Belukha Dolphin - wingless northern angel
Anya Allein

Belukha Dolphin - wingless northern angel

A sea canary, a polar whale, a singing whale, a wingless dolphin or just a white dolphin - he has many beautiful poetic names, in science this animal is called "beluga dolphin". It is the most popular inhabitant of dolphinariums, an incredibly artistic and emotional animal, also recognized as one of the most intellectually developed. Well, looking at the photos of the beluga dolphins, it is simply impossible not to be charmed by their touching beauty. Therefore, many people want to meet them and attend their performances in dolphinariums. And in vain!

Beluga in the wild

Pleasing with a thousand voices and emotions

The uniqueness of the white whale dolphin in its highly developed intelligence. They are even able to react emotionally to various appeals of a person (they use facial expressions for this and can even smile) and respond to him in their own way (besides many different sounds, body language — slaps on water, etc.).

Imagine, the beluga dolphins are capable of making more than 50 different sound signals.It is a scream, and whistling, and chirping, and scream, and shrill cry. The show with them is impressive, incredibly bright and colorful. Not to mention the fact that beluga whales, like any other dolphins, have a strong influence on people - relieve stress and dispel melancholy.

Thanks to this unique talent for animals of their class, Americans have called beluga "sea canary". But the famous Russian idiom "roaring beluga" appeared not at all in honor of the freshwater beluga fish (which, as befits a fish, is silent), but thanks to these talkative whales. When they migrate in flocks in search of food, they emit a very strong and awesome roar.

Beluga in dolphinarium

People, don't kill the dolphins!

Look at the performance of the dolphin beluga people are lining up in a queue. But in vain, because in order for this show to take place, poor animals have to go through a lot. They are caught in a monstrous way, so that many whales die in this battle with humans.

Further, already in the process of transportation from the North, not all dolphins out of the remaining survive: they have to be locked up in networks without food for a long time.And I’m not even talking about the strong stresses and psychological traumas that also kill the life and health of white whales while they are being caught.

After that, the surviving units, finding themselves in dolphinariums, fall into a severe depression. Needless to say, the existence of such highly developed creatures in captivity does not add to them the joy in life ...

Beluga in nature

Belukha - is it a whale or a dolphin?

The white whale is a mammal that belongs to the order of cetaceans and the dolphin family. So the question “beluga is a whale or a dolphin” can be answered in the affirmative in both cases.

Where are white whales dolphins? The polar whale is called the white whale because of its habitat - it is the northern latitude (the Arctic Ocean, all the waters of the seas of the Arctic basin and also the Bering, White and Okhotsk seas). I.e,beluga dolphinslive exactly at the North Pole, which is located in the Arctic, it is the central part of the Arctic Ocean. But our little girl got the poetic name “wingless dolphin” because of its anatomical structure.

The fact is that belugas do not have a dorsal fin, unlike its relatives. And it is quite logical that beluga received the name “white dolphin” because of its color.She has a white skin with a slight pinkish tinge on her tummy. True, the youngest individuals are distinguished by a bluish-gray or brown color.

However, the tiny, of course, dolphin beluga is difficult to name. This animal of incredible beauty reaches from 4 (females) to 6 (males) meters in length. The weight of a white whale dolphin can reach about two tons.

Polar whale

White whale dolphin: eat filed!

The polar dolphin of the white whale feeds mainly on schooling fish - capelin, Arctic cod, herring, cod, flounder, Far Eastern navaga, salmon and whitefish. They may also be cephalopods and crustaceans. At the same time, the beluga whale dolphin sucks in its food, but does not capture it. In general, an adult white whale needs about 15 kilograms of food for normal nutrition per day.

In search of prey, they can climb quite far from their habitat, in special cases, going upstream several hundred kilometers.

Beluga under water

Reproduction: beluga feminists?

Beluga dolphinIt is considered the most "prolific" among their relatives. After all, the female usually throws two babies, and all other cetaceans - as usual, only one.

It is interesting that after fertilization of the female the male leaves her.And females at this time unite in separate flocks by sex for bearing their offspring. Scientists who observed the behavior of these animals in the wild, note that the mother beluga has a great care and love in nursing its young.

Beluga cubs

Seasonal migrations: home, sweet home

Studies have shown an amusing fact: the white whale dolphin remembers its place of birth and returns without fail exactly there after each winter. They spend the warm season near the coast: on shallow bays, mouths of northern rivers and fjords. At this time there is a lot of food due to higher temperatures. Moreover, in shallow water it is convenient for them to get rid of the surface layer of the skin. During molting, white dolphins rub against pebbles.

White dolphins

Breaking thin ice ...

But the winter, these animals spend holding the edge of ice fields. But flocks of dolphins belugas can also climb into the glaciation zone, because there the ice creases form strong winds. But if the glaciation becomes too strong, then the polar whales can massively sail to the south.

Actually, in the cold season, polar whales maneuver between ice floes, managing to exist only in polynyas and breeding grounds.The fact is that during the underwater life they constantly need air, so the beluga whales emerge up to breathe. It is interesting that beluga dolphins even support these polynyas for breathers so that they do not freeze. Polar whales are capable of piercing thin ice with their backs up to 10 centimeters thick.

Dolphin in the sea

But, unfortunately, sometimes the herd of belugas can fall into ice captivity. It happens that all the same polynyas are tightened with very dense ice, and this is a tragedy for belugas - they just die under water ...

Video: belugas answer journalist questions

This video demonstrates once again how smart animals are and cruel people. Do you think this is not torture, but happiness - to wave your head and make sounds on the wave of someone's hand for the sake of your second fun ?!

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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