Cooking with its use

Rice noodles. Cooking with its use

Rice noodles very popular in the Eastgradually enters into our diet. It looks great in salads and second courses. Therefore, many of those who first encountered this product, are wondering how to cook rice noodles? In this article, I will tell you which dishes use rice noodles.

Preparing it is not difficult, but in combination withother ingredients produce a good culinary recipe. Let's start with a salad. For its preparation, we need about 100 grams of rice noodles. First, let's look at other ingredients. It is necessary to clean the eggplant, two peppers of Bulgarian (preferably different colors). Also my salad leaves and a few cucumbers. All vegetables must be cut into strips. Take half the can of olives and cut them into two pieces each.

Now pour a little soya into the frying pansauce and add a teaspoon of ghara masala. We warm this mixture and lay out the eggplant in it. Fry it, ripen the salt and then cover with a lid. We prepare the eggplants until they are ready.

In the meantime, you need to boil the noodles.On its packaging there is a cooking instruction. But, nevertheless, I'll tell you how to cook it. Soak the noodles for 10 minutes, then cook for 3 minutes. After this, it should be rinsed under cold water. Everything is very simple. Next, prepare the sauce. We mix vegetable oil, lemon juice and sugar. Now all the ingredients of the salad need to be combined. We take eggplants, chopped peppers and cucumbers, olives, lettuce leaves, rice noodles are also added. Cooking does not take much time. In addition, in the salad we cut 200 grams of Adyghe cheese. Pour our dish with cooked sauce and serve it on the table. Fans of Chinese cuisine will certainly appreciate this recipe.

But how to combine shrimp and rice noodles.Preparation of this dish takes a little longer. First you need to cook thin pork chops. Now cut the onions finely and fry it in a pan. The recipe for rice noodles may differ slightly depending on the dish. Here we pour it with boiling water for 3 minutes, and then just throw it back to the colander. We take more onions and finely chop, the same way we do with garlic. Carrots must be cut into strips. Next, you need to wash the soybean seedlings and allow the water to drain completely. We chop the onions with small rings.

After all the preparatory work, we proceed tocooking. We take the chop and cut it with thin straws. Mix it and shrimp with starch and fry them together in a frying pan. Then add salt and any pepper (it is better to take black). We put it in a separate plate.

In a frying pan add more vegetable oil andfry onions, garlic and carrots. We do this very quickly. After that, spread the prawns and chops to them. Then we add rice noodles. Now you need to mix everything well. Then pour in soy sauce. We cook about 5 minutes. We pour out the green onions and soybean seedlings into the skillet. Add spices. The dish is ready. Now you need to submit it nicely to the table. To do this, place an iceberg salad on the plate, and lay our dish on top. Sprinkle with fried onions and lemon slices. This dish perfectly combines vegetables and rice noodles.

Preparation of this product with chicken takeslittle time, but the dish turns out very tasty due to the large number of ingredients. So, boil rice noodles according to the instructions on the package. The main thing is not to digest it. Very finely chop ginger and garlic. Take the chicken breast and cut into strips. We also serve onions and peppers. A little peanuts must be crushed. We take out the frying pan and warm it up. Then add the oil and fry the garlic and ginger. A minute later, spread the chicken to them and pour a little soy sauce. After another 3 minutes, pour the onion and pepper into a frying pan. After 4 minutes, add the sprouted soy. We cook the same amount. After that, we pour out the noodles and add soy and oyster sauces. Now we are waiting for the noodles to be slightly fried. Then pour the green onions. When serving, sprinkle peanuts and pour lemon juice.

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