something else. He has given a person something that can help him be saved if he uses it profitably. However, the world is tormented: “Why am I like that, and is he like this?” But you have one thing and you have one thing. One Christ, for the sake of the foolish Romanian, who labored on the Holy Mountain, told one of those who were tormenting themselves with such thoughts: “I saw a buffalo frog and said:“ I also want to become a buffalo! ”She sulked, sulked and finally broke.After all, God made someone a frog, and someone a buffalo. And the frog of which she taught: she wanted to become a buffalo! Well, it burst! ”Let everyone rejoice in the way the Creator made him.
As soon as a person uses the favorable opportunity given to him to believe in God and in the future eternal life, that is, when he comprehends the deepest meaning of life and, having repented and rebuilt it, Divine consolation will come immediately with the Grace of God, and Grace will change it, banishing everything his hereditary deficiencies. Many repentant sinners humbly raised a noble feat, received Grace, became saints, and now we worship them with reverence and ask for their prayers. And before they had a lot of passions, including hereditary. For example, the Rev. Moses Murin. Being the bloodthirsty robber with hereditary malice, he barely only believed in God, repented at once, began to struggle, all his passions left, and the Grace of God visited. He was even honored with the acceptance of the prophetic gift, and with sensitivity he surpassed Arseny the Great himself, who came from a high-society Roman family, had hereditary virtues and possessed a great deal of scholarship.
- So what exactly is the meaning of this life?
- in what? In preparing ourselves for our Fatherland, for heaven, for paradise. The bottom line is that a person grasps this deepest meaning of life, the rest is soul salvation. Believing in God and future life, a person realizes that this temporary life is vain, and prepares his passport for another life. We forget that we all have to leave. We will not take root here. This age is not in order to live it happily, but in order to pass exams and go into another life. Therefore, we should have the following goal: prepare ourselves so that when God calls us, leave with a clear conscience, soar to Christ and be with Him always. When Christ blessed the five loaves and filled many thousands of people, the people immediately said: “The king would have come out of Him!” We ate five loaves and two fish and were inspired. However, Christ told them not to take care of this food, because here we will not stay. In this life, each of us is subjected to the test: does it correspond to what God requires.


- Heronda, what should a man always have in his mind in order to do the will of God?
- He must have his mind in God, think about what he entered into this life. We did not come here to do everything in the world and get settled in warm places. We came to prepare for a different life. So, our mind must continually be there, in the hereafter, and in that which is able to help us achieve it. Being curious towards everything, pursuing a courteous and humbly struggle, a person understands the meaning of spiritual life. Spiritual life is unrestrained courage, spiritual feast. Do you know what feast is? Learn the deepest meaning of monasticism, concoct spiritual nobility, patristic sensitivity. And the deepest meaning of life (not monastic, but in general) must be understood by all people. If they had done this, then petty quibbles, squabbles and other manifestations of the self would have completely disappeared. Since there is a Divine reward, then we will think about how to earn a little “money” for the future life, and not about how in this life to stick with dignity and take human glory from others.
When a person moves in the plane of real life, he is happy about everything. That which lives. The one to die. He does not rejoice because he is tired of life, no, he rejoices that he will die and go to Christ.
- Does he rejoice because he does not oppose what God permits?
- He rejoices, seeing that this life is transient, and the life is different - eternal. He was not tired of life, but thinking: “What expects us, shall we not leave?”, Is preparing to go there, realizing that this is his mission, the meaning of life.
Here, for example, take women working in the social assistance system. They have kindness: they run, poor things, they kill for the sake of others. They are psychologists by education, but there are cases when the way they want to help others does not work. She goes, for example, to console a person who has a leg cut off, and he tells her. “You here came on two legs and say to me:“ Good afternoon ”- and I have only one leg”. What can she answer him? How will she help him with psychology? If this person does not catch the deepest meaning of life, then nothing can help him. He must understand that for this God-allowed injury, if he does not grumble, he will receive the accumulated heavenly bribe in another life. Having understood this, he should rejoice. Yes, even if the others walked on four legs, he should say: "Thank you, my God, because I walk on one." But, perceiving life unspiritually, these poor things go to console people and do not know what to say to them.Such a “social comforter” is going on, for example, to alleviate the suffering of a thirty-five year old cancer patient with three children. What will she tell her? If this mother does not catch the deepest meaning of life, then she will despair, thinking about what will happen to her children. And the psychologist herself, who came to comfort her, will fall into the same despair if she does not understand something higher, something spiritually deeper. After all, without first positioning herself more deeply, she will not be able to properly help her neighbor in such a way that Divine comfort will come to him. So these poor things psychologists not only get tired physically, but also get upset, seeing that they cannot give people serious help. That is, doubly tired.


 Should we be aware of good by necessity?
- A person must realize the good need, otherwise he will suffer. And to say that not everyone can realize the necessity of necessity would not be true. I can not justify this opinion. Good able to realize the need for even a five year old child. Let's say a kid has a fever. Parents call the doctor, he says: "Hold the child tightly," and - again! - makes him a shot.After this, the baby, barely seeing the doctor, starts to roar and runs away. But if they first say to him: “Listen, you're sick, you have a fever. You can neither go to school nor play. Other children play. And if you give the doctor a little bit of a prick, the temperature drops, and then you can go play, too, then the baby will immediately close his eyes and give the doctor his own pen for the injection. I want to say that if a baby can become aware of goodness as a necessity, then how much more is it available to a person for an adult.
From the moment a person understands what is right and what is not, everything, the question is closed. Suppose I tell you: "I will throw you out of the window." What this means, you understand. Even the mentally retarded understands that if he falls out of the window of the upper floor, he will break his legs. He understands what a break is and what a flat place is, what is good and what is bad. A grown man who reads the holy fathers, the Gospel, knows what is right and what is not. From this moment you have to switch yourself. But often, when you say to some persons: “Why are you doing this? Don't you understand that this is wrong? ”- they begin:“ Here, unfortunately, I am so.Why am I like that? After all, before I was so ... "-" Yes, you leave what you were before! Now, when I say this to you, what are you doing to improve? ”If they don’t have a clear head, then this is another matter, then they have an excuse. But only a baby will grab an ember instead of caramel for the reason that it does not understand the head.
- Geronda, your mother was a very sensitive person, she loved you. How did she bring you up with strictness from the very cradle?
“From a young nail, a person can help himself to grasp the deepest meaning of life and be truly happy. When I was small and ran with the guys to race, I left them behind. They did not let me run, they chased me away, they teased me with “emigrant”, a refugee. I came to my mother in tears. “What are you crying?” She asked me. “The guys don't let me run with them,” I replied to her. “Do you want to run?” Here is the yard, run. Why do you want to run outside? To look at you and say "well done"? There is pride in it. ” Another time I wanted to play ball, and the guys were chasing me again. I cried again and went to my mother. “What happened that you're crying again?” She asked me.“Guys don't let me play ball!” I said. “We have a big yard, you have a ball, play here. What do you want to be looked at and admired? There is pride in it. ” And then I thought: mother is right. And little by little I got sick and run and play a ball to be seen, because I realized that there is pride in this. “And really,” I thought, “what nonsense is all this! Mom's right. " And after, seeing how other children rush, hit the ball and boast about it, I was not very worried. I laughed and said: “Well, what are you doing?” - and he was then small - he went to the third grade of elementary school. Then I lived a natural life. And now, if they ask me: “What will you choose: to climb barefoot in the thorn at the top of Athos in August or go to some celebration where you will be clad in a robe and showered with honors?” I will say that I prefer to barefoot to climb Athos. Not from humility, but from the fact that I like it.
People who have pride did not receive family help in their childhood. Worldly thinking man tormented. If someone launches himself in this regard, if the parents do not help their children, when they are still small, then after that it will become a state.One thing is to praise the child a little so that he does not lose heart, another is to inflate his egoism. Let's say the child got confused while reading the poem, and is now discouraged. His mother, seeing this, said to him: “Well, everything, everything. Well read. However, if he read the poem well, and the mother begins to praise him in front of others: “Well, what a fine fellow you are! You read the best of all children! My child is the best! ”- this is bad. So parents often cultivate pride in children. Or, for example, the child freaked out at school, and his teacher gave him that. He comes home and complains to his father: “The teacher unfairly scolded me.” If the father and mother take the side of the child and, moreover, in his presence they say about the teacher: “I'll show him! Yes, how he dared, yes my child! ”- then the child then considers his mischief to be correct, and as a result he suffers because of trifling things. The basis for everything is that the child understands something else in the parental home. If a person from a young age learns the deepest meaning of life, then everything goes as it should. Otherwise, he gets pleasure from perishable, from human praise, which in reality does not bring him peace, and remains perishable man.


Let's help the world to repent


- Heronda, which today can help the world the most?
- If repentance was taught to the world today, only it could help. To get the benefit, we will read as many of the lives of those saints as possible who pay special attention to repentance. To ask repentance from God is to ask for enlightenment. By asking for repentance and repenting more, we will naturally come to greater humility. And then, by necessity, great Divine Grace will come, enlightenment from God. Being in repentance, man keeps the Grace of God. After all, people are good. There is a majority: it does not confess, does not take communion, is in great ignorance, but, on the other hand, they come to me and ask for help. Something in this lies.

- Maybe the reason for people to come closer to God, become trials?
- Those who have a good disposition, tests help. Those with no such disposition begin to accuse God, to blaspheme Him, to justify themselves. The evil is that people do not confess: "Sins," but they are tormented. The devil has great power in the world. We gave him a lot of rights. What has become today's man! The evil is that he, not having repentance, prevents God from interfering and helping him. If there was repentance, then everything would be fine.We are waiting for thunderstorms, thunderstorms! May God grant His hand! We will ask repentance to the whole world. We will also pray for those who consciously do the evil of the Church and do not intend to correct themselves, so that God will give them repentance and then take them to a better world.
As far as possible, we will help the world in repentance to receive God's blessings. Repentance and confession are what you need today. My constant advice to people: repent and confess that the devil is deprived of his rights, and you stop being exposed to external demonic influences. For people to understand and repent, they need a shake. For example, a person confesses to having committed adultery. The confessor reads a permissive prayer over him, imposes a penance on him and stops there. But the spiritual father must help him understand that evil was not only adultery. The repentant must realize that, having done this, he became a criminal, destroyed two families. But some confessors do not dig deeper themselves, nor do people make people think.
- Heronda, there are good people, but rarely go to the temple, not taking regular part in church sacraments ...
- There are cases when someone rarely goes to church, but has awe, kindness in himself, and therefore God finds a place for Him and dwells in it.If these people participated in the mysterious life of the Church, then they would be very successful in spiritual life. And others go to the temple, confess, take communion, do everything they need, but God does not find a place for Himself to dwell in them, because there is no humility, kindness, no real repentance. In order to come to the proper dispensation, confession before a confessor is not enough. There must be repentance. And each prayer must begin with a confession to God. Not so, of course, so that, without ceasing, to cry: “I am so, so, such,” - and then continue with my old song. It is not an experience of sin. By worrying, a person becomes even slightly better.
Remember the simplicity with which the Israelites prayed? “Vostani, write down your head, Lord,” (Ps. 43:24), that is, “Wake up, Lord, why are you sleeping?” . ”(Ps. 77: 65–66). With what simplicity, with some humility, but with some boldness of reclining, they: “Lord, what will we now say to the pagans? You saved us in the Red Sea, and what awaits us now? To die in the wilderness, or to fall under the sword of a stranger? Do not make us ridiculed! ”(Exodus 32:12. Deut. 9:28. Psalm 78:10).But just do not even think about it and we open our mouth and blurt out like: “Why are you sleeping, Lord, and you don’t see?” - because for this we can get on the top of the head. It will be shameless. The Israelites reclaimed this with humility and simplicity. They did not shift the responsibility to God, did not say to Him: “Why did you do that?” - but they repented and asked: “We deserve many great evils, but what do we now say to the pagans?” And you see? They immediately inclined God to mercy. Do you understand this? There was confession of error, repentance, God intervened and "hit the enemies ...". And if we find ourselves in a difficult situation and do not behave spiritually, then the people of this world will say about us: “Well, where is your prayer? You say you pray. What are you, huh? ”So we become a laughing stock.


Elder Paisiy Svyatrets.

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