Causes of early gray hair

Causes of early gray hair

Gray hair: what is it?

The color of the hair of each of us depends on the pigment melanin, which is produced in melanocytes - cells of the bulb. So, eumelanin is one of the varieties of melanin that gives a dark color to a hairstyle. Phaeomelanin allows hair to be a light color: blond, red, blond - all this action of this type of melanin.

With age, the cells of the melanocytic hair bulb lose their activity, which makes the hair colorless, that is, gray. That is why the answer to the question why the hair turns gray will be - with age.

It is quite another thing if it happens at an early age. When “bright” curls appear in both young men and women under the age of 25–30, this raises questions about the reasons. And there may be several, and more about them will be below.

Early graying: causes

Most often, graying hair begins at the age of 33-37 years. It is during this period that people begin to notice more and more white curls. Over time, their number can only increase, but if you choose the right paint and lead a healthy and relaxed lifestyle,without stress and problems, this process can be slowed down.

The girl discovered the first gray hairIf you are concerned about the question of why your hair turns gray early, then most likely you or one of your loved ones encountered this problem at an early age. By the way, it can happen even immediately after coming of age or earlier. And it is very important to identify the problem and begin to deal with it.

Many people mistakenly believe that the hair on the head of the brunettes “brightens” more often. But it is not. In fact, it does not matter here, a brunette or a blonde, and, perhaps, a redhead. Just on dark hair, the first light curls are much more noticeable.

Young men and women at an early age have “bright” curls on their heads for various reasons. And we will consider the main ones below.


If the answer to the question of why the hair turns gray, will be genetic factors, then it is almost impossible to deal with this problem. If your relatives have stopped working melanocytes quite early, then it is quite possible that it threatens you too. Delaying this problem will be very difficult. Therefore, try to lead a healthy lifestyle, pay attention to sleep, eliminate stress - this will help at least a little to delay this process.In addition, you can try different masks for healthy hair on the head, especially those that stimulate hair growth and affect the hair follicle.


Woman has stressIn small quantities, stress is even beneficial and necessary for our body. Such a kind of shake allows you to temper the nervous system and develop a protective function. However, everything is useful in moderation. Strong debilitating and prolonged experiences, poor sleep and frequent overworking - all this will not bring anything good to a person. So, for young men and women, whose work is associated with great responsibility, and, therefore, with excitement, the early gray hair (up to 25 years) can be explained precisely by stress.

It is also worth considering the fact that both single, but very strong and permanent stresses affect the hair. Remember the phrase “go gray with fear”? Strong fear or very strong stress can change the color of the curls. It will happen, of course, not instantly, but after a few months gray hairs may appear.

To prevent the process of changing the hair for the worse, you can. It is enough to exclude problem situations or change your attitude towards them.In addition, remember that gray hair is a signal that something is wrong, and it's time to change your life.


Improper diet can adversely affect the condition of a person's hair, regardless of how old he is. Lack of vitamins and minerals, regular dietary restrictions (diet), the exclusion of certain products - all this is a huge minus for the hair.

A diet with a low content of vegetables and fruits can have a particularly negative effect on the condition of the hair. By the way, these restrictions can cause brittle hair and hair loss.

As for exactly gray hair, here you should be careful with protein-free diets. Exclusion of proteins from the diet leads to premature aging of cells, among which are those that are responsible for hair color. That is why, before you follow a new-fashioned diet, you should consult a specialist. Such a visit will minimize the effects of weight loss and restrictions on food for your body.


The girl at the doctorQuite often it happens that the appearance of gray hair in young men and women, as well as in those who are less than 35 years old, can be associated with diseases of the body.If this is your case, then the only right decision is to undergo a diagnostic examination and identify the problem. Thus, diseases of the heart, endocrine, nervous, and digestive systems can have a negative effect on the state of the hair and cause early graying. Anemia, problems in the work of the kidneys and hormonal disruptions are all causes of the appearance of "bright" curls.

The elimination of the disease will help prevent problems with the hair, and in some cases even return the old color. After all, the normalization of processes will allow to saturate the hair cells with the necessary substances, and this will return the desired color to the curls. Naturally, it is not always possible to solve the problem of bleaching hair and return the old color. However, curing the disease, you, even if you do not return the old hair, then definitely improve your health. That is why you should pay close attention to the processes occurring in the body and not start the symptoms!


If you live in a zone with not the best environmental conditions, then premature gray hair can be explained by a polluted environment. Thus, in areas with increased radiation, people are more likely to suffer from "light" hair at the age of 25-30 years.In addition, some scientists believe that solar radiation is not the best way reflected in the state of hair, contributing to its discoloration.

Among other factors contributing to the premature appearance of white curls in young people, we can distinguish smoking, the use of alcoholic beverages. In addition, some believe that the refusal to wear a headdress in the icy season can cause a slowdown in the production of coloring pigment responsible for the color of the hairstyle.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the premature bleaching of hair is a problem to be fought, to look for its causes. After all, the causes of gray hair can be serious violations in the body, which in the future will not bring anything good. Be attentive and listen to your own body! And also do not hesitate to visit a specialist!

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  • Causes of early gray hair

    Causes of early gray hair

    Causes of early gray hair

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    Causes of early gray hair

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    Causes of early gray hair

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