Beautiful beach Bora Bora (Silver Forest)

Beautiful beach "Bora Bora" (Silver Forest)

The beach "Bora Bora" (Silver Forest) occupies 2 hectares. This area is under close surveillance and well maintained. Its arrangement is regularly engaged, ennobled.

Place for any occasion

The beach of Bora Bora (Silver Forest) isa great place for organizing a wide variety of holidays. People have a lot of fun doing their corporate parties here. Also in this place it is nice to connect your destiny with the life companion.

boron pine forest boronVery attractive for those who love wellrelax, the beach "Bora Bora" (Silver Forest). You can go to the arbor near the water, or to the pier, designed for the solemn registration of the marriage.

In a cozy cafe deliciously fed. Your guests are guaranteed to remain satisfied with the service and the atmosphere. Here there is a professional team of animators, able to make an unforgettable celebration from every holiday. Constantly developing new interesting show programs. Professionally supplied with equipment that illuminates the beach "Bora Bora" (Silver Forest). Photos can clearly demonstrate how beautiful here. In addition, sound works well. You will not be bored for anything. After a hearty meal in the nature for sure you want to dance.

The beach "Bora Bora" (Silver Forest) has its ownThe territory is a cozy tent, sitting in which, you can enjoy a panorama of the surrounding nature. Such comfortable buildings are available in open areas, as well as in a more forest-park zone. The photo of the Bora Bora beach in Serebryany Bor shows how wonderful and magical the atmosphere is here.

If you like to relax actively, here for youthere is a volleyball court, inventory, which can be rented. It is very good here to engage in wakeboarding and flyboarding. For you, water skiing and cheesecake. You can rent a jet ski or a boat for walking.

bora bora beach silver boron photo

Golden sand

If you want to have a good rest, apparently, youhere. Silver boron is a beach, the reviews about which are very positive and approving. The nature is close. It is possible not to leave the city and spend very little money on the road, but to spend an excellent time. Corporate parties are what works best here.

You will be given an excellent zone where you canrelax and go to the beautiful capital beach. You will get relaxation, fun and unforgettable vivid memories. Clean and golden beach "Bora Bora" (Silver Forest). Photos of the area - a vivid confirmation of this. Here you can swim well and indulge in relaxation. On warm days, this is the best that you can only look for an excellent holiday.

 silver boron beach reviews

You will not be bored

The team working in the institution is strugglingtries to make the rest of their customers unforgettable and enjoyable. If you are a Muscovite, you do not need to leave the city, solve a lot of problems in order to take time off work for a week. You can come here for the weekend and take a deep breath of fresh air, nourish the soul with freshness and energy.

Literally in 20 minutes you can move here from the center. Most recently, before you was a noisy metropolis, but here is the beautiful nature of your native land.

The air here is clean, you can walk along the picturesqueboron with pine trees. Despite the cleanliness and good ecology, remoteness from the dust and gases of cars, the infrastructure here is very well thought out. You will find yourself in a completely comfortable, beautiful and comfortable environment. You can rent a beach, play sports games on special venues and a tennis court. You can ride a bike, mark a significant event in the local restaurant complex. A way to have a good time is for any nature lover.

The primordial nature

This zone is environmentally friendly. There are not many analogues left for her. This is the decoration of the capital, where you can escape from everyday fuss, reunite with nature and allow your soul to find peace. If you have a holiday on your nose, and you think, where to celebrate it, judge for yourself where it will do better: in a smoke-filled nightclub, bar or against the background of wildlife? Such memories will remain in your memory for a long time and will please you. This place never ceases to call its guests back, again surfacing in dreams.

photo of bora bora beach in silver boron

You are waited impatiently

Bohr will gladly take you back to hisbeautiful territory. It's always nice, cozy and fun. There are several well-equipped beaches that are under reliable protection. It is very pleasant to relax there.

Nearby is the Moscow River. You can soak up the sun, get an excellent tan, swim, swim aboard the ship or rent a boat. The kitchen of the restaurant will be pleased with the abundance and quality of food. Sometimes you need to be able to please yourself and give unforgettable moments, for which we, as a rule, love life.

For you, pick the right pad for a certainevent, prepare food, decorate the venue for the celebration. The entertainment program is also very interesting here.

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