Bald bear in the zoo

Bald bear in the zoo

Employees of the zoo in Leipzig (Germany) are sounding the alarm. In one enclosure there live three bears, but you can understand this only by inscriptions, because the animals are completely bald.bald bear photoIn a matter of months, the clumsy fell almost allwool. Why? Even experienced veterinarians find it difficult to answer this question. The animals decided to add vitamin and mineral complexes to the diet, but this does not help yet. The lives of bears seem to be safe, but they feel uncomfortable. Most of all employees of the zoo are concerned that the bears have grown bald on the eve of severe cold. A bald bear does not hibernate, so for the winter animals will be placed in closed heated rooms.

Until recently, the female point-bear - fifteen-year-old Dolores and eleven-year-old Lolita - were dark brown and fluffy. Now this is completely bald animals.bald bearThe cause of this balding is still unclear. A bald bear has only a fur on its head. In the third female, Bianchi, a little wool remains on the paws. Spectacled bears around the eyes have circles that resemble glasses. A bald bear, losing its hair, falls into depression and begins to itch. In order for animals to scratch less and not to scratch themselves, they are regularly smeared with creams.

Local experts are at a loss as to whether,which could provoke this clinic. Veterinarians assume that baldness could arise from a genetic malfunction, which for some reason suddenly made itself felt. Some believe that a bald bear could lose hair due to stress caused by prolonged bondage. Earlier, a similar clinic was observed in animals that live in zoos in Brazil and the United States. The native land of this species of bears is South America.what the bear eatsIn many regions, these animals areThe Red Book. Bald bear (photo) looks, of course, creepy. Some call these animals werewolves, which began to turn into humans. Can they be helped by veterinarians, until no one knows. The cases when such animals in zoos survived to twenty-five years are recorded.

What does the bear eat?

Spectacled bears of medium size - height at withersup to 90 centimeters, length - 180 centimeters. Males are larger than females, their body weight is 150 kg, females - 70 kg. Features of this species are very poorly studied. As a rule, a spectacled bear eats vegetation: roots, fruits and leaves. Animals living in the north-western part of the range prefer fruit and leaves of young palm trees. The clumsy climbs effortlessly into thirty-meter palm trees, break branches on their top, and then eat them on the ground.

In semi-deserts, animals eat fruits and cacti. Sometimes spectacled bears can eat corn cobs.spectacled bearAlso in the diet of animals include carrion andinsects, deer and guanaco. They can lead an active life both day and night. Sexual maturation in animals occurs at 24 months of age, but they begin to multiply much later. On average, the pregnancy lasts 250 days. Female, as a rule, give birth to one to three cubs. During the year, the young live with their mother. In natural conditions, animals live up to 20 years, in conditions of the zoo up to 30 years.

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