About door closers

About door closers

About door closers

In each house not only windows and walls are important, but also doors. And a good door consists not only of the door leaf and the box, but also of the hardware. A huge role is played by quality closers for doors in the form of universal mechanisms, thanks to which silence and smooth closing are ensured.

This is not only a modern attribute in every home or office, but also an indicator of comfort. Therefore, it was decided to install it not only on heavy metal entrance doors, but also on light interior doors, which several times increases usability.

Main characteristics

door closersSince Soviet times, door closers have undergone several changes, but the principle of operation remains the same - it is based on the same spring that connects the door leaf and the box. But now this spring is no longer visible, since it is securely hidden in a closed case. And its role is often performed by door sheds.

The door closer in its device has a special hydraulic principle, due to which the opening force is converted into closing force. And modern technology added functionality.Now closers smoothly close even overall and massive doors, and are also able to give them a certain position.

Some door closers even allow you to adjust the strength and speed of closing. In this regard, they are installed on heavy external doors, and simple interior doors. Install the door closer on the door should be performed correctly, according to the specifications and purpose.

For different types of door leaves manufacturers have developed the appropriate closers. But all of them are divided into several groups: floor, recessed, overhead, and specialized. Each group has its own distinctive qualities, which will be similarly described below.


Almost everyone is familiar with this species, since such a mechanism is installed in shops, schools and other public buildings. They are distinguished by simplicity of design, low cost and division into two subgroups.

  1. With a gear drive type.
    The basis of the mechanism is a toothed pin or gear that performs movement to the lever from the spring. They are distinguished by simplicity and reliability, therefore they are widespread.Adjusting the door closer of this type is not difficult.
  2. In the form of a rod.
    It is a special mechanism that drives the two-piston spring. Responsible for braking and opening. They have high aesthetic qualities and are often used as closers for metal doors.

According to the above characteristics, it becomes clear that the overhead door mechanisms are a street version of the door closers, since they keep the entrance heavy doors perfectly.


In their device, the base lies on the shaft of rotation, which on one side is attached to the spring. On the other, it fastens the fastener on the door. This allows you to provide automatic smooth return of the door leaf to its original position, as well as fix door racks at different angles.

Such mechanisms are mainly installed in the door-swing, opening in both directions. You can see them in the trading rooms. Often they are installed in conjunction with the characteristic canopies. Some manufacturers attribute them to the hidden type of closers, because they are often almost invisible.


door closer adjustmentBy design, they belong to the mechanisms of the hidden installation and are divided into two varieties.

  1. Hinges
    They have a miniature look and light weight. Often used as a closer for interior doors. Due to certain features needs careful installation.
  2. Kernel.
    From the above differ in installation due to the incision and size. One part is usually placed in the upper end of the door leaf, and the other - the top of the door frame.

With a direct choice, the second option would be preferable, since it is durable and looks good.


This group includes any closer for a sliding door. It is found in interior doors and wardrobes. They have a similar design with core closers used to eliminate the impact of a sash in a variety of furniture.

Embed such mechanisms directly into the door leaf or door frame. The only drawback is the presence of pins that prominently protrude. With them you can most likely catch on. In such a situation, there is a risk not only to ruin or tear the clothes, but also to break the mechanism itself.

Great interest deserves closer door lock installed in cars.Thanks to this modern mechanism, the risk of incomplete closing of the door in the car is completely absent. But, regardless of the type of closers, the choice should always be approached with great care.

Competent choice

Due to the huge assortment of door mechanisms on the market, the choice of the most suitable sometimes presents a certain difficulty. To make it easier, you should consider a number of aspects when buying:

  • the width of the leaf and its mass - the heavier and wider the door, the more powerful the mechanism is needed;
  • availability of the function of additional regulation of the closing speed and applied force;
  • device type - it can be standard, sliding or in the form of an open position lock;
  • the place of fastening of the mechanism - below, above or the hidden fastening;
  • temperature range - there are frost resistant (up to - 45 ° C) and heat resistant (up to + 70 ° C) options;
  • smoke-proof and fire-proof doors require a special mechanism with electromagnetic or electro-hydraulic type elements, and appropriate certificates as to compliance with fire safety and its standards;
  • resistance to tampering - it is important to equip a strong case made of materials characterized by impact resistance (silumin, high-grade steel);
  • duration of service - the minimum number of cycles for opening and closing must be provided for each mechanism;
  • design - it is necessary to take into account the color ratio with the door leaf.

door closers for doorsEqually important is the cost of the product, which can vary from 700 to 4000 rubles. It is often higher due to the presence of additional functions.

About installation

After buying door mechanisms, many are wondering how to install a door closer. The answer to it is quite simple, since all of them are installed on almost the same principle. The only difference is in the distance between the “body” and the lever to the hinges. Installation should be performed in strict accordance with the instructions attached to the door closer.

The installation algorithm is almost always the same:

  • Attach a door closer template from the available configuration to the door leaf using adhesive tape, making sure that it conforms to the door hinges;
  • mark the places for the holes required for fastening the device and the lever mechanism;
  • make the necessary holes;
  • attach the lever, and after it the body;
  • set the axis of the device with the subsequent adjustment of the length.
It should be borne in mind that the lever of the installed mechanism should be positioned to the closed door leaf in a perpendicular position.

In the question of how to adjust the door closer, there are a couple of simple nuances. Adjustment of the door closer is made with a pair of special screws that allow you to set the speed of the door leaf. It is necessary to remember - just one turn is enough for the adjustment of the door closer to be successful.

About repair

Repair of the door closer is often required due to attempts to close them independently or to keep them open when the mechanism is chosen incorrectly or temperature drops. To repair the door closers with their own hands is quite real.

Just follow the step by step instructions:

  • open the mechanism, view the possible places of leakage of oil and eliminate them by sealing;
  • view the rod on the possibility of deformation due to rust, if it is removed, remove it by stripping against corrosion;
  • in case of breakage or distortion of the rod, repair it by welding or leveling with a hammer.

In a situation where repair of the door closer is impossible due to too obvious damage, then the best option would be to purchase a new device.

Closers for entrance doors are familiar to everyone for a long time - the very first device of the door closer was a simple spring stretched between the door leaf and its box. So the door was kept closed. But often it not only slammed with cotton, but also with breaking glass.

Thanks to new technologies, improved closers have been brought into life, which allow closing even the heaviest door without clapping and strikes. And life has become more comfortable and convenient.

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  • About door closers

    About door closers

    About door closers

    About door closers

    About door closers

    About door closers

    About door closers

    About door closers

    About door closers

    About door closers

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