Dragon and Bull. Compatibility in marriage

Dragon and Bull. Compatibility in marriage

People born under the sign of the Dragon, differcheerfulness, intelligence and majesty, and sometimes even arrogance. For whatever they undertake, they lead everything to the end and try to succeed in everything, in addition, they are great perfectionists. Direct and uncompromising, exquisite and attractive, just such are the Dragons. They will not depart from the intended goal, they are full of strength and perseverance. Happiness and luck always accompany them. Sometimes, of course, they can overestimate their strength and make mistakes, but then everything will be fixed. The Dragon rarely has problems on the love front, because falling in love with them is not typical, but they can easily become the object of someone's adoration.

A female dragon always knows what she wants,prefers to solve their own problems and never allows feelings to take over. She will rather take revenge on the offender, than she will suffer and cry. The Dragon Woman is a careerist, but she will always be at home at home. A male dragon is always surrounded by fans who further increase his overestimated self-esteem. In this man there is a passion that attracts the opposite sex more and more. But more often than not, women are unhappy with them, because, throwing dust in their eyes and achieving their goal, the male Dragon is no longer interesting.

Compatibility of the Dragon with other signs.

Dragon and Bull. The compatibility of these signs is very doubtful. Both of these signs are drawn to each other, but in the end they will crush each other with their energy. Constant disputes and the desire of both to be a leader in relationships destroy their marriage. Dragon and Bull - compatibility can only be if one of them gives way to the "palm tree", which is very rare. In financial terms, the Dragon will always be higher than the Bull, the second in turn will try to keep up. Between the signs Dragon and Bull, compatibility in pairs, when the male Dragon, and the female Bull, is almost not real. A materialist and a conservative - the Bull will not be able to get along with an energetic and cheerful dragon. Compatibility male Dragon and female Ox is very heavy and complex, but even more difficult, if on the contrary. The bull-man will always suspect the Dragon-woman of treason, be jealous and find out the relationship. Dragon and Bull, whose compatibility leaves much to be desired, do not exclude other options for relationships, except marriage.

Dragon and Rat. Better partner than Rat, the Dragon will be difficult to find. This, you can say, is the most successful alliance. The rat will be emotionally attached to the Dragon, and he will encourage her with all the blessings. The rat is always inclined to forgive all the misses and even his indifference, which is what he needs.

Dragon and Serpent. This union, too, can not be called unsuccessful. Smart and visionary Snake will always help the quick-tempered Dragon. Particularly successful will be an alliance in which the compatibility of the Dragon Man and the Snake Woman is obvious. Her beauty, intelligence and charm will make the Dragon proud of her chosen one.

Dragon and Boar. Not a bad union. The boar will constantly admire the Dragon, and he will be very grateful to him for this.

Dragon and Rabbit. Union of the two intellectuals. Attentive Rabbit will always help the Dragon and give him more attention than even to himself. And this is exactly what the Dragon needs. Secular and tactful Rabbit can always find an approach to the temperamental Dragon.

Dragon and Rooster. Both of these signs are somewhat similar. They are equally active and require attention, but in this case, the Dragon, of course, is stronger. Especially the male Rooster is attracted to the Dragon woman, since they often occupy a high position in society.

Dragon and Monkey. These two signs are in need of each other. The monkey will need the power that the Dragon has, and the Dragon will lack the cunning that the Monkey has in abundance.

Dragon and Horse. This union will be successful if the Horse can suppress selfishness, and will always remind the Dragon how wonderful it is.

Dragon and Tiger. This union will be full of problems and misunderstandings. Most quarrels will arise due to domestic and financial problems.

Dragon and Goat. The goat will be able to attract the Dragon, but its excessive egoism will immediately alienate him. After all, the Dragon must be admired, and the Goat admires only himself.

Dragon and Dog. The most unfortunate alliance. Pessimistic Dog will not be able to get along with the eternally hovering in the clouds of the Dragon.

Compatibility of the Dragon with other signs is not so bad as the compatibility of the two Dragons. Scandals in this union will be eternal, and no one will want to give in.

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  • Dragon and Bull. Compatibility in marriage Dragon and Bull. Compatibility in marriage Dragon and Bull. Compatibility in marriage Dragon and Bull. Compatibility in marriage Dragon and Bull. Compatibility in marriage Dragon and Bull. Compatibility in marriage Dragon and Bull. Compatibility in marriage Dragon and Bull. Compatibility in marriage Dragon and Bull. Compatibility in marriage Dragon and Bull. Compatibility in marriage